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The Greengrocer  31st Jan 2012

Welcome to our latest edition of The Greengrocer.


Hopefully the festive period was  enjoyable for you and business brisk - at least we didn't have the artic weather conditions like the year previous!


You'd think that the clement weather would also meant that growing conditions in the UK are better than they were this time last year - surely good news for British farmers. However, there are already concerns that the lack of rainfall in England could lead to drought conditions in the summer and the need for increased irrigation to keep crops going; this would of course mean additional costs for growers.


Also where crops have been harvested earlier than normal as a result of good weather, this can lead to availability issues later in the season; the UK is now experiencing this to an extent with cauliflowers, but fortunately Reynolds has this covered so our customers will be fine!


 As ever, please let us know what you think or if there is anything you feel we can add to help you, by sending any feedback to


Anyway, here's what's happening out there in the world of fruit and veg.

Berries  Fruit


If you're looking for a great eating apple, our English Cox apples have possibly the best taste of any dessert apple with hints of pear, orange and melon.


Otherwise, check out our classic Bramleys and don't forget it's Bramley Week from 5th to 12th February. In case you didn't know, Reynolds is the current holder of the Foodservice Brammy award. Now in their 18th year, the Bramley Awards recognise suppliers, caterers and retailers who have supported and promoted the Bramley. Check out  John Portass, one of our Bramley growers here or some of our recipes using this quintessential British fruit including Bramley apple & tarragon crumble and Bramley apple & persimmon pie.


Persimmons are great right now, a fruit with a deliciously sweet and juicy texture combined with a subtle mix of peach and papaya flavours. When ripe, the easiest way to eat a persimmon is to cut off the top and scoop out its sweet pulpy flesh. Persimmon also makes an exotic addition to fruit salad, cakes, pies, ice cream and even makes a great salsa. Why not use it for a tempting filling for Pancake Day (21 Feb)? 

Stone FruitPeaches

Peaches, nectarines and apricots are readily available at the moment but a little woolly . Give it just a few weeks and the quality will noticeably improve!


Blood oranges

Blood oranges are on stream now and whilst not at their very best, will improve over the next few weeks.


Three main varieties of blood orange are commercially grown - Tarocco, Moro and Sanguinello. The latter is

generally considered to be the true blood orange, but is a later crop and difficult to source with any consistency yet. Its skin generally has a high level of blush, few seeds and a sweet, tender flesh with many blood-coloured streaks. Check out our simple recipe for shaved fennel and radish salad with blood orange.


Seville oranges are also good at the moment and the best orange for making marmalade, but only around for a couple more weeks  - Buy them now as National Marmalade Week begins on 25th February!
veg group


Red CabbageNow is the best time to make the most of all things cabbage - Savoy, red, white or Sweetheart, this home grown classic is a perfect accompaniment to hearty winter stews. Why not rustle up your own winter coleslaw 

Curly KalePurple sprouting broccoli, spring greens, cavello nero and curly kale are both in their prime at the moment and well worth checking out.


Finally, whilst Christmas may be a distant memory, sprouts are still freely available. However, due to a lack of frost, they lack a bit of sweetness.


SwedeParsnips, swede, carrots and turnips are still great at the moment. Reynolds' Roasted Root Vegetable Toad in the Hole is a great way to celebrate our great British root vegetables. If you want to add some provenance to your menu, you can check out one of our root vegetable growers, John Hammond, who's based in the sandy soils of Nottinghamshire.


If beetroot floats your boat, now's the time to check out specialityBeetroot coloured home-grown beetroot including Candied, Chioggia and Golden. Why not use a combination of beetroots in a dish? The combination of colours on the plate looks fantastic! Check out a great recipe using mixed beetroot here.

Mayan Gold Potatoes

Mayan Golds

With National Chip Week just around the corner (20th - 26th February), make sure you're providing the best possible chip by using our British Mayan Gold potato. Originating from the foothills ofn the Andes of Peru, this great spud has a delicious nutty flavour and is absolutely certain to delight your diners! Available until April.
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More fresh produce news coming soon from Reynolds.

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 Recipe Links

Superfood salad to go
Superfood salad to go. Check out our colourful salad packed full of essential nutrients to help stave off those winter colds!
Ultimate Steak Platter
Reynolds ultimate steak platter. Served with Mayan Gold triple cooked chips, this is the perfect dish for National Chip Week (20th - 26th February). 
Sausage & Bramley apple plait

This great winter warmer is simple to make and great fodder for the cold months. Perfect for Bramley Apple Week (5th to 12th February).

At Reynolds we always try and source British produce where we can. If you want to know what UK sourced produce is available at any one time, check out our British availability guide.

Crop update 

Problems continue in Kenya with fine beans. Heavy rains experienced before Christmas have now been replaced with unseasonably hot weather, severely reducing yields. This has been further compounded by rain in Egypt placing yet more strain on supplies.
Hot weather in Peru is reducing volumes of asparagus available and with the Mexican harvest not becoming available for a few weeks, supplies are fairly tight although quality should not be affected.

Green Batavia
With most lettuce types currently being sourced from the Murcia region of Spain, the relatively cool nights for the time of year are leading to a small amount of frost damage on speciality lettuce. Outer leaves are being trimmed where necessary meaning the only noticeable impact is a slightly lower head weight. Iceberg, Gem and Cos are however all fine. Click here for a full crop update.