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May 2012


August 27-31, please visit us on CIGRE 2012, Paris , stand number: 361. RFL communications , Kyland's EU partner, will co-host with Kyland to present our latest technical solutions for power utilities.  


We are glad to share with you our latest achievements in following aspects: IEC61850-3 & IEEE1613, IEEE1588v2 & SyncE, IEC62439-6/DRP, IEC62439-6(PRP/HSR), IEC61850 Modelling, Goose Tunnel Over IP Network


a1IEC61850-3 & IEEE1613
The IEC 61850 family of substation network protocol is an international standard for network communication in a substation.Kyland IEC61850-3 & IEEE1613 solutions which have been certified by KEMA were reported by GlobalData as the richest IEC61850 product lines in the market. So far there are 2000+ substations deployed with Kyland solution, and 85,000+ devices running in the field 24X7x365.
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IEC62439-6, an international standard related to high availability automation networks, is drafted and patent by Kyland. Distributed redundancy protocol (DRP) has following advantages: (1) Master automatic selection (2) Ring recovery time no longer related to the quantity of the devices in the ring (3) Support Ring, Tangent Ring, Intersecting Ring, and Double Ring.    
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a5IEC61850 Modelling
In the development of IEC61850, Ethernet switches constitute the communication platform between process layer and substation layer networks. IEC61850 does not take Ethernet switches as devices. However, the monitoring, management, and configuration of Ethernet switches will be gradually incorporated into the entire system in actual applications, which is required by running the system normally, fault diagnosis and alarming. The IEC61850 Modeling technology can be used to manage industrial Ethernet switches based on IEC61850 protocols.
a2IEEE1588v2 & SyncE

Synchronized timing system is crucial for power utilities to distribute power reliably between all power stations .The widespread synchronized time distribution requires each station and each equipment in the power grid runs on the same corret clock so that synchronous operation for sampling and protection can be guaranteed. Kyland is the only vendor who can offer nanosecond accuracy through its outstanding IEEE1588v2 & SyncE solutions.

IEC62439-3 entitled "High availability automation networks" including Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) and High availability Seamless Ring (HSR) Protocol will be supported on Kyland GPT series this summer. You will be able to see our demonstration on CIGRE 2012 held in Paris, Aug 27-31.  
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a6Goose Tunnel over IP Network
In real substation applications, central control station may need to connect to remote stations through an IPv4 network. In this situation, GOOSE packets should be transferred through the IPv4 network and reach the other side in some particular way. Based on GRE-over-IPv4 Tunnel (rfc2784), Kyland subjects our solution as GOOSE-over-GRE-IPv4 Tunnel technology. 
About Kyland

Kyland Technology Co., Ltd. is a global leader of advanced data communication solutions for the mission critical industrial applications in harsh environments such as Power Utility, Intelligent Transportation Systems as well as Industrial Process Control. Kyland's end-to-end solutions include layer 2/3 switch router, serial device server, media converter and network management software to meet the most demanding industrial specific requirement. Kyland prides itself with uncompromising quality and worldwide deployment. For further information, please visit, email, or by phoning +86-10-88798888.
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