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Happy New Year! 


As we welcome 2012, we continue our mission of ensuring product transparency within the green marketplace.  Through strategic partnerships and our drive to certify only the most sustainable products on the planet, we have demonstrated the value of our claims validation system and expanded our services globally.  GreenCircle is growing, not only in the number of products that carry the GreenCircle Certified mark, but also in consumer awareness and brand recognition.  Our goal for the upcoming year is to continue growing our brand and to introduce our rigorous certification process to manufacturers and consumers worldwide. 


We have extended our certification offerings to include Recyclable Material, increasing the impact that trusted transparency can provide to both consumers and manufacturers.   By expanding our portfolio of certifications, we can offer a wider range of consumers the opportunity to identify products with authentic environmental properties. 


GreenCircle has high expectations for the coming year.  To start the process and gain a competitive advantage in today's discerning market, look to GreenCircle - for Transparency You Can Trust.




The GreenCircle Team


GreenCircle Goes Global
In conjunction with the globalization of our mission and our brand, one of our Certification Analysts recently travelled to China to complete a Recycled Content certification.  Annie Bevan travelled to Guangzhou, China in early December 2011 to gather information and perform a site audit of two manufacturing facilities.  This certification marks the early accomplishment of introducing GreenCircle Certified, LLC to one of the largest consumer markets.  By informing global consumers about the value of sustainable purchasing, they can now make more educated decisions to maximize sustainability in the marketplace.
New Certification - Recyclable Material

Recyclable material refers to a product or associated component that can be diverted from the waste stream through available recycling infrastructure.  These products can be collected, processed and returned to use in the form of raw materials or other products.  Recyclable products must be designed for separation and disassembly to permit recycling with minimal processing.  Many manufacturers are making unsubstantiated claims regarding the recyclability of their products. GreenCircle will conduct a detailed evaluation of the product which will include a full analysis of the bill of materials, regional recycling infrastructure, and end-of-life supply chain.  The claims are verified for conformance with International Standard ISO 14021 Environmental Labels and Declarations requirements.  For more information on this new certification, visit:  http://greencirclecertified.com/recyclable.php


GreenWizard Helps Architects, Spec-Writers and Builders Find GreenCircle Certified Products
GreenCircle Certified, LLC is pleased to announce that it recently entered into a partnership with GreenWizard, Inc., the comprehensive product management software provider.  GreenWizard enables the design and construction community to better manage products and simplify the process of building healthy, sustainable and efficient buildings.


Architects, engineers, contractors, and project owners utilize GreenWizard's interactive and dynamic tools to search, assess and model its database of products to better manage and collaborate on product data and documentation.  GreenWizard offers free product listings to manufacturers enabling them to update data and documentation to be selected into building projects and/or product libraries.


GreenCircle's partnership with GreenWizard is another step forward in its drive to provide consumers with a reliable source of information on sustainable products.


If you have an existing GreenWizard account, please make sure your product information is complete and up-to-date by logging in to GreenWizard.  For assistance, contact GreenWizard at (843) 284-1355 or Support@GreenWizard.com


If you are not yet listed in GreenWizard's product database, list your products today.  For assistance, contact GreenWizard at (843) 284-1355 or at Info@GreenWizard.com.  By participating in this free product listing, your products can now be found by anyone using the GreenWizard Public Search tool or by any of their 1,000+ AEC customers using the software for more than $6.9 billion in projects.