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A New You In 60 Seconds:

Waiting On The Rainbow 



by Precious Quire-McCloud



Dear Friend,
Thank you for the opportunity to share with you.  I am grateful for your support and overjoyed by your plight to "preserve your happy"!  The "A New You In 60 Seconds" series by UBU is designed to enrich your life from the inside out! Today, we're focusing on living in and enjoying our 'now' moments. Thank you for sharing a minute of your time with me. 
While sitting at work one day, I heard some hustle and bustle at the window right ouside my office.  Curiousity got the best of me and as I looked past the figures gathered at the window, I saw the most beautiful rainbow in my view.  It was expansive and majestic.  I hurried to my purse and in no time at all, I had my phone in my hand; preparing to take a photo of this awesome sight.

As I fumbled with my phone's settings; preparing to capture the "perfect picture", I glanced up and the beautiful rainbow was gone - just like that!  In a moment (it couldn't have been any longer than 5 seconds) the clouds moved in and covered it completely.  The instant euphoria I felt was also gone....trapped behind those clouds.

This was a keen reminder that each moment is a gift and now is only now until the next second comes and makes it a part of our past.  There's nothing we can do to get it back.  Time is the one thing we crave more of, but cannot redeem.  There are no do-overs.  When a time has passed; it's gone forever.

There it was...another truth.  And I had to face it.  Let me share what I learned with you:

Some beauty isn't meant to last forever.  It is meant to be cherished and valued when it is in our midst.  It is the appreciation of it that allows it to continue to exist.  Sometimes, this beauty comes to us in the form of a rainbow.  Sometimes, it is in the form of a compassionate friend who lights our world with their presence.  Sometimes, it comes as the epiphany or lesson during our life's roughest and most painful times.  No matter how it comes or the form it takes...it still comes.  It's up to us to realize the value of those encounters and pause long enough to simply enjoy them.

What a travesty it is when that beauty finds us and we neglect, abandon or abuse it.  Don't be so quick to dismiss people.  God is the Master Orchestrator and you never ever know how many of the eggs in someone else's basket were created to enrich you in some way. 

I'll tell you one thing; the next time I see a rainbow, I won't be in such a hurry to get my camera.  I will take it all in and allow my natural lens to capture a picture that my mind will recall for years and years.  Maybe I'll count its colors; naming them as I go... or even look for the proverbial pot of gold.  Shucks, I may just let my imagination run free and wave to the little leprechaun as he mills around.  Whatever I do, I will appreciate that moment for as long as it's meant to stay.

Special moments are fleeting...I guess that's why they're called special. A holiday weekend is upon us (July 4, 2011).  Invite a friend over, spend some time with family, mend a fence or two or invest some time simply being grateful for who you are and what you have right at this very moment.  Worry not about tomorrow.  Be glad for today.  Enjoy your now.









A Note From Precious...
One thing I've learned about positive change is that it doesn't have to "take all day".  All that's required to do and be better is a made-up mind.   I'm offering the "A New You In 60 Seconds" series as a practical catalyst for positive life changes.  UBU (pronounced "You Be You") was birthed in me in 1999 as I sought to understand certain complexities regarding how women relate to one another.  I wanted to find out what was at the root of the discord and natural tendencies to be unloving, unsupportive, quick to take offense and slow to forgive. What I discovered is that how we relate to others is directly linked to how we relate to ourselves.  I also discovered that my natural response to life is one of joyfulness and cheer.  I've connected with a joystream that is hard to describe, but I know it's there...leading, fulfilling and enriching me daily. 
UBU promotes joyful living, authenticity and harmony with others through the gifts of faith and valuing oneself.  I've committed the past 12 years of my life to UBU's ideals and have worked actively to encourage and inspire women to embrace the freedom and joy that is our birthright!  Our choice to be free...sets us free.
In the vineyard, 






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Dear Lord, thank You for sending the rainbows!  They are a symbol of peace, tranquility and represent an assurance of victory over every situation.  My hardships bring me closer to You. Please help me to see my 'now' for the great gift that it is.  Teach me to value the people You send to bless, build and even block my path.  They all have a purpose.  Endow me with Your wisdom so that I may understand what their pupose is...and love them both for and in spite of the role YOU created them to play.  I want to live in harmony with others.  Help me Lord, to find that harmony within myself.  Amen.