News from World TeamTennis August 24, 2007
USTA Southern wins WTT Junior Nationals
Southern 07 Jr Natl final
Photo: WTT
USTA Southern Super South won the 2007 World TeamTennis Junior Nationals presented by Advanta with a 38-29 win over the Jack Kramer Club Legends of Rolling Hills, Calif., at the Barnes Tennis Center in San Diego, Calif., Aug. 17-19.  USTA Southern, with players from North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee, were undefeated during the three-day national junior invitational co-ed WTT event.
    Jr Natls 2007 Hawaii spirit
     The USTA Hawaii Pacific Warriors (pictured above) received the Maureen Connolly Brinker Team Spirit Award which is voted on by coaches, players and tournament officials for a team's outstanding sportsmanship and camaraderie.  USTA Hawaii Pacific received a $1,000 check along with the award.
     The WTT Junior Nationals features 16 co-ed teams from throughout the United States.  The teams use the WTT format during their three days of non-elimination draw competition.  The participants also attended a player forum with event host and WTT co-founder Billie Jean King along with educational life skills seminars on personal fitness, financial management and college coaches.
     More on the WTT Junior Nationals including final standings and teams.
Sacramento rewrites WTT record books with 2007 Championship
Caps 2007 trophy 
Photo:  Sacramento Capitals with the King Trophy (Camerawork USA)

Even before the first serve of the 2007 season, the Sacramento Capitals were making their mark on the WTT record books.  The Caps started out their 2007 campaign by drafting the youngest player in WTT history, 14-year-old Michelle Larcher de Brito.  Months later, Sacramento closed the books on the 2007 season by becoming the only team in League history to win six Championship titles.

The 2007 season didn't start out like it would be a summer to remember for Sacramento.  After opening the 2007 season with two losses, the Caps won 11 of their final 12 matches to advance to the WTT Championship on their home court. Home court was definitely an advantage for the Caps with boisterous support from most of the 4,112 fans who packed the stands for the finals and brought their air horns, Caps signs and cow bells. 
Sam Warburg fist Finals 2007
Sacramento led throughout the finals, but Rik de Voest rallied his Buzz teammates to win the final set of men's doubles and force the match into overtime.  Although de Voest's performance earned him the WTT Championship Weekend MVP honors, it wasn't enough to take the King Trophy.  The big-serving Sam Warburg (right) closed out the match in the first Overtime game and set off an on-court celebration of the Caps' historic victory.
Read more about the WTT Finals.
Billie Jean King launches new website
BJK home page Social activist.  Tennis legend.  Sports pioneer.  Billie Jean King is all that and more.  No wonder it's so challenging to keep up with the energetic King. 
That challenge gets a little easier this week with the launch of King's new website at www.BillieJeanKing.com.  The site includes thoughts from King in the "My Take" section, along with quotes on current issues, a photo gallery and bio/background information.
Time is running out to qualify for
WTT Rec League National Finals
WTT Corporate Logo

If you aren't already playing in the WTT Rec League national qualifier this weekend (Aug. 24-26), then there are only two remaining opportunities to qualify for the 2007 WTT Rec League National Finals presented by Advanta.


Action in the fourth qualifying event of the 2007 season gets underway on August 24 at the Millbrook Exchange Tennis Center in Raleigh, N.C.

Teams from Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa and Virginia won division titles last month in St. Louis (St. Louis results).  They join teams that won spots at National Qualifiers in Bradenton, Fla. and Las Vegas, Nev., earlier this year.


The remaining qualifying events are: 

2007 WTT Rec League National Qualifiers 
8/24-26/2007    Millbrook Exchange Tennis Center- Raleigh, N.C.
9/28-30/2007    Heritage Park - Irvine, Calif. (register by 9/14/2007)
10/5-7/2007      DuPont Country Club - Wilmington, Del. (register by 9/21/2007)

11/1-4/2007    2007 WTT Nationals in Indian Wells, Calif.

Wilson Tip of the Month:

Wilson logo
Every time I watch the Olympics on television I am reminded of how forgiving the sport of tennis is with regard to mistakes.  In some Olympic sports athletes work for four years only to have ONE slip (figure skating or gymnastics) completely ruin their chance for a medal. In tennis, you could begin a game by hitting three straight double-faults and you have not even lost a game yet!

Yet, for many tennis players, mistakes drive them crazy i.e. "My grandmother could have made that volley."  Particularly those shots which have been practiced thousands of times. The fact is, tennis is a game of errors and mistake management more than it is about winners. Think about it, in one of your typical matches what percent of the shots are winners versus mistakes(Either by you or your opponent)?  There will always be far more errors made in any given match.  Forced or unforced, they are still mistakes.

Therefore, the ability to manage mistakes effectively begins with two basic premises:

1. There are going to be mistakes in any match you play.

2. While no mistake is desirable, by understanding them you can minimize the damage.


One primary reason mistakes can overwhelm and consume tennis players is because they make it more complicated than necessary, i.e. "Every time I serve I make four or five major mistakes" type of thought process.

Remember, when you hit the ball there are ONLY four mistakes you can make in tennis!

  • Into the net
  • Long
  • Wide left
  • Wide right

That is it!  Of those four mistakes, somewhere between 80% - 90% either go into the net or long at all levels of play!  The wide mistake percentage may go up a little more in doubles due to the fact of people trying to angle their shots but not enough to dramatically change the percentages.

Of those four mistakes, the one into the net is the worst because you do not give the opponent a chance to make a play on the ball.  The point is over.  How many times have you been at the net and hit a volley which, if you had let the ball go would have been long?  Ever played a serve which was "just out"?  The fact is, as long as the ball is going over the net there is a CHANCE the opponent will try to make a play.

So yes, the basic strategy of "just get the ball over the net" can have a major impact on the whole issue of mistakes. 


It is all those other comments or beliefs tennis players have which do not involve the actual point of contact between the ball and the strings.  Some examples are:

"I just know my forehand groundstroke swing has so many mistakes in it."

"I should have stayed back instead of trying to come in on that last point."

"If I had been in a better position I would not have hit that volley into the net."

Those and others like them are not mistakes! They fall under categories like "Stroke mechanics" or "Strategy decisions" or "Court positioning tactics." Mistakes are the END RESULT of a shot and so remember - there are only four of them!


Once again, simplifying the process will help.  Here is an easy way to understand why mistakes happen and what is needed to correct them.

The ball is going to go wherever the strings are pointed at contact.  For example, if the strings are pointed too much towards the ground the ball will go into the net; too open the ball may go long.

To correct the balls into the net or long (80%-90% of the mistakes) change the angle of the racquet face at contact. To correct the balls which go wide, then contact the ball a little later / earlier.

Understanding what is happening at the point of contact between the strings and ball will do more to correct your mistakes than focusing on your swing, decision-making or court positioning.

Dave Kensler has 25 years of teaching experience with Peter Burwash International (PBI), the most successful international tennis management company.  PBI directs tennis programs at 60+ exclusive resorts, hotels and clubs in 23 countries and has taught over 3 million students in their 30-year history.  For information on PBI tennis destinations and employment opportunities please go to http://www.pbitennis.com.  All PBI Tennis Professionals play with Wilson rackets, use Wilson bags and wear Wilson shoes.  2006 marked the 20th Anniversary of PBI Tennis Professionals using Wilson products.

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2007 WTT Pro League Award Winners
Knowlzee headshot 
Male MVP of the Year
Sacramento Capitals

Tanasugarn 2007

Female MVP of the Year
Springfield Lasers

Jesse Witten headshot border
     Male Rookie of the Year
      New York Sportimes

Gajdosova headshot

Female Rookie of the Year
Kansas City Explorers

JL Ilana Coach of Year 2007 FINAL 

WTT Coach of the Year
Springfield Lasers
(with WTT Commissioner Ilana Kloss)

For more on the WTT Pro League, visit www.WTT.com.
Follow your favorite WTT players at the 2007 US Open

US Open 2007

More than 40 World Team Tennis players are competing in the 2007 US Open.  From qualifying rounds to the juniors to the Championship Matches, follow your WTT favorites at America's Grand Slam. 

Julie Ditty headshot blog 

Look for blogs from WTT favorites Julie Ditty
(above), Rik de Voest and others during the US Open.
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Advanta WTT Smash Hits Tickets on sale
Lineup includes Roddick, Davenport and Kournikova

Roddick silo

Tickets for one of tennis' top charity events are on sale.  Long-time friends Elton John and Billie Jean King are hosting the 15th anniversary edition of Advanta WTT Smash Hits on Wednesday, Oct. 10, at Villanova near Philadelphia. 
Tennis stars Andy Roddick, Lindsay Davenport and Anna Kournikova head up the field of tennis stars for the one-night only charity event.  Proceeds benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation and ActionAIDS in Philadelphia.
Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.
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