Nanotechnology Commercialization Updates - Non Technical View
Asia Pacific Perspective

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SingNano, together with our event partners - British Chamber of Commerce, are pleased to invite you for attending the upcoming seminar, titled "Nanotechnology Commercialization Updates - Non Technical View Asia Pacific Perspective". It will be hosted at BritCham Board Room on 3rd June 2010 (Thursday, 7:45 to 9:15 AM). We would particularly like to invite investors, R&D leaders, and executives from high-tech manufacturers, SMEs, start-ups, and incubators who have interest in nanotechnology commercialization.

When: Thursday, 3rd June 2010
Time: 7.45am - 9.15am
Where: BritCham Board Room, 138 Cecil Street, #11-01 Cecil Court
Speaker: Lerwen Liu - Managing Director, NanoGlobe Pte Ltd

This is an excellent opportunity to combine a learning experience with a buffet breakfast and networking. The admission fee is 26.75 SGD for BritCham member and 42.80 SGD for non-member. If you are interested in this event, please complete the booking form below and return it to BritCham (Fax: 6222-3556) before 3rd June 2010.


SingNano - Singapore Nanotechnology Network
NanoGlobe Pte Ltd

Talk Abstract
Nanotechnology is going to revolutionize the way we make things and transform the way we live. It is able to transform multiple industries including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, chemical, energy and environment, food, information and communication, medicine and health care, security and transportation. Nanotechnology offers so many possibilities such as providing cheap and clean energy; clean water; lighter and stronger materials; faster, more powerful and energy efficient computers; an exponential increase in information storage capacity; lotus-like self cleaning surfaces; the reduction or elimination of pollution; and early detection and treatment for cancer and other diseases.
Asia is one of the fastest growing regions in nanotechnology R&D and commercialization. Dr Liu will provide an overview and insight on Nanotechnology development in policy & funding, infrastructure, R & D & commercialization, education and risk management in the Asia Pacific in the last 10 years since the announcement of the US National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI). She will also present a number of nanotechnology commercialization case studies to highlight on the current status of nanotechnology impact in different industry development and challenges companies are facing in the course of business development

What You Will Learn
The presentation will explain to non technical audience the impact of nanotechnology in our everyday life and industry advancement now and future. The audience will be able to obtain an overview on what nanotechnology is and how it relates to their life and business.

About the Speaker
Dr Lerwen LIU is an Asia-based expert specializing in nanotechnology policy strategy, internationalization, project management and business development. Since 1999 she has been actively building nanotechnology networks and relationships with government agencies, R & D institutions and industry leaders around the world, especially promoting nanotechnology policy and cooperation in the Asia Pacific region. Together with a number of nanotechnology leaders in Asia, she co-founded Asia Nano Forum (, a nanotechnology society linking 15 Asia Pacific economies) and has been serving as the Secretary since 2004. She also founded the SingNano network platform of nanotechnology for government, academic and industry players to collaborate and accelerate commercialization of R & D in Singapore. She has a passion for promoting nanotechnology education especially in the developing world and for helping to bridge the gap between the developed and developing countries through strategic partnerships by means of infrastructure sharing, manpower exchange and collaborative research.