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Volume 1 Issue 1
Our Nano World Tour 2009
Speaking at Nanotech Events  and Leading Organizations Worldwide
During 2009, our Managing Director Dr. Lerwen Liu has been playing a role of "Asia Nanotech Ambassador" and has visited a number of major nanotech government  and private organizations to promote nanotechnology development in Asia, the role of the Asia Nano Forum (ANF), and the exciting nanotechnology R&D and business opportunity in Singapore. Dr. Liu visited:
Our team of analysts has been actively participating in the world's major nanotechnology conferences and trade shows as well as visiting major nanotech government and private organizations. Conferences are one of the most important business development tools for commercialization. NanoGlobe is available to help your organization realize the most value for your participation in one of the upcoming Asian nanotech events.

Worldwide Nanotech Events Participation
We are in the nanotechnology business and our team of analysts has been at the forefronts of the happenings around the world learning the exciting developments of nanotechnology and its applications.  We have conducted interviews with entrepreneurs, industry leaders, policy makers as well as with top scientists and we have shared our insights in regional development.  NanoGlobe would be pleased to discuss with you our strategic insights and provide you with valuable competitive intelligence.


  • NIMSWeek09 - NanoBio-Materials and Technologies for Breakthrough in Future Medicine, Tsukuba, JapanEmerging Nanotechnology Power Cover

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Lerwen1Welcome to our first issue of NanoGlobe's newsletter.  As Managing Director, I am honored to share with you an overview of our organization's achievements in 2009 in our premiere edition.Your comments will be welcome.

NanoGlobe is here to connect you with nanotechnology leaders around the globe. We have a global understanding of commercialization and we are specialized in information intelligence coupled with expert analysis and strategic counsel. We look forward to communicating and working with you in the future.  


Lerwen Liu, Ph.D.
Managing Director and Asia's Nanotech Ambassador
NanoGlobe's Mission
To promote global and sustainable development of Nanotechnology to benefit mankind. 
Our Publications

Our team has been actively conducting our "round the world" nano tour of events and site visits and share what we have seen in our weekly articles that appear at the Nanotechnology Now website- Nanotechnology in Asia Column, Bimonthly SingNano Newsletter and the Asia Nano Forum Quarterly newsletters and Annual Reports.
Emerging Nanotechnology Power CoverAt the end of July this year, we published a book titled "Emerging Nanotechnology Power: Nanotechnology R&D and Business Trends in the Asia Pacific Rim" which is the only book today covering nanotechnology updated development in the Asia Pacific region in terms of policy, funding, infrastructure, education, R&D and commercialization, and standardization and risk management. For special discount (20%), please use discount code: SLJN010917, which will expire on December 31st, 2009.
Connecting Nanotech Leaders Around the World

NanoGlobe is the leading nanotech consultancy based in Singapore and is providing valuable services to corporate, entrepreneur, government and research institution clients for:

  • Strategic support of R&D commercialization and internationalization
  • Business development
  • Incubator services to local start-ups via fund raising, recruitment, project management, IP management, marketing, partnership, etc.
  • Advising international companies expanding throughout Asia and locating business and R&D in Singapore and other strategic locations
Business relationships are ever more valuable in nanotech's global economy. NanoGlobe has forged a "Connecting" business network that transcends physical and geographical borders. We will be glad to work with you to develop your business reach into Asia.
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Delegations we hosted in Singapore

As part of our business development activities in nanotechnology in Singapore, we host, in partnership with Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), visitors from abroad with a professional and comprehensive visit program to ensure our guests in Singapore obtain a sufficient overview of Singapore nanotechnology state of the art infrastructure, R&D and commercialization capabilities as well as government incentives for setting a regional headquarter or R&D center in Singapore.
  • March 3-5th, 2009, RusNano (largest nanotech commercialization initiative) delegation led by Dr.Sergey Mostinsky, Director of International Cooperation
  • April, 2009, Sara Giordani (Nanotech IP and industry expert), Technology Transfer Program & Laboratory
  • June 8th, 2009, National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS, leading nanotech research institute in Japan) delegates led by its President Dr Teruo Kishi
Emerging Nanotechnology Power Cover
Right to left: Dr. Lerwen Liu (MD, NanoGlobe), Mr. Jonathan Kua (Director of New Business Group, EDB), Dr. Teruo Kishi (President, NIMS), Mr. Masahiro Takemura (Director of International Office, NIMS), and Mr. Chong Whye Keet (Head of New Business Group, EDB)

  • September, 2009, Zyvex Performance Materials (world leader in carbon nanotubes commercialization via its branded products such as Arovex, Epovex and Epovex Adhesive), Founder and Chairman Mr. Jim Von Ehr
  • March-October, 2009, Cima Nanotech (A 2008 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award Winner, and Top 10 Greentech/Cleantech recipient via its cutting edge Self-Aligning Nano Technology for Electronics (SANTE™) Coatings for flat panel displays, solar cells, and other printed electronic applications) CEO, Jon Brodd.
  • October, 2009, NanoDevice Innovation Research Center of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST is the largest national lab in Japan and the center is one of the world leading nanoelectronics research centers), Dr. Hiro Akinaga, Deputy Director
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NanoGlobe Nanotech Site Visits

  • NanoHolding, a Nano energy investment firm - In partnership with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), we have placed 3 young talents in NanoHoldings for one year internship program funded by EDB in April, 2009
  • Silicon Valley Nano Ventures (SVNV) - The most connected and professional business development group in Silicon Valley in nanotech and cleantech
  • San Jose Biocenter - Leading biotech incubator in the United States. We interviewed Melinda Richter, the Executive Director of the center


  • Tekes - the main public funding organization for research, development and innovation in Finland
Emerging Nanotechnology Power Cover
  • SuZhou Industry Park (the most international industry park in China) and Biobay (leading biotech incubator in China, the most international and professionally managed incubator) and SiNano (the most international government funded nanotech center in China)


  • Emerging Nanotechnology Power CoverNational NanoFab Center (NNFC), Daejeon, one of the major nanotech national facility in Korea situated on campus of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, very active in international and industry collaborative activities
  • SMTC August '09Membrane Instruments and Technology Pte Ltd (MINT), Singapore, a spinoff company from Nanyang Technological University founded by Dr Adrian Yeo Piah Song. MINT is working towards improving the design and operation of membrane processes. Its core business is the provision of both hardware and software for improving the design and operation of membrane processes. MINT's partners include the Singapore Membrane Technology Center (SMTC) and the Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering (IESE)
  • NanoBright Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore, developing products based on fluorescent nanoparticles for long-after-glow paint, security ink, and films for solar and agricultural applications
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Events Organized Through SingNano Network

NanoGlobe initiated and manages the Singapore Nanotechnology Network (SingNano) since 2007 where we regularly bring together the nanotech community in Singapore. Our bimonthly seminar and newsletters share information, knowledge and experiences.
  • April 28-May 26th, 2009 - iCAN2009 Singapore Seminars- Briefing to Singapore College Students on the 1st International Contest of Application in Nano-Micro Technologies.
  • Emerging Nanotechnology Power CoverJuly 29th, 2009 - Joint Seminar on Energy and Nanotech with Institute of South East Asia Studies and Book launch seminar on Emerging Nanotechnology Power
  • September 25th, 2009 - "The Magic Of the Strongest Materials - Carbon Nanotubes" given by Mr Jim Sept '09Von Ehr, Founder and Chairman of Zyvex Performance Materials.

I do hope you have enjoyed reading our introductory newsletter and becoming better acquainted with  NanoGlobe's activities and capabilities.  There will be more to come in our 2nd issue in Dec.09 in which we will include more exciting news about Nanotechnology happenings in Malaysia, Vietnam, and the United Nation commercialization initiative and much more.  We'll have an informative interview of BioNano - an exciting nanotech start up in Singapore and China about its magnificent power in river water treatment in China.  Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how NanoGlobe can be of service to you.

Lerwen Liu, Ph.D.
Managing Director and Asia's Nanotech Ambassador