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February 2011
Welcome to this issue of my Healthy Aging Newsletter where I share with you common sense, non-medicinal, and free or low-cost solutions to aging well.

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Growing Older and Wiser: Stay Social and Connected       

Stress Fitness in your Third Age may require different approaches than in your younger days. But you also become more stress-wise with age. Research shows just how important remaining connected is to keeping your stress in check for better sleep and for your emotional well-being.   

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JV & John Glenn
Sen. John Glenn and Dr.Joan
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The Road to a Happy Retirement  


How many years do you

 have until retirement? It deserves as much attention as any business project and it's about finances and a whole lot more. Consider if your physical and emotional health will allow you to fulfill your expectations. If you are like most of us, you are looking for sensible ways to enjoy your new life. Each one of us come with different habits, styles and dreams. Begin your planning early.  Read more.. 


Been Inactive? It's Never Too Late to Get Moving   

Seated exercise

Start now, and improve and lengthen your life. Read on... 

Dr. Joan's Life Tip of The Month:
Sit up straight. Whether at the computer, eating or watching TV, your posture aligns your body, neck and head. It relieves neck and shoulder pain and makes you feel good and look tall and beautiful. Try it.
 What is Dr Joan up to?
-In January, Dr. Joan launched both her blog and first "Healthy Aging Newsletter".
From January 30th to February 2nd Dr. Joan was in The Netherlands to meet with a small group of European experts in Biomarkers. Their job is to recommend to the European Space Agency what can be measured to predict early, undesirable changes in human health. What works for astronauts can help you and me. 

Words of Wisdom

 "Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency". ~ Natalie Goldberg in "Wildmind", 1990.


Thanks for reading. We look forward to providing you with more ways to improve your daily life.


Joan Vernikos

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