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Issue: # 2010023September 17, 2010
Click It--Don't Risk It Chronicle
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Alegent Lakeside joins the Honor Roll
YouTube educates about safety belts again
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After having broken a few eggs in the name of safety belt education, it's fun to see a vintage video using the same concept.  Check out this video from Volvo. This was done in the early days of seatbelt development.

Check out this link to a great video from Volvo.

Don't forget that the egg ramp is available for your use for kids' events or safety demonstrations. Bassett 2

Alegent Lakeside joins the Honor Roll!
The Lakeside safety team observed a 91% compliance rate in their first Honor Roll observation. After that first check, they completed education that included fliers, stickers and other items provided by Click It--Don't Risk It!, plus email education.

Keri adds:  "Lakeside has never participated in this type of event before and I am proud that staff are responding very well and understand the importance of wearing...seatbelts."

Pictured from Left to Right:  Mike Bartac and Keri Talcott from Lakeside; Lieutenant Governor Rick Sheehy; Cherie Ferber from Click It--Don't Risk It!

Alegent Lakeside Honor Roll
Is your company on the Honor Roll?  How about at the 90% gold level?  Do an observation soon!

Lakeside's website
YouTube educates about safety belts again.
"The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is receiving federal money - and free television commercials - to educate young male drivers about the dangers of not wearing seat belts when operating vehicles and the agency is doing it in an eye-opening fashion."

Check out this new video on YouTube about face plants into windshields.  Idaho safety belt video

To read the full story by Dustin Horst in the Idaho Reporter, click here.

And pass it on: Safety belts are your single best protection in the event of a crash.

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