International Session on Bio-inspired Nanostructures, Systems, and Manufacturing

  - Nanofair 2012 -  

June 12-13, 2012

International Congress Center,  Dresden, Germany 



You are cordially invited to participate International Session on Bio-inspired Nanostructures, Systems, and Manufacturing, Nanofair 2012!

The world is moving towards sustainable development driving scientists, engineers and industrialists worldwide to develop technological solutions and products that require low energy consumption during the manufacturing processes and to adopt the usage of environmental friendly materials. Evolution has enabled the creation of optimal biological structures/materials that secure sustainable survival of species on earth.   The advancement of nanotechnology has enabled us to understand much better smart/intelligent biological structures/functions through micro/nanoscale and even atomic scale resolution imaging and characterization. The state of the art micro/nano manufacturing technologies (including nanolithography, nanoimprint, chemical deposition and synthesis and electro-chemistry processing etc) have allowed us to produce various nanostructures, mimicking nature, such as the butterfly wings (structural color), moth's eye (anti-reflection), lotus leaf (self-cleaning), cell membranes, and others. A number of research groups and companies in Asia, Europe and USA have been able to produce bio-inspired multifunctional structural surface, functional films and fabrics that are self-cleaning, anti-fog, anti-reflect, water pinning, and showing structural color (without pigment). Industry adoption of biomimetic micro/nanostructure materials are emerging in the market today.


To advance the innovation and to accelerate the commercialization/adoption of bio-inspired nanotechnology, we would like to invite you to the International Session on Bio-inspired Nanostructures, Systems, and Manufacturing during Nanofair 2012 held June 12-13th in Dresden, Germany (known as the hub of organic electronics in Europe). The symposium will bring together top scientists/engineers, industry leaders, influential policy-makers, visionary investors worldwide to share the cutting edge R&D and manufacturing achievements of bio-inspired nanotechnology, the latest commercialization efforts and related business opportunities. The presentations and discussions will focus on:

  • Bio-inspired Functional Structure Fabrication  Technologies
  • Bio-inspired Functional Materials/Systems and Applications
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Economy & Environment Impact 
  • Technology Roadmap

This session provides an unprecedented platform for the participants to share their practices and visions in bio-inspired nanotechnology and applications, and to interact with the key players in the entire bio-inspired nanotechnology/product ecosystem worldwide with the goal of accelerating the innovation and commercialization/adoption of the technology, and ultimately driving mankind technological development towards sustainability.    




 Fraunhofer Institute, Germany

 VDI, Germany 

 NanoGlobe Pte. Ltd., Singapore


Session Chairs


Dr Andreas LESON, Deputy Director & Head of Department PVD and Nanotechnology, Frauhofer Institute, Germany 

Dr Gerd BACHMANN, Zukünftige Technologien Consulting (ZTC), VDI, Germany 

Dr Lerwen LIU, Managing Director, NanoGlobe, Singapore




Tuesday, 12 June


An eco-friendly nanotechnology for improving material functionality

Dr. Hong Yee LOW, Research Director, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore


Artificial cell membranes - Application in nanomedicine

Dr. Madhavan NALLANI, Research Scientist II, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore


Biomimetic nanocomposite materials as a bone tissue replacement

Karel Balík, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic


Transparent titanium dioxide colloids for medical applications

Wojciech Macyk et. al. Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland


Coffee break with technical exhibition


Overview of Nano Bionics Activities in Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dr. Jian JIN, Professor and Deputy Director of Nano-bionics Division, Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics, CAS


The making of gecko foot like robot through fabrication of array of carbon nanotubes

Dr. Zhen Dong DAI, Director of Institute of Bio-inspired Structure and Surface Engineering, Academy of Frontier Science, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China


Control of wettability and friction by immobilization of polyelectrolyte brushes with bio-inspired functional groups

Dr. Atsushi TAKAHARA, Deputy Director of Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering, Kyushu University; JST Program Director of ERATO Takahara Soft Interfaces Project; Japan


Biomimetic soft microorigami: Smart 3D micro-constructs from self-folding polymer films

Leonid Ionov,  Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research, Dresden, Germany


Poster Session (Foyer)

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