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Volume 2-Issue 4, June/July 2010
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Industrial Consortium on Nanoimprint
Nanotechnology Outreach at British Chamber of Commerce Singapore
Nanotechnology in Manufacturing Seminar
Atom Technology Workshop
Bayer MaterialScience Functional Films Research Centre Opening
Singapore International Water Week 2010 & Toray TSWRC Opening
Japanese Nanotech Leaders Visit
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Singapore Nanotechnology Capabilities Report
Global Nanotech Tour - USA
Global Nanotech Tour - Japan
Global Nanotech Tour - Korea
NanoGlobe Global Partnership with Biobay (China)
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Singapore Preparing the Launch of Nanomanufacturing Platform via Nanoimprint
Led by Dr LOW Hong Yee, who believes nanoimprint will play a vital role in advancing nanomanufacturing, IMRE will launch Industrial Consortium on Nanoimprint (I.C.O.N) at the upcoming 4th Industrial Symposium on Nanoimprint Lithography on 3rd August 2010.
Biomimetic structure of Water Strider's superhydrophobic leg produced with Nanoimprint Lithography (source: Dr Low, IMRE)
Biomimetic structure of Water Strider's superhydrophobic leg produced with Nanoimprint Lithography (Source: Dr Low, IMRE)
NanoGlobe Nanotech Outreach at British Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Club

The bimonthly BritCham Breakfast Club is a series of presentations providing an opportunity for the participants to discuss the current "hot topics" with the industry experts who are leaders in their fields.  We shared our insights on nanotechnology development in policy & funding, infrastructure, R & D and commercialization, education and risk management in the Asia Pacific region.

Dr Liu in British Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Talk
Addressing Nanotechnology to the Manufacturing Industries in Singapore
The seminar featured examples of different emerging technologies that enable greener and more precise manufacturing techniques, namely Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) presented by Beneq from Finland, Atomic Precise Manufacturing (APM) presented by Zyvex from the United States and Nanostructured Surface Functionalities via Biomimetic Nanoimprinting presented by IMRE from Singapore. Read more...
Singapore Nanotechnology in Manufacturing Seminar
Singapore Aims to Be a World Leader in Atom Technology
Atom Technology is IMRE's flagship program led by a well known scientist Prof. Christian Joachim from CEMES in France and Mr. Jim Von Ehr, President of Zyvex Labs in the USA which focuses on Atomic Precise Manufacturing (APM). Read more...
Singapore Atom Technology Seminar
Bayer MaterialScience Launched Functional Films Research Centre in Singapore
Bayer's first research centre in Asia Pacific and outside of Germany, Function Films Research Centre was officially launched on 22 June 2010 in Singapore. The centre represents an initial investment of € 7 million with further expansion of capability development in subsequent years. It will undertake application R&D of innovative advanced materials including multifunctional films, quantum dots, printable CNT/Ag nano inks and others. Read more...
Bayer MaterialScience Functional Films Research Centre Opening
Singapore Positions as Global Water-Hub
For the third year in a row, Singapore organized the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) on 28 June - 2 July 2010. Themed Sustainable Cities: Clean and Affordable Water, SIWW 2010 as usual included the water trade show focusing on innovations, products and services, and applications of water technologies. Concurrently, Toray Singapore Water Research Center (TSWRC) established in August 2009 was officially launched on the first day of the show. Read more...
SIWW 2010 Water Expo  Toray Singapore Water Research Center Opening
Singapore Attracts More Japanese Nanotech Leaders Visit
We have received two Japanese delegations from Nanotechnology Business Creation Initiative (NBCI) and Tsukuba Innovation Arena for Nanotechnology (TIA nano), and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to conduct nanotech commercialization studies on and explore partnerships with Singapore nanotechnology industries, research and education bodies during the week of 5 July 2010.
TIA Visit to IMRE, Singapore - July 2010
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  • Singapore Young Scientist Award 2010
  • Kyoto EnviNano Forum at Kyoto University 21-23 July 2010
  • NanoKorea 2010 at KINTEX, 18-20 August 2010
  • Zero Energy Building Visit at Singapore BCA Academy
  • Singapore Nanomedicine Leader Interview
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Greetings again!  It is summer and Singapore is enjoying cooler tropical weather compared with some of the hot Asian cities that are experiencing over 35 degree Celsius.  We have had another busy two months.  In addition to our tour of Japan, Korea and USA, there has been much happening in Singapore nanotech and clean-tech space.

Please enjoy this issue and share with us the exciting development in nanotechnology and clean-tech applications in the Asia Pacific region. Once you have read the numerous articles in the issue, I invite you to contact us and let's explore together the various ways NanoGlobe can be of service to you. NanoGlobe spends a great deal of efforts producing competitive intelligence and market research from primary sources, especially by networking/connecting with experts at trade shows, conferences and on site visits around the globe. Our up-close perspectives on and connections in Asia are unchallenged in depth and scope. 

We can help you create a competitive edge for your R&D and/or business development needs, whether long-term strategic or short-term tactical. NanoGlobe specializes in the internationalization of nanotechnology and other emerging technologies and applications; a complete list of our services are included on the left-hand sidebar of this newsletter.

Dr. Lerwen Liu, the Asia Nanotech Ambassador
Singapore Nanotechnology Capabilities Report 2010
This extensive document contains the most comprehensive information about nanotechnology players in Singapore from all sectors: industry, research & academic, investment, incubation & consulting firms, and government agencies with specific technologies, application, products, services, funding programs, infrastructures described to cover the full ecosystem and value chain of nanotechnology in Singapore. Click here to get your free copy and write to us for any feedback.
Global Nanotech Tour - USA

Nanotech Conference & Expo 2010
NanoGlobe and its USA partners (SK Helsel & Associates and Silicon Valley Nano Ventures) worked in partnership with International Enterprise Singapore to assist six Singapore nanotechnology companies to exhibit at the Nanotech Conference & Expo 2010 organized by TechConnect World in partnership with NSTI during 21-24 June 2010 in Anaheim, USA.  Details of the Singapore exhibitors can be found here. The event attracted 4000 visitors and 270 exhibitors worldwide. Our Singapore delegates find the event provided a very helpful platform to connect with US investors and corporate partners.

Singapore Booth at Nanotech Expo 2010 (Source: IE Singapore)
Singapore Booth at Nanotech Expo 2010

After the NSTI Nanotech Conference & Expo 2010 in LA, we continued our USA west coast site visits in Silicon Valley and visited NanoeXa Corporation, 4 Wind Research and Engineering at NASA Ames Research Center and University of California, Santa Cruz.

NanoeXa Corporation
NanoeXa is a unique company that produces high performance, low cost and safe Li-Ion battery materials directed by Quantum Simulation based on Li-ion materials database and intelligent design algorithms. It is also equipped with facilities to enable rapid synthesis, characterization and performance testing processes. The company works with its Asia manufacturing partners to produce competitive Li-ion batteries.

Nanoexa Visit

4 Wind Research and Engineering (4Wind)
4Wind was set up to commercialize nanotechnology developed at NASA Ames labs. It has developed a proprietary process to grow vertically aligned CNTs as electrode materials which have produced ultracapacitors with specific capacitance values of 550 F/g, 5X greater than the values typical of ultracapacitors incorporating activated carbon electrodes. The company is in the process of scaling its process and seeking commercial partners to produce high performance ultracapacitors. The company is also actively marketing its high performance and low cost CNT AFM tip.

University of California, Santa Cruz

Prof. Jin ZHANG is one of world leading experts in photo-electrochemistry. His lab is equipped with state of the art Femtosecond laser system allowing his team to probe charge carrier or exciton dynamics on the ultrafast time scale, directing more effective and efficient nanomaterials design with improved properties. We are particularly impressed by his group's recent achievement in the effectiveness of their hollow Au nanospheres (HGHs) in cancer detection and treatment both in vivo and in vitro. Their proprietary HGNs are ideally suited for Photothermal Ablation (PTA) therapy applications, at least 8 times more effective compared with solid Au nanoparticles, due to their strong photothermal conversion profile as a result of their unique combination of small size (average outer diameter of 30 - 50 nm), spherical shape, as well as strong, tunable, and narrow surface plasmon resonance (SPR) absorption in the NIR. The group is also developing novel solar energy conversion system utilizing synergistic effects of three-component (CdSe-TiO2:N) nanocomposite thin film.

Visit to University of California, Santa Cruz - Prof Zhang's group

Global Nanotech Tour - Japan

We continue our efforts in promoting Singapore nanotechnology capabilities during our travels. In mid June, we stopped by Tokyo to visit the Nanotechnology Business Creating Initiative (a Japanese nanotech industry association), Council of Science and Technology Policy and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to update on both Singapore and Japan nanotechnology policy and programs. In addition to USD 0.5 billion Tsukuba Innovation Arena (TIA) nanotech center, Japanese government funded USD 1 billion on 30 projects led by distinguished scientists in Japan for 3-5 years, among which 16 projects are related to Nanotechnology & materials include OLED & OPV, High Performance Battery, Photonic-Electronic Integration, Integrated Microsystems, Spintronics, Green Nanoelectronics, SiC Power Electronics, Superconductors, Quantum Information, Water Systems, and Nanomedicine.
Global Nanotech Tour - Korea

Beginning of July, on our way back from the Silicon Valley, we met with the President of the Korean Nanotechnology Researchers Society (KoNTRA) Dr H.M. Kim and his colleagues and also visited the Korean Advanced Nano Fab Center (KANC) - one of the world's leading NanoFab Centre in III-V Compound Semiconductor, focusing on PV and LED. KANC has produced solar cell with GaAs, InGaP epitaxial and achieved 25.8% efficiency, the best performance in Korea.

KANC Visit
NanoGlobe Global Partnership

NanoGlobe Partners with BioBay to Facilitate Nanotech Industrialization in Suzhou China
Having identified nanotechnology as the impetus for innovation, Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) plans to invest RMB 10 billion (USD 1.5 billion) to attract further 5 times more investment on 5 industry areas: nanomaterials, optoelectronics, bio-pharmaceuticals, nano-manufacturing, and nano-energy. NanoGlobe and Biobay signed a MoU for promoting bilateral collaboration in nanotechnology R&D and commercialization between Singapore and China. Read our article for more details.

NanoGlobe & Biobay MoU Signing
Global Nanotech Newsletters

INIC Quarterly Publication/Newsletter
The second edition of the third volume of IraNNano quarterly report was published on May 2010 on the official website of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC). In addition to a review of the Iran public education program in nanotechnology and feature on the Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Sharif University of Technology, the latest edition introduces the Iranian firms active in the field of nanotechnology and their products. These companies are Reefiran, Vahid Industrial Group, Nano System Pars Co. and NanoPac Persia Co. Click here for more details.

Newsletter from Nanotechnology Centre of Expertise in Helsinki Region
Nanotechnology Centre of Expertise has recently mapped the nanotechnology related research activities in Helsinki Region into a "HelsinkiNano - Nanotechnology Research in Helsinki Region 2010" publication providing detailed information about the research of 75 research groups. The Centre of Expertise has also launched a new section about nanosafety services, introducing a library of relevant nanosafety websites and service providers. More news can be found here.

We hope you have enjoyed this issue of NanoGlobe newsletter and share our excitements of our California, Japan, Korea, Iran and Finland as well as Singapore nanotech happenings. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to obtain more information about this issue and let us know how we could assist you in your business. Enjoy the lovely summer and take care in the heat waves.

Dr. Lerwen Liu, Managing Director of NanoGlobe Pte Ltd