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Volume 2-Issue 5, August-October 2010
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BCA Academy Zero Energy Building - Singapore's Effort in Promoting Clean Technology
Nanoparticles for More Effective Chemotherapy
Graphene Research Advances in NUS Singapore
Membrane Technology for Water and Nutraceutical Applications
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BCA Academy Zero Energy Building - Singapore's Effort in Promoting Clean Technology

Zero Energy Building (ZEB) of Singapore BCA Academy was officially opened on 26 October 2009, intended as demonstration of application of clean and green technologies as well as intelligent building design, requiring no traditional energy (fossil fuel based). Since its operation ZEB has been producing more energy than what it has been consuming. It is estimated that the building will save SGD 84,000/year energy cost compared to a typical office in Singapore (based on 21.69 cents/kWh). ZEB also serves as a demo site for new technology / products in the green energy field including nanotech enabled solutions. Read more


Nanoparticles for More Effective Chemotherapy - Nanomedicine in Singapore
NanoGlobe team has the privilege to interview one of nanomedicine leaders in the world: Professor FENG Si-Shen currently teaching and conducting research in the National University of Singapore (NUS). Being a visionary, Prof Feng has developed new concept of chemotherapy that involves nanoparticles of novel biodegradable co-polymers resulting in more effective and efficient drug delivery, significantly improving the treatment of cancers and improving quality of life of cancer patients. His group has also developed the 3rd generation of cardiovascular stents, as well as novel nanoparticle formulations of iron oxides and quantum dots for safer cellular and molecular imaging application. Read more

Graphene Research Advances in NUS Singapore
After the Graphene week in Singapore, we had the opportunity to meet in person part of the team who has produced a breakthrough in graphene research and commercialization by fabricating 30-inch graphene flexible film for flexible substrate in the applications of touch screen displays, thin film and organic PV & LED, etc. NanoGlobe visited the newly established graphene lab in NUS, hosted by Dr. Barbaros Oezyilmaz and accompanied by Dr. Jong-Hyun Ahn and Dr. Byung Hee Hong of Sungkyunkwan University, Korea who are the leaders of graphene flexible film production. Dr Oezyilmaz, an expert in graphene materials and applications, is currently working on graphene modification for biosensing applications, besides being involved in the graphene flexible film. Read more here in our column.

Membrane Technology for Water and Nutraceutical Applications
Another sector of Clean Technology besides clean energy is water and environment. Since the launch of clean technology initiative in 2006, Singapore has established the most comprehensive water ecosystem and attracted over 70 actively operating companies. One interesting company attracted our attention is Sinomem Technology Ltd, which started out with downstream membrane applications business but now has expanded into a membrane company that provides integrated solutions (from membrane materials to process & engineering) for water and nutraceutical applications. Headquartered in Singapore with plant operation in Xiamen China, Sinomem Technology is one of the pioneers that are successful in commercializing nanofiltration technologies. Our team company had the privilege to interview its founder and managing director Dr LAN Weiguang to learn his vision and business strategy of success.

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  • Strategic support of R&D, commercialization and internationalization via information intelligence, network, case studies, due diligence, market and technology competitive analysis
  • Incubator services (NanoIncubator) to start-ups via fund raising, recruitment, project management, IP management, marketing and strategic partnerships.
  • Strategy and business development support for international companies expanding throughout Asia and locating business and R&D headquarters in Singapore and other strategic locations
  • Global Marketing (Newsletter, Trade show, Press release, Site visits, Video, Seminars and other strategic communication)

In Our Next Issue
  • Asia Nano Camp 2010 (ANC2010) - Oct. 4-15 Singapore
  • Asia Nano Forum (ANF) Summit - 9 November 2010, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • CHINANO Forum & Exhibition 2010 - 13 to 15 November 2010, Suzhou, China
NanoGlobe is co-organizing CHINANO Forum & Exhibition 2010, which focuses on nanotechnology applications and commercialization. It covers five main areas: Nanotechnology for Optoelectronics, Micro & Nanomanufacturing, Nanobiomedicine & Nanosafety, Nanotechnology for Advanced Materials, and Energy & Environmental Nanotechnology. Please write to us before October 30, 2010 if you are interested in exhibiting your organization.

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Greetings again from tropical Singapore!

Hope you all have enjoyed either a hot summer or the cool winter in the southern hemisphere. NanoGlobe continued its nanotechnology global activities last two months.  We are happy to share with you in this newsletter the events in which we participated, the interviews of leaders we met, as well as coverage of other exciting happenings in Asia.

NanoGlobe can help you accelerate your business success in Asia and connect you with opportunities throughout our dynamic Asian Pacific Rim!  Please don't hesitate to contact me.

Dr. Lerwen Liu, Asia's Nanotech Ambassador

Singapore Updates

Singapore Nanotechnology Capabilities Report

This extensive document contains the most comprehensive and updated information about nanotechnology players in Singapore from all sectors: industry, research & academic, investment, incubation & consulting firms, and government agencies with specific technologies, application, products, services, funding programs, infrastructures.  The descriptions cover the full ecosystem and value chain of nanotechnology in Singapore. Visit our website to download this report. Email us for comments and suggestions. We are available to conduct similar capability studies for your organization or country.


Launch of I.C.O.N. - Industrial Consortium on Nanoimprint

Led by Dr. LOW Hong Yee, Singapore Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) has finally launched the Industrial Consortium on Nanoimprint (I.C.O.N.) together with the 4th Industrial Symposium on Nanoimprint Lithography on August 3, 2010. I.C.O.N. covers the full value chain in Nanoimprint technology and products and will provide a platform for building a global industry consortium connecting R&D and industry application. I.C.O.N. has identified the first two thematic application-oriented projects to be pursued, namely Anti-reflection structures and Anti-bacterial structures. Read more


Singapore's Graphene Week - Recent Advances in Graphene & Related Materials

Graphene, a single sheet of hexagonal structure of carbon atom, has emerged as one of the most sexy materials for electronic devices application and recently entering energy and life science research due to its remarkable properties, especially its electronic properties. International graphene experts gathered together in Singapore at a recent conference "Recent Advances in Graphene and Related Materials" during August 1-6, 2010. Click here for the event program.


Nanotechnology Outreach at HPAIR (Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations) Asia 2010 Conference
Internationally recognized as an expert on Asian nanotechnology, Dr Liu was invited to present Nanotechnology Opportunities Now and Future at the HPAIR Asia 2010 Conference  to a team of young business school students.  The event took place on August 22, 2010 in Singapore. HPAIR Asia 2010 covers very broad aspects of discussion, from politics, law, economics, business & entrepreneurship, media, arts, innovations to science & technology. Dr Liu was the only speaker at the science & technology session.



Nanotechnology Outreach to ST Engineering Groups

Dr Liu was invited to present nanotechnology industry applications update to a group of Chief Technology Officers of the ST Engineering Groups, Singapore. ST Engineering Group is an integrated engineering group providing solutions and services in the aerospace (ST Aerospace), electronics (ST Electronics), land systems (ST Kinetics) and marine (ST Marine) sectors. Our presentation was very well received and has provided strong motivations for ST Engineering groups to adopt this emerging technology in their existing and future business. 


Speaking at ASME Singapore Section 20th Anniversary Technical Forum

As a part of celebrating the 20th anniversary, ASME Singapore Section held a Technical Forum entitled Grand Energy Challenge on 13 August, 2010 at National University of Singapore (NUS) to review and discuss green technologies especially on clean energy. Dr Liu was invited to present a general overview about Singapore's initiative on clean energy as well as the Singapore clean energy ecosystem. We highlighted the success of BCA Academy's Zero Energy Building and the living labs Singapore is currently implementing, such as off-grid energy solutions and applications in Pulau Ubin and solar panels installation on public housing. We also highlighted some outstanding research groups in nanotechnology that focus their efforts in clean technologies such as membranes for CO2 capture and nanoimprint lithography for biomimetic nanostructures.

NanoGlobe World Tour

Kyoto Environmental Nanotechnology Forum 2010
Organized by the Kyoto Environmental Nanotechnology Cluster, the Kyoto EnviNano Forum 2010 took place at Kyoto University, Japan during July 21-23, 2010. The event was by-invitation only and held to discuss the role of nanotechnology in establishing a green society. NanoGlobe was invited to present the Singapore Clean Technology Ecosystem and Nanotechnology Enabled Solutions and exchange ideas and information with other global experts in addressing ways to collaboration internationally and the adoption of nanotechnology towards a green society.

Site Visit to Bio Focus Co, Ltd. in Korea
After Bio Focus visit to NanoGlobe Singapore last January 2010, NanoGlobe visited Bio Focus in August in Korea to learn about its business and manufacturing and R&D capabilities hosted by its CEO, Mr Jacky Seo. Bio Focus is a pioneer in commercializing point-of-care (POC) diagnostics products in Korea, based on molecular biology and electrochemical technology enhanced by nanomaterials. Bio Focus has established its unique position in in-vitro diagnostics industry as a total solution provider for all kind of rapid tests including raw materials and semi-finished products.

Nano Korea Exhibition 2010
We continue our annual visit to the 2nd largest nanotech show in Asia, NanoKorea 2010 during Aug. 18-20th to update ourselves on nanotechnology commercialization progress in the market, especially in the aggressive Korean market with many strong industrial players such as Samsung, LG, Inktec, etc. NanoKorea2010 was a bigger event this year as it combines with IEEE nanotechnology conference. We observed some of the challenges in ITO replacement materials such as nanocarbon, mental oxides and metal nanoparticles adoption in the market, but we also discovered new exciting developments in printed electronics.

Samsung showcased the world's quantum dot display with TFT driven, mono color, organic/inorganic hybrid structures, scalable printable processes and low power consumption (1/2 OLED). InkTec's transparent conductive Ag ink is transparent before firing, and suitable for all kinds of printing processes including gravure offset, screen, inkjet and roll-to-roll printing applicable to various substrates. LG Chem revealed high performance nano Ag/Al paste as electrode materials for solar cells. And Nanocyl continues to demonstrate its aggressive global and growing CNT business.

I hope you have enjoyed this issue of our newsletter and have learned new technology trends and industry developments that are enabled by nanotechnology and clean technology. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to learn more about Asia emerging technology and industry landscape. NanoGlobe stands ready to provide and competitive analysis and competitive intelligence in the areas of your interest.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Lerwen Liu, Managing Director of NanoGlobe Pte Ltd.