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Issue No. 2012-02

There isn't a single company around who, even if a platitude, won't say that their most valuable asset is their employees, don't you agree?  So help me understand why many, if not all companies use the following practice:


They hire inexperienced, relatively new-to-professional-careers, people to fill the critical roles as recruiters. Wouldn't it make sense to take your more experienced and seasoned employees, the ones who have been loyal to your company, know your values, understand your culture, and have lived through the growth of your company, and educate them on recruiting new talent to your organization?  Click here to keep reading


Capital Asset Management
Blind Date Hiring 


Have you ever thought about how hiring an employee is similar to going on a blind date?


Consider these correlating factors:

On a blind date you know the individual's name and a little bit about him or her from the person who set up the date. But it's usually superficial (the cover letter) information: their name, what they do for a living, perhaps what part of town they live in. You might get a few adjectives such as, he's funny or she's tall. But you don't know a lot more than that before you sit down for the first meeting.


Click here to read the full article. 

When is the last time you did a bit of self assessment?

In your positions as managers, most of you spend your time producing work and supervising staff, juggling responsibilities between your own unique output and what you expect your team to produce. In the chaos of a day in business, it's easy to forget that you also have your career to manage and employees who rely on your leadership. With that in mind, when's the last time you sat down and analyzed your answers to these questions:
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Hiring Career Armed services
Veterans Corner
On LinkedIn, there's a new networking group for current duty military and veterans. 
Please support the group--and easy way to start is by reading this article.
Succession Planning
Pittsburgh from North Shore


Why do some companies have a succession plan while others do not? We recently completed an audit for a client that included reviewing their succession planning model. This is a large brand name company who has developed a best-in-class process for recognizing and grooming a core group of employees within their organization to become their leaders of tomorrow. Why is this important? 

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Special Memorial Day article
Why is Memorial Day so precious?

How the U.S. managed to develop a fabric of diversity in every way that every company should emulate. A client of ours began using an assess

Army medalsment tool to evaluate employees and candidates for their own personal styles. You've seen the instruments: DiSC, Predictive Index, Myers Briggs, et.al.  Continue reading.

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