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Some people have asked me...
How was your trip to San Francisco?

We had a fantastic time at the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy Conference in San Francisco in February, and returned chock-full of information!  Here are just a few highlights!

Anesthesiologist Dr. James Geiger  talked about his aromatherapy training, and how he now always has a bottle of Ginger oil in his pocket to help his patients with nausea. 

Mark Webb, author of Bush Sense, spoke about medical applications of Australian Aromatics - specifically Eucalypts, Fragonia, Kunzea, Sandalwood and Balm Mint.

We were delighted to learn more about Fragonia's properties as it is so new on the market.  Besides being excellent for upper respiratory issues, it seems (from anecdotal studies) to also have some excellent anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties, to regulate and influence the female menstural cycle, be anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and immune system strengthener, good for the lymphatic system, and helpful for jet lag and body clock regulation.

Dr. Nancy Brandt DVM, gave us all a wake-up call by talking about the tremendous increase in cancers and other illnesses our companion animals are bearing due to the toxins in our environment.  She also spoke about the detoxifying effects of essential oils and hydrosols that can be used to help our pets.

We acquired a new tool from Robbie Zeck called Aromatic Kinesiology.  She reminded us of the strong relationship between mind and body, and then bolstered our understanding on the link between olfacation and memory, moods, thoughts and emotions.  Essential oils (of course!) have the
ability to create positive change through these links.  The combined use of essential oils, essential oil reflections and acupressure emotional release points help clear emotional upsets and restore balance to the meridians.  You can learn more from  Robbie's book, The Blossoming Heart.

Pam Taylor, a naturopath, spoke about using essential oils with her elderly patients who have chronic diseases.  She noted that as essential oils are easily and quickly distributed throughout the body, it is easy to determine whether the protocol will be effective within a matter of minutes.   She additionally stated that because essential oils are easy to use, it increases patient compliance.

A ray of hope streamed across the room as Scott Franzblau talked about the efficacy of essential oils with multiple drug resistant tuberculosis.

Our short highlights list would be incomplete without mentioning Dr. Jeffrey Yuen.  He held the room spellbound with his talk on Chinese Medical Aromatherapy for Chronic Degenerative Diseases and Auto-Immune Conditions.  He patiently described the disease pathology and process (stressing the word process); and explained that the Chinese medical model treats individuals, not diseases.  He explained that each essential oil represents a profile, or a signature of a person - describing the physical ailment as well as personality traits.  Dr. Yuen then went on to describe treatment strategies and the essential oils to use at each point in the treatment process.   My brief description here does no justice to his talk - and I highly recommend that you attend any talk he is giving, should you have the opportunity!

We have quite a few of the conference materials, and these will be available for you to peruse at upcoming classes.




Aromatherapy at its finest

Aromatherapy is the use of natural plant essential oils to maintain or regain well being and vitality of body, mind and spirit.
Ian Student of the Year!

Ian Conner, a 5th grader in Burlington, NC, won Third Place in his school's Science Fair last fall.

Ian spent an afternoon with us discussing essential oils and their uses.  He had an hypothesis that all-natural hand cleansers that contain essential oils would be more  effective than commercial waterless hand cleansers.  So, with that question in mind, he conducted a scientific study comparing Purely Fresh with 2 other waterless hand cleansers.

He was gratified by the results!  (As were we at LovingScents!)  And we were most impressed by his methodology and presentation.  To read his study, click here.

Congratulations, Ian!


. . . the time of rebirth, renewal, new growth and new ideas.  The days are getting longer and we are absorbing more sunshine - soak in that
vitamin D.  The temperature is slowly rising bringing us warm days and cool nights.  It is time to air out the house and along with it maybe our brains.  It is time to open ourselves to new ideas, hopes, dreams and goals.
If you can tolerate watching-reading-listening to the news, you may be wondering "what planet is she from?"  We've been fed so much doom and gloom that it may be hard to pull our heads out of the covers.  So let's talk about how to take care of ourselves and the ones we love and celebrate Spring.
Jennifer Jefferies, one of our dear Australian friends, wrote a wonderful book entitled, 7 Steps to Sanity.  She also has an on-line mentoring program to share some tools you can use to "achieve everything you need and want in life without losing your health, sense of humour or sanity along the way!"  (www.jenniferjefferies.com
Taking a clue from Jennifer, I would like to share some baby steps you may want to take to move through the challenges many of us are experiencing now.
          ~ limit or stop reading, watching or listening to the news
          ~ read, watch or listen to something that elevates your mood,
                gives you hope and/or makes you laugh 
          ~ LAUGH out loud
          ~ spend time in the sun - not to get a tan or exercise - but to just
                feel its warmth
          ~ find one thing for which you are grateful and bask in the
                happiness this brings
          ~ SING out loud
          ~ call a friend or loved one and tell them how much you care for
                 them and how thankful you are to have them in your life
          ~ pet something fuzzy
          ~ SMILE out loud
          ~ go outside and look at the new growth coming out of the earth -
                 really look at it - behold the miracle of life
          ~ listen to the birds sing
          ~ CELEBRATE out loud
          ~ take a soaking bath with your favorite essential oil in it -
          ~ prior to going to bed, write down one thing you really like about
                yourself - put it next to your bed or on the bathroom mirror so
                that you will see it first thing in the morning
          ~ SLEEP WELL      
In addition to this, sniff some Grapefruit, Lavender, May Chang, or any essential oil you like and allow yourself to be consumed by it. 



Spring Specials

Purely Fresh Hand Cleanser/Disinfectant:

Purely Fresh is a blend of Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) extract, Ethyl Alcohol, essential oils of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), distilled Lime (Citrus medica), Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus), Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) with a dash of xanthan gum, creating a gentle waterless hand disinfectant that smells great and is free of the skin irritants found in commercially produced waterless hand cleansers.  It is non-drying and leaves your skin feeling soft and silky.

         Handy 2oz Purse size:  $3.00  (regularly $4.50 - 33% savings)
                                    4oz:  $4.70 (regularly $7.00 - 33% savings)

Bye-Bye Buggie:

This poison free, pleasant smelling formula keeps the Biting Bugs at Bay. A blend of Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus), Lavender spike (Lavandula spica), Thyme (Thymus vulgaris), Peppermint (Mentha piperita) and Eucalyptus globulus (E. globulus) in distilled water and a natural emulsifier.  

                                    4oz:  $7.40 (regularly $9.25 - 20% savings)
                                    8oz:  13.35 (regularly $16.50 - 20% savings)

Springtime Celebration:

A little collection of goodies to help bring spring scents to your home, and an "I can do this" attitude.  Contains 3 10ml bottles - 1 each of Grapefruit, Lavender, May Chang.

Springtime Celebration:   $14.18 (regularly $18.90 - 25% savings)
Allergy/Respiratory Blend:

It's allergy season again!  This blend soothes upper respiratory irritation brought on by pollens, grasses and weeds.  This blend is easy to use (just inhale or rub a drop or two just under and on either side of your nose), pleasant smelling and delivers none of the side-effects of steroidal applications.

                                   10ml:  $5.60 (regularly $7.00 - 20% savings)                       


These products will be on sale through May 15th.

Upcoming Events

We've laid in much our calender for 2009, and here it is!  To learn more about an event, click the link!

May 28&29  Clinical Aromatherapy, Level 1, Siler City, NC (14 NCBTMB CE's)
                     No pre-requisites - this class is open to all
                     To register: Click here Body Therapy Institute

June 25       Free Public Lecture, Lee, MA

June 26       An Introduction to Aromatherapy, Lee, MA

Jul 18&19    Clinical Aromatherapy, Level 2, Concord, NC (14 NCBTMB CE's)
                     Pre-requisite: Completion of Level 1
                     To register: Click here Blue Ridge Healing Arts Academy

Aug 8&9     Clinical Aromatherapy, Level 5, Concord, NC (14 NCBTMB CE's)
                     Pre-requisite: Completion of Level 1
                     To register:  Call Virginia Sloop at the Blue Ridge Healing
                        Arts Academy:  704-795-7478

Aug 22&23  Clinical Aromatherapy, Level 3, Greensboro, NC (14 NCBTMB CE's)
                     Pre-requisite:  Completion of  Level 1
                     To register: Call us at LovingScents at 336.294.7727

Aug 29&30   Body Mind Spirit Expo, Raleigh, NC

Sep 12&13   Clinical Aromatherapy, Level 1, Greensboro, NC (14 NCBTMB CE's)
                      No pre-requisites - this class is open to all

Oct 9-11       Jennifer Jefferies - Awesome Aussie from Down Under...
                      Is returning to Greensboro to offer her classes!  Mark your
                      calendars now - We had the best time when she presented her
                      classes last May!  Check her out at JenniferJefferies.com!

Oct 16-18     Alliance of International Aromatherapists Conference, Chicago, IL

Oct 24&25    Clinical Aromatherapy, Level 1, Concord, NC (14 NCBTMB CE's)
                      No pre-requisites - this class is open to all
                      To register: Click here Blue Ridge Healing Arts Academy

Nov 7 & 8    Clinical Aromatherapy, Level 4, Greensboro, NC (14 NCBTMB CE's)

                     Pre-requisite:  Completion of  Level 1
                     To register: Call us at LovingScents at 336.294.7727

Nov 14-16    Southern Spa & Salon Conference, Hickory, NC
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