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October 2010
From the executive director
Dear ,

Kerry Robinson

Thank you for being a part of the Leadership Roundtable. Each day, our members and friends, people such as yourself,  work to improve the Church's finance, management, and human resource development. Last week, I was privileged to address the priests of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Many conveyed their appreciation for the effort that the members of the Leadership Roundtable put into strengthening the Church, and I want to pass along their gratitude to you.

I invite you to read about our recent work in this newsletter, then consider forwarding it to a friend or investing in the Church's future by giving online. Please send us your stories of hope and inspiration and let us know what is working well in the Church.

Best wishes for a peaceful autumn, and thank you for helping to strengthen the Church we love.


Archbishop Mansell, Archdiocese of Hartford

Kerry Robinson

Executive Director 

Forward this newsletter to those who are interested in strengthening the temporal affairs of the Church in the US.

News from the Leadership Roundtable
Preparing Pastors
With Seton Hall University and the International Institute for Clergy Formation, the Leadership Roundtable provided resources for new pastors at The Pastors Toolbox, a weeklong management seminar offering talks and workshops by management professionals. Read more about the program here, and scroll to the bottom of the newsletter to watch reflections from some of the pastors.

Encouraging Excellence

In the Archdiocese of Anchorage, Archbishop Roger L. Schwietz, OMI, praised the Leadership Roundtable's flagship program, Catholic Standards for Excellence. Standards for Excellence resonates with Church leaders across the nation who wish to move their parishes, dioceses, schools and nonprofits toward best practices in stewardship and operations.  Archbishop Schwietz wrote that parishes are already benefitting from implementing the Standards, and he highlighted the "wealth of information and shared resources" that come with being a Partner in Excellence.

Catholic Leadership 360 Arrives in Boston
Fr. Michael Medas is leading the Archdiocese of Boston's implementation of Catholic Leadership 360.  The program is presented in cooperation with the National Federation of Priests' Councils and the National Association of Church Personnel Administrators. In Boston, 30 recently ordained priests will work with peers, parishioners, and superiors to assess their ministry leadership from every vantage point and offer concrete ways to build on their strengths.  Click here to learn more about Catholic Leadership 360.

Standards in Spanish
Catholic Standards for Excellence, for parishes, dioceses, and nonprofits, are now available in Spanish. To order copies for your parish council, diocesan finance board, Catholic nonprofit employees, or anyone else who shares a vision for a well-managed Church, visit our publishing partner, St. Anthony Messenger Press.
From our newsroom
When the media need insight into the finance, management, and human resources of the Catholic Church in the US, they continually turn to the Leadership Roundtable. In the past few months, our newsroom has showcased articles, audio, and video featuring Leadership Roundtable members and staff. Do you use an RSS reader? Subscribe to the Leadership Roundtable's newsfeed, and always be up to date! Below you'll find a sampling of headlines, and head over to From Around the Church for much more!

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Featured Video

Click the image above to watch pastors offer their thoughts on The Pastors Toolbox, as well as other videos from the Leadership Roundtable.

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Chuck Geschke
Leadership Roundtable Trustee Chuck Geschke,  co-founder of Adobe Systems, was awarded the 2010 Marconi Prize, considered the highest honor specifically devoted to information and communications science.

Fred Gluck, Tom Healey, and Geoff Boisi, all trustees of the Leadership Roundtable, and Bishop Dale Melczek, were quoted in a Faith & Leadership article highlighting the impact of Catholic Standards for Excellence.

Anne Curley

Communications guru Anne Curley, who has spoken to the Leadership Roundtable membership, offered her thoughts on "crisis communications."

Mary Doorley joined the Leadership Roundtable as director of development, bringing years of nonprofit management experience to the organization.


Leadership Roundtable staff Michael O'Loughlin and Michael Brough published a chapter on human resource development in Lay Eccesial Ministry: Pathways Toward the Future, edited by Leadership Roundtable member Dr. Zeni Fox.
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