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Initiatives and Commercialization 

Volume 2 - Issue 8, 
August 2011 - December 2011  
In This Issue
Accelerated Growth of Publications and Patents in Nanotechnology in Asia
Chinese Government Supports Nanotechnology Innovation & Commercialization in Suzhou Industrial Park
Glimpses of Asia's Nanotechnology Commercialization & Adoption
Launching Bio-inspired Nanotechnology Initiative in Asia
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Our Previous Activities 

NanoGlobe, together with Suzhou Nanotech, updated the Nanotechnology Capabilities Report of Suzhou (English and Chinese versions), which included more research capabilities and start-ups in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), especially enriched the education platform and MEMS ecosystem in SIP, China.


Dr Liu gave a keynote presentation, at the 4th NRW Nano-Conference 2011 held in Germany, highlighted the nanotechnology enabled sustainable development efforts in Asia. 


NanoGlobe and Suzhou Nanotech co-organized the 1st International Nanovation Summit (INS 2011) during CHInano 2011It provided an unprecedented opportunity for the nanotechnology world leaders to share their practices and vision in nanotechnology commercialization and interact with the key players in the entire nanotechnology ecosystem in SIP, while discovering the fast-growing nanotechnology business opportunities in China. 



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  • NanoGlobe secures unmatched partnerships for our international clientele. 
  • NanoGlobe connects with business and technology leaders around the world opening doors of unprecedented opportunity for our clients.
  • NanoGlobe develops its clients' business reach into Asia.
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  • Micro-Nano Materials, Devices & Manufacturing Technologies 
  • Bio-inspired Nanostructures, Systems, and Manufacturing
  • Energy and Green Technologies
  • Nano Medicine  
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Our Publications 
We published a book titled "Emerging Nanotechnology Power: Nanotechnology R&D and Business Trends in the Asia Pacific Rim" which is the only book today covering nanotechnology updated development in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of policy, funding, infrastructure, education, R&D and commercialization, and standardization and risk management.

Emerging Nanotech Power

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nano tech 2012 -  February 15-17, 2012, Tokyo, Japan


Nanofair 2012 - June 12-13, 2012, Dresden, Germany


TechConnect World 2012 - June 18-21, 2012, Santa Clara, CA, USA


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Warm greetings from tropical Singapore!
  Throughout 2011, Asia's governments were busy planning and launching new R&D and commercialization initiatives that will be carried out over the next five to ten years. Asian companies were actively developing and adopting nanotech solutions for their new products. We are sharing with you some of the exciting highlights in this issue.  
  In particular, we feature recent developments concerning the adoption of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in ships and displays in Singapore and China. We also provide you with information on functional films (counterfeit for security ID, hologram for packaging, light guide for keyboards) produced by roll-to-roll (R2R) nanoimprint and light interference lithography in China.
   I'm honored and excited to report that NanoGlobe is actively promoting sustainable development enabled by nanotechnology. We recently launched the initiative of Bio-inspired Nanostructures, Systems and Manufacturing in China, and will further expand our efforts in promoting global cooperation in innovation and commercialization of bio-inspired nanotechnology in 2012.
  I  would like to close 2011 by emphasizing NanoGlobe's commitment to nanotechnology for sustainable development. We look forward to developing partnerships with you towards our common goal. And I wish you all a Happy New Year and Prosperous 2012!


Dr. Lerwen Liu, the Asia Nanotech Ambassador


Accelerated Growth of Publications and Patents in Nanotechnology in Asia


Asia's nanotechnology powerhouses have been rapidly advancing the region's competitive position in international nanotechnology. At the recent 8th Asia Nano Forum Summit held in Tehran (Iran) on October 9th, 2011, it was presented that the Asia Pacific region generates about half of the world's nanoscience publications; China ranked world No.1 in number of ISI nanopublication 2011; Singapore ranked No.1 in Asia in average citation per nano-publication in 2010; and  Japan, China and Korea ranked world 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively following USA in the number of nanotechnology patent filed the first half of 2011. We noticed that China, Korea, Iran and Singapore demonstrated their accelerated advancement in both science and commercialization. 


Details see our publication link:  

Chinese Government Supports Nanotechnology Innovation and Commercialization in Suzhou Industrial Park


Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) was designated by China's Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) as a National Nanotech Innovation Cluster in 2007 and has been focusing on nanotechnology commercialization ever since. The government has committed 6 billion RMB (about 950 million USD) for building the Nanopolis Suzhou by 2015. Phase I will be completed by the end of 2012. Besides this, SIP has launched nanotechnology specific incentives to support innovation and commercialization, including housing subsidies, tax rebate, free access to the open R&D platforms, 2% of product revenue bonus reward within the first three years, pioneer funding scheme, special funding for international collaboration & public-private partnership (PPP) and other investor incentives. This October, SIP announced three additional initiatives endorsed by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) namely, "National Nanotech Industrialization Base", "National Nanotech Standardization Demonstration Platform" and "National Micro-Nano Manufacturing Innovation Strategic Alliance".    

  SIP hosted CHInano 2011China's largest premier nanotechnology business event during October 27-29, 2011. The goal of the event is to accelerate the commercialization and adoption of nanotechnology in China. More than 500 R&D and industry leaders, government policy makers and investors worldwide were brought together, discussing and sharing insights on PPP and international collaboration, as well as R&D and commercialization of emerging technologies including MEMS technology, printed electronics, nano medicine, and nano materials.


For CHInano 2011 highlights, please refer to:


Opening ceremony of CHInano 2011 Conference & Expo attended by top officials from the MOST, Jiang Su Province and SIP.


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Glimpses of Asia's Nanotechnology Commercialization and Adoption 


Nanotechnology commercialization and adoption has always been challenging for researchers and engineers worldwide due to many factors including market entry barrier, engineering difficulty in mass production, cost and safety and other concerns. Nevertheless, some exemplary Asian companies have been actively working in this field and achieved great success.    
  Zycraft showcased its Independent Unmanned Surface Vessel called "Longrunner" (produced by its sister company Zyvex Technologies in USA) in the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club in December 2011. The "Longrunner" is able to travel 2,500 miles with one tank of fuel thanks to its super light weight enabled by CNT-based nanocomposites.
  Transparent flexible conductive films made by CNT, replacing ITO, has been produced by Tianjin Funa Yuanchuang Technology (a subsidiary of Foxconn) for touch screens (cellphones and tablets) and loudspeaker applications. These products were demonstrated at CHInano 2011 exhibition.
  The functional films produced by SVG Optronics (a flagship company in nanomanufacturing in China) using R2R nanoimprint and optical interference lithography, have been adopted in security ID, hologram for packaging, light guide for keyboards and others. Most recently, SVG, using the same manufacturing technology (3D nPrinting), demonstrated their capability of producing functional films with RGB colors, mimicking the butterfly wings, applicable in LCD and LED industries.


(Top left): Zycraft's boat "Longrunner"; (Top right): CNT based touch screens displayed by Tianjin Funa Yuanchuang Technology; (Bottom left): SVG's functional films for security packaging; (Bottom right): SVG's nPrinting technology for color images, mimicking the butterfly wings --- color without pigment.


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Launching Bio-inspired Nanotechnology Initiative in Asia
Biomimetics attracts much attention especially in today's focus of sustainable development. With the advancement of nanotechnology enabled characterization skills & micro/nano manufacturing technologies, we are able to understand much better smart biological structures and are capable of producing various nanostructures, mimicking nature, e.g. butterfly wings (structural color), moth's eye (anti-reflection), lotus leaf (self-cleaning) and more. To accelerate the industry adoption of biomimetic structures/systems, NanoGlobe, together with Suzhou Nanotech launched Bio-inspired Nanostructures, Systems, and Manufacturing as the theme of the 5th Workshop on Manufacturing Technologies for a Sustainable Society held on December 16, 2011 in SIP. The workshop brought together top scientists, industry leaders, policy makers, investors in Asia to share their latest R&D activities and insights on bio-inspired technologies & manufacturing, and related business opportunities. 


For more information about this workshop, please visit: (Past Events).
5th workshop
The 5th Suzhou workshop held on Dec 16, 2011 in SIP China.



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