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Special Issue 1      July 2012
 China International Nanotech Innovation Cluster (CHInano) ,
Suzhou Industrial Park 
-The Most Vibrant Nanotech Industrial and Innovative Hub in China- 
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Upcoming Event - CHInano 2012


AboutSuzhouNanotech About Suzhou Nanotech

Suzhou Nanotech is one of the most progressive government owned companies and leads the planning and executing of strategies to promote Suzhou nanotech R&D and commercialization capabilities as well as provide leadership in China for nanotechnology commercialization and industry adoption.  Suzhou Nanotech was founded in 2010. For more information, please visit :


Upcoming Event -  

CHInano 2012


Please join us at CHInano 2012 Conference & Expo on Sep. 13-15, and meet the international leaders who are accelerating nanotech commercialization.


CHInano 2012 will provide you with an unprecedented opportunity to learn about China's rapidly advancing nanotech ecosystems. Importantly, you will have a first-hand, in-person chance to see and learn about the massive investments being made in Nanopolis Suzhou.


This year's event has dedicated symposia and forums focusing on these vital areas:

Printed Electronics (The 3rd Chinese Printed Electronics Symposium)

- MEMS (Commercialization of Transducers & MEMS 2012, Optofluidics 2012)

- Energy & Green Technology (The 2nd International Forum on Trends in Nano-Manufacturing)

- Functional Nanomaterials (International Symposium on Nano Materials & Nanodevices)

- Nanotech Investing & Biz Matching 


 For registration, please visit:

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Snapshot of 2012 Events

February 22nd, 2012 - Suzhou Nanotech and Soochow Univ. co-organized the 6th Workshop on Manufacturing Technologies for a Sustainable Society -Nanotechnology for Green Energy, Environmental, and Bio-medical Applications. Invited industry and academic experts from Canada and China shared their R&D activities and insights on Green Energy, Environmental, and Bio-medical Technologies & Manufacturing, and related business opportunities.



March 26th, 2012 - Suzhou Nanotech, together with NanoGlobe, AIST and Micromachine Center (MMC) co-organized  China-Japan MEMS Industry Workshop,facilitating strategic partnership and forge win-win synergistic cooperation between leaders in both countries.


May 25th, 2012Suzhou Nanotech and NanoGlobe co-organized the 7th Workshop on Manufacturing Technologies for a Sustainable Society -Nano Carbon Technologies Adoption and Business Opportunities in Asia

The presentations and discussion focused on: Nano Carbon Technology Roadmap/Value Chain, Emerging Markets for Nano Carbon Adoption, and Challenges of Commercialization and Adoption. 


July 12th, 2012 -

Suzhou Nanotech and NanoGlobe co-organized the 8th Workshop on Manufacturing Technologies for a Sustainable Society - Energy Storage: Nano-Materials to Market AdoptionThe invited speakers and participants from Singapore, Japan, US and China shared their cutting-edge technologies and insights related to energy storage 

materials and market adoption, as well as explore business opportunities in Asia and US. The presentations and discussion focused on innovative materials for Li-ion and next generation batteries and supercapacitors, and the steps needed for their market adoption. 

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Meet Us


Nano Korea 2012, No. G52 - August 16 - 18, 2012, Seoul, South Korea


CHInano 2012 - September 13 - 15, 2012, Suzhou, China

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Contact Us


If you are interested in exploring business opportunities in SIP, please contact us by email:

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Warm Greetings!


Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) is honored to again be hosting the CHInano2012 Conference and Expo on September 13-15, to catalyze and accelerate nanotech commercialization (details here).

We encourage you to join us and meet other international leaders of nanotechnology, and at the same time, it is a perfect opportunity to see for yourself Suzhou's capabilities and environment. We can arrange tours of facilities and companies for you, as well as introduce potential partners and discuss your needs.


I look forward to meeting you soon!


Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Xijun Zhang

General Manager, Suzhou Nanotech

SIP Ecosystem Supporting Nanotech-enabled Industries


SIP Nanotech Ecosystem provides a comprehensive environment for the development an adoption of nanotechnology. SIP is equipped with infrastructure, capital, R&D platforms, production capabilities and talent. The aim of SIP is to create an ideal environment for high-tech enabled industries and to enhance the cooperation among small-medium enterprises (SMEs), multi-national companies (MNCs), venture capitalists (VCs), state-owned enterprises, R&D institutes and government agencies. 

SIP ecosystem-3

Fig 1: SIP Nanotech Ecosystem
Public R&D Resources - Diversified Innovation & Commercialization Platforms
Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) has established diversified public platforms, including Nano Manufacturing & Characterization, Technology Support, Standardization & Testing and Service Platforms. These platforms are equipped with world-class facilities and open to all companies and research institutions housed in SIP and beyond to enable innovative high-tech R&D applications in areas of Micro&Nano Manufacturing Technologies, Advanced Functional Nano Materials, Energy & Green Technologies, and Nano Medicine. 
For more information, please visit:     


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Industrial Partnership - Nanotech SMEs and Ready Partners in SIP

SIP has committed 10 billion RMB (about 1.6B USD) to further develop Suzhou high-tech industries including nanotech enabled industries with the following focus areas: 
  • Micro and nano-manufacturing technologies (printed electronics, nano carbon, MEMS technology & devices, nanoimprint lithography, instruments & devices) 
  • Advanced functional materials (nano carbon materials and other functional nano materials)
  • Energy and green technologies (battery technology, photovoltaics technology, lighting, power electronics, gas/water purification, green technologies) 
  • Nano medicine (targeted drug delivery, nano devices and instruments for imaging and diagnostics, health and safety) 

Today, Suzhou is one of the most dynamic places for nanotech startups in the world.  Over 180 nanotech SMEs including SVG Optronics, Halation Photonics, Nano-Micro Technology (NMT), Nanowin, Suzhou NanoGrid Technology and Suzhou Natong, have developed and grown rapidly with the support of the SIP nanotech ecosystem.  SVG Optronics (stock code:300331) was founded in 2001 and is now a success story having been listed on the Growth Enterprise Market at Shenzhen Stock Exchange on June 28, 2012. 


Also, SIP is housed with 20000 national and multinational companies as your ready partners, such as 3M, Samsung, Siemens, Johnson & Johnson, Phillips, AMD, Bosch, China WLCSP, Eli Lily and others. In a word, SIP provides you ideal industrial partnerships if you wish to set up a regional headquarter or do business development in China.


Leading Products-1

     Fig 2: Leading products from

    the companies in SIP (top left: SINANO 

    Nano Carbon Platform's CNT synthesis, 

    dispersion and separation technologies

    bottom left: SVG's proprietary         

    equipment, NIL patterned film      

    products; top rightNMT's

    monodispersenano and 

    microsphere; bottom right: Suzhou 

    Natong's Functional Micro Array 

    (FMA) drug delivery devices. 


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Manpower Development - Focusing on Nanotech Education and Innovation

Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) currently houses around 20 world-class universities and research institutions 
with over 70,000 full-time students. They provide a complete education (B.S/B.E, M.S/M.E, PhD) and R&D system covering nano-device and materials, system integration & IC design, nanobiomedicine and nanobionic, organic optoelectronic materials and devices, nanobiotechnology, drug design and materials simulation, optoelectronics, renewable & clean energy, etc. Today, there are more than 2700 nanotech related experts, researchers, entrepreneurs and engineers in SIP conducting the world-class nanotech enabled application R&D. Among this talent, there are 6 "Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Academicians", 18 National "Recruitment Program of 1000 Global Experts"28 CAS "Hundred Talents", and other high-quality researchers. 
SIP houses research institutes or joint educational programs with world-renowned universities including National University of Singapore, University of Dayton, University of California (Berkley), Liverpool University, Hong Kong University, etc. The Suzhou research institutes provide an excellent platform for these world-class universities to accelerate the commercialization of their technologies with the strong support of government incentives and flourishing Chinese industries which are moving up the value chain through the adoption of nanotechnology. 
Talent Pool

Fig 3: Talent Pool in SIP
Incentives - the First Nanotech Promotion Policy in China
SIP launched the first nanotech promotion policy in China in October 2011 and invested 1 billion RMB per year (about 160M USD) for attracting talent, engaging start-ups, accelerating the industry adoption of nanotechnology and cultivating local industries, to fully support nanotech innovation and commercialization.
Fig 4: Comprehensive support for high-tech entrepreneurs.

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