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Happy New Year from Kinnaird Bagpipes!
January 2007

Hope everyone had a great Robbie Burn's season.

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Robertson Bagpipe Repair

With competition season just around the corner, it's time to start getting your pipes in order. Kinnaird Bagpipes carries everything you need to get your pipes in top playing condition. Here are some tips:

1. Recharge your Piper's Pal. Keep your reeds ready to play!
2. Oil your pipes to clean and protect the bores.
3. Polish those mounts.
4. Time to re-hemp those loose joints
5. Check your pipe bag for leaks.
6. Have any cracks or repairs done now. They will only get worse if you leave them!
Kinnaird Bagpipes specializes in all types of bagpipe repair. From pinning and repairing cracks, replacing broken tuning pins, to a complete refurbishment, we can do it all. Call us to discuss the best repair option for your instrument.

Maintenace Items
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Small Pipe Case

January Specials, Check out our website for details.

Free pipe case with purchase of each new set of pipes.

Bagpipes currently in stock:

  • Wallace #1
  • Strathmore #2
  • Kron #1
  • McCallum AB4
    Horn/Gold with Zoomorphic or Celtic Engraving
    Blackwood with Victorian or Celtic Engraving
    AB3 Im. Ivory with Celtic Engraving
    AB2 Blackwood Clasp or Im. Ivory Clasp
  • Gibson #1
  • Walsh A2000
  • Kitchen Pipes
  • Morton #2
  • Visit our website for details. We set up all our pipes to your specifications. You pick the pipe bag, reeds, and options you want. We'll do the rest!

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    Feature Article
    wallace class

    Kinnaird Bagpipes is proud to now stock Wallace Bagpipes.

    Wallace Bagpipes are made to the highest standards. The drones are brilliant. A deep, rich sound very similar to a vintage Henderson or Lawrie. They are extremley easy to reed, and are very stable. The workmanship is first class. The outsides and the bores are polished to a brilliant mirror finish. They also offer a number of different mount finishes and engraving patterns. We're sure you'll find one that works for you.

    With a Wallace bagpipe you will get an heirloom quality instrument at a very reasonable price. Check out the details on our website.



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