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GreenCircle returned to Greenbuild 2011 as a driving force in claims validation.  GreenCircle showcased multiple validated products, including CertainTeed's CedarBoards D6 Insulated Siding; Leaf Relief by Ply Gem, one of several certified aluminum Ply Gem products; and Regupol America's Aktiv Core Series Flooring.  Each product met the rigorous standards necessary to achieve the GreenCircle mark, verifying their sustainability claims.  These and other GreenCircle certified products generated a lot of buzz and booth traffic.


We are pleased to announce that GreenCircle improved its 2010 Green Exhibitor Award ranking, achieving Advocate level for 2011 with its increased efforts to minimize the environmental impact of all the materials used in its booth display.


While walking the expo floor, we recognized a clear theme in the future of sustainability.  That theme is transparency.  In today's economy, integrating sustainability into products and processes is not enough.  Full transparency in manufacturing allows consumers to make educated purchasing decisions.


Several Greenbuild education sessions focused on transparency and identified a lack of consumer confidence in third-party certifications.  In response, GreenCircle launched its Transparency You Can Trust campaign.  With our thorough certification process and complete transparency, consumers have found a third-party certification they can trust.  GreenCircle certification establishes brand integrity and provides a distinct competitive advantage in the global green market.


How successful are you in marketing your green initiatives? Contact us to substantiate the sustainable aspects of your products and processes and differentiate your position in today's discerning market. 


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GreenWizard Helps Architects, Spec-Writers and Builders Find GreenCircle Certified Products
GreenCircle Certified, LLC is pleased to announce that it recentlyentered into a partnership with GreenWizard, Inc., the comprehensive product management software provider.  GreenWizard enables the design and construction community to better manage products and simplify the process of building healthy, sustainable and efficient buildings.
Architects, engineers, contractors and project owners utilize GreenWizard's interactive and dynamic tools to search, assess and model its database of products to better manage and collaborate on product data and documentation.  GreenWizard offers free product listings to manufacturers enabling them to update data and documentation to be selected into building projects and/or product libraries.
GreenCircle's partnership with GreenWizard is another step forward in its drive to provide consumers with a reliable source of information on sustainable products.
If you have an existing GreenWizard account, please make sure your product information is complete and up-to-date by logging in to GreenWizard.  For assistance, contact us at (843) 284-1355 or Support@GreenWizard.com
If you are not yet listed in GreenWizard's product database, list your products today.  For assistance, contact us at (843) 284-1355 or at Info@GreenWizard.com.  By participating in this free product listing, your products can now be found by anyone using the GreenWizard Public Search tool or by any of their 1,000+ AEC customers using the software for more than $6.9 billion in projects.
LEED Pilot Credit 43 Gives Points for GreenCircle Certified Products
GreenCircle certified products will receive credit under the LEED Pilot Credit 43: Certified Products.  Under this pilot credit, non-structural products with independent third-party certifications will carry weight towards earning an Innovation in Design credit.  There are two paths products can take to earn value in this credit - the Certification Pathway or the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Pathway.  Each path has multiple options that offer different weightings.  To earn this credit, 10% of non-structural materials by cost must meet the criteria specified here: Pilot Credit 43


By offering credit for product transparency, the USGBC has given architects, designers, and product specifiers an incentive to purchase products that have received third-party certification.  If you are interested in the EPD Pathway, we recommend you contact Sustainable Solutions Corporation.  SSC has published numerous EPDs and is able to work with products of all types.



Beware of "Greenwashing"
"Greenwashing" is when a firm or manufacturer makes false green statements; and with the increase of this trend, consumers are growing more skeptical and digging deeper to find out the truth about the products they purchase.  Third-party certification protects consumers from misleading and untrue marketing claims by providing both companies and consumers with brand integrity and purchasing confidence.  GreenCircle's rigorous evaluation process provides trusted transparency that ensures the company and its customers that the product claims are valid. Click here to learn more.