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 August 2011   


Leadership 360: Priests and lay leaders are benefiting from a new Leadership Roundtable assessment tool customized for the Catholic Church

From a feature article in Faith & Leadership magazine reporting on Catholic Leadership 360:  


The Rev. Jason Makos had an idyllic start as a priest. After ordination and theological studies in Rome, he spent four years as an associate pastor at a parish in the Archdiocese of Boston, immersed in ministry. He said Mass. Visited the sick. Delivered homilies. Celebrated the sacraments.  CL360 


"It was great," Makos said. "It was almost 100 percent priestly, pastoral work. Each day, I enjoyed the priesthood more and more."


But in October 2010, Makos, then 33, was appointed pastor at the Church of the Holy Ghost in Whitman, Mass. Considered a medium-sized parish in heavily Catholic Boston, the church serves 2,400 families and draws more than 1,100 people to six weekend Masses. The parish's only priest, Makos oversees an 11-person lay staff, from business manager to custodian. Read the full article here and learn more about Catholic Leadership 360 here.  


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Regional Roundtable to convene in California

Bay Area 

The first Regional Roundtable meets October 4th in the Bay Area of California. Bishops, diocesan staff, pastors, religious, and senior Catholic leaders from the business, education, philanthropic, and nonprofit sectors will meet for a working session on issues of Church management. For more information, click here or email Michael Brough or call (202) 223-8962.


From Aspirations to Action schools-recommendations executive workgroup synthesis to be published this fall    


At the 2011 Leadership Roundtable Annual Meeting, participants collaborated in work groups to2011 Annual Meeting  create a set of recommendations to strengthen Catholic schools in the US. Specifically, the groups sought to address 10 key areas, identify possible solutions to those challenges, and highlight the established networks and organizations that would have the most impact through leading the implementation. Over 90 ideas were presented to the study group that is consolidating and preparing the final report, due to be released this autumn. For more information on the Annual Meeting, including video presentations of key panels, visit the Annual Meeting web-portal here.   


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