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Volume 2-Issue 3, April/May 2010
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Singapore Nanotech Updates
Breaking News:
Launch of Singapore Nanotech Capability Report

NanoGlobe, partnering with Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) in June 2010, will be launching the first Singapore Nanotechnology Capabilities Report. This extensive document will contain the most comprehensive information about nanotechnology players in Singapore from all sectors: industry, research & academic, investment, incubation & consulting firms, and government agencies. The report intends to serve as an information portal to facilitate international and industry partnerships with Singapore nanotech leaders.  Please write to us at if you wish to obtain a free copy of the full version of "Singapore Nanotechnology Capability Report".
The world has become increasingly concerned about Nanotechnology Environment, Health and Safety (Nano-EHS). Singapore is no exception as it hosts the Asia Nano Forum Secretariat.  We were invited to participate in the first nano- EHS roundtable discussion organized by the Institute Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) on 9 April 2010 where representatives from all related organizations were invited to review the status and Singapore Nano-EHS and brainstorm on recommendations made to the top policy makers in Singapore especially on the investment to be made in R&D and infrastructure for capability building in Nano-EHS.

Nano Manufacturing

Nano-manufacturing has been recognized by government funding agencies worldwide as a key R&D area to invest and industries in different sectors have become well aware of or have already adopted the enabling technologies to advanced manufacturing processes and new functional, smart ad green materials. The Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), one of A*STAR funded Research Institute, organized a roundtable discussion on Nanotechnology in Manufacturing On 15 April, brought together local nanotech industry leaders to identify the needs and challenges for nanotechnology adoption in manufacturing, and solutions of overcoming barriers of new technology adoption.  NanoGlobe partnered with SIMTech to organize and participate in this event.

NanoImprint Consortium
Headed by Dr LOW Hong Yee, Singapore Institute of Materials Research of Engineering (IMRE) has developed unique functionalization driven nanostructure fabrication capability in NanoImprint Lithography. To accelerate the transfer of nanoimprint R&D and establish international industry partnerships as well as advancing its application development capability, IMRE will launch the Industry Consortium on NanoImprint (I.C.O.N) launched at the 4th Industrial Symposium on Nanoimprint Lithography on 3rd August 2010 to be held in IMRE. ICON will serve as a platform for building a global industry consortium connecting R&D capability in Singapore and industry beyond the borders. It covers the full value chain in Nanoimprint technology and products. Mark your calendar and stay tune with us for more detail information at our event website.

Meet Us
NanoGlobe team together with International Enterprise  (IE) Singapore representatives and six additional Singapore-based nanotech companies will exhibit at NSTI's TechConnect World Conference & Expo from June 21-24, 2010. Please meet us at
Singapore's Pavilion #727, the Anaheim Convention Center. If you have interest in an on-site meeting, please drop us an email.

  • Strategic support of R&D, commercialization and internationalization via information intelligence, network, case studies, due diligence, market and technology competitive analysis
  • Incubator services ( NanoIncubator) to start-ups via fund raising, recruitment, project management, IP management, marketing and strategic partnerships.
  • Strategy and business development support for international companies expanding throughout Asia and locating business and R&D headquarters in Singapore and other strategic locations
  • Global Marketing (Newsletter, Trade show, Press release, Site visits, Video, Seminars and other strategic communication)

In Our Next Issue
  • US Nanotech Business Updates - NSTI Nanotech Tech Connect 2010

  • Japan Nanotech Updates

  • Singapore Promoting Nanotech Manufacturing: SingNano - A*STAR SIMTech Seminar: Nanotechnology in Manufacturing

  • Bayer Launching Asia Pacific Functional Films Research Centre in Singapore

and much more!

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Warm spring greetings from Singapore!  Our NanoGlobe team was very busy in April and May, but we had time to appreciate the global turn of seasons even though Singapore does not have traditional spring weather. 

Our Global Nanotech Tour these past two months introduced us to new growth and nanotechnology developments everywhere we went.  In this newsletter, we want to share with you the news from our recent tour around the world to promote nanotechnology.  Read below for a comprehensive series of updates and photographs illustrating global nanotechnology developments and commercialization advancements in Europe, USA and Asia.

The insights we gained from the recent Global Nanotech Tour will be of value to many of you receiving this issue.  And remember we can assist you with business development support in the strategic locations we have visited. We can also provide you with strategic support of your R&D, or with intelligence and competitive analysis of  market and technology  based on our insights on nanotech commercialization and internationalization  gained through our hands on and on the ground experiences.  

News of comfort to public and private investors is our finding that the rate of adoption of nanotechnology has been accelerating in various industries.   Just like the proverbial new spring flowers, new initiatives are being launched globally to ensure sustainable development of nanotechnology. 

Dr. Lerwen Liu, the Asia Nanotech Ambassador
Global Nanotech Tour Europe

Hannover Messe
We were invited to participate in the Hannover Messe in Germany 19-23 April 2010. MicroNanoTec was included for the second time and organized by the VDI Technologiezentrum to showcase micro- and nanotechnology impact energy and mobility. Our director Dr. Lerwen Liu was invited to speak in the "Forum Nano for Energy and Mobility" on Nanotechnology Landscape in Singapore and Impact in Energy. We actively visited and conducted a number of interviews to exhibitors in the areas of Micro/Nanotechnology and Energy. Some of the exciting companies we found include Sun Coat, Future Carbon, Zoz, and GXC Coatings that are profitable and offering exciting coating and materials enable by nanostructured materials.



We conducted an interview during the Hannover Messe with an interesting company, SUNCOAT GmbH that produces functional films and foils for exciting applications such as transparent IR/heat protection adhesive films based on nanoparticles coating, with sol-gel coating method and roll-to-roll production process. It was impressive to watch the demo that a light heats simultaneously on the glass boxes coated with and without SUNCoat heatstop product that effectively absorbs Infrared (IR). SUNCoat product's competitive performance compared with similar product in the market such as that made by 3M but half of the price. Read our interview article to find out more about SUNCoat.


GXC Coatings
Another coating company we found interesting during the Hannover Messe 2010 was GXC Coatings GmbH, a German nano-coating company provides transparent anti-fog, anti-scratch, and easy-to-clean nano-coating technology and products for optics and safety applications in the automobile, motorcycle, metrology and medical sector. Founded in 2000, the business strategy of GXC Coatings is to develop high performance low cost new transparent coating materials for the automobile industries using their proprietary sol-gel coating method and state-of-the-art wet coating facilities. Read our article to find out more details about GXC Coatings.


FinNano 2010

Finland is one of the most advanced nanotech countries we visited with strong government support (highest public investment per capita) and innovative R&D, vibrant industries and most global looking. We were invited to join the Panel discussion "Global impact of nanotechnology and the role of international cooperation" at the FinNano program (a 200M euros nanotech program funded by Tekes) Final Workshop: Small and Huge - held in Helsinki during 4-5 May 2010. The workshop reviewed a very successful the FinNano program especially in terms impact in the growth of Finish nanotech industry (number of nanotech companies tripled reaching over 200 within 5 years) and highlight on Finnish nanotech industry R&D and commercialization success and challenges. We conducted interviews and site visits to some of the Nanotech Finland Awards companies including BeneQ, Picodeon, Canatu and others.


Swiss Nano

The Switzerland government has also been investing heavily in nanotechnology. One of the programs funded for CHF 60M (plus 60M in kind contribution from the recipient institutions) for 2008-2011 is Nano-Tera program. We learned this when Dr Liu visited EPFL in Lausanne, while on her way back to Singapore. is a project focusing on specific technologies including low power electronics and microfluidics, and micro, nano and tera level complexity of Education and Dissemination, involving 105 research groups.
Global Nanotech Tour USA

NNI Update
It has been 10 years since the launch of the USA National Nanotechnology Initiative and it is time to review progress and plan for the future sustainable development of nanotechnology. Our director Dr. Liu paid another visit to the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO) and other funding agencies in Washington DC to exchange updates on nanotechnology development in Asia, USA, Europe and other active regions. Download the "Report to The President and Congress on The Third Assessment of The National Nanotechnology Initiative" and NNI - Supplement to the President 's FY 2011 budget where USD 1.8B is to be allocated with three signature initiatives which are to be launched including Application for Solar Energy, Sustainable Nanomanufacturing and Nanoelectronics for 2020 and Beyond.

Lux Executive Summit
Dr. Liu was invited to participate in Lux Executive Summit 2010 held in Boston 25-27 April 2010. Topics presented in this year summit include include renewable energy, green building, biosciences, nanomaterials and water technology. In the Nanomaterials session shared by Dr Jurron Bradley (Senior Analyst of Lux Research), three selected nanotech companies namely Bilcare Technologies, QD Vision, and Finetex EnE shared their successful business experience.

Global Nanotech Tour China

Our continuous effort in the coverage of China Nanotechnology led our team to conduct site visit at a bionano start-up in Suzhou Industry Park in April 2010. We interviewed Dr Bai Xu, CEO of Suzhou Natong BioNanotechnology Ltd (NanoMed) and learned about NanoMed's innovative Functional Micro Array (FMA™) technology that provides a non-invasive, less toxic, effective and efficient drug delivery solution to treat skin diseases, diabetes, tumors and pain relief. It launched its first products for curing acne in 2008 and in January 2010, NanoMed attracted investment from Softbank's China Venture Capital (SBCVC). Learn more about NanoMed at our Nanotechnology Now Column

Hope you have enjoyed reading this issue of NanoGlobe newsletter and we look forward to discussing how NanoGlobe could help and add value to your business. NanoGlobe is a nanotech consultancy strategically based in Singapore and provides business development services to corporate, entrepreneur, government and research institution clients based on our unparalleled understanding of nanotechnology in Asia.  We would be honoured to hear from you, our readers.  We look forward to communicating with you and discussing how NanoGlobe's services and connections can help your nanotechnology endeavour succeed and prosper.

Dr. Lerwen Liu, Managing Director of NanoGlobe Pte Ltd