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September 2011
Welcome to the September issue of my Healthy Aging Newsletter where I share with you common sense, non-medicinal, and free or low-cost solutions to aging well.
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Dr. Joan: How You Eat Matters Eating at dinner table  

Did you know that how you eat is just as important as what you eat? Modern life has changed our relationship to food and eating. But with a few small changes you can start to develop habits that will improve your well-being.  Read on....  

How Much Water Should I Drink?
Athelte Drinking The symbol of an athlete exercising with a bottle of water in hand, and the value of power drinks for athletes to maintain hydration, may be overrated. And in some situations may even be dangerous. Read more....
Can Ayurvedic Medicine Improve Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Lack of acceptance of Ayurveda and other "alternative' treatments by allopathic medicine has been justified on the lack of evidence-based clinical research. With the publishing of this study, that may be changing. Check the Abstract for the surprising results. Read More..   
JV & John Glenn
Sen. John Glenn and Dr.Joan
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Dr. Joan's Life Tip of The Month  

Make certain changes to how you eat and you will consume less, reduce stress and feel better in the process.

What is Dr Joan up to?
-My new book, 'Sitting Kills, Moving Heals' is progressing through the editing stage. It's really shaping up and we're adding some new, daily-life targeted sections. -Agreed to teach a new course for Taksha University. It will be remote accessible, so stay tuned for more information.
-August 6th was unforgettable and proved a great exercise in coping, and relying on wonderful, creative neighbors and friends. A downpour hung over our home for 3 hours that day, dumping 6" of rain. Unfortunately, most of it seemed to seep through our foundation into the lower level of our home. 
-Gave a talk on 'Stress and Senior Lifestyle' at the Langston-Brown Senior Center in Arlington, VA. -From the "all things change" file: an August 17 talk to Verizon employees was canceled because they were on strike! It would seem that hearing about stress management during their strike might have been helpful!
-August brought a strong test of my coping skills. Over the span of three weeks three 'Acts of God' shook up our world. First the flood noted above, then the Virginia earthquake (centered only miles from our home), and then hurricane Irene! Thankfully, everyone here is safe and sound (and now dry). 
Words of Wisdom 
"Eating is not merely a material pleasure. Eating well gives a spectacular joy to life and contributes immensely to goodwill and happy companionship. It is of great importance to the morale." ~ Elsa Schiaparelli, Italian designer 
Thanks for reading. I look forward to providing you with more ways to improve your daily life.


Joan Vernikos

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