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Your advocacy is needed NOW to help avoid propssed changes to the Mediciad Program in Illinois.


If Mediciad does not personally affect you, it affects people who you know.



The STAMP Act, HB 2840 just passed the executive committee  of the Illinois General Assembly and will go to the floor next.  If passed, the STAMP Act will dramatically cut the  Illinois Medicaid program. The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services proposed many changes  incorporated into the Bill which will significantly restrict Medicaid eligibility of seniors for long term care coverage. 


Below is a summary of some of the changes.  Please contact your State Rep / State Senator NOW.

Ask them to vote NO on the passage of the STAMP Act, HB 2840. 


See the resources at the bottom of this article regarding locating your State Representative and State Senator. 


Proposed Changes:


-The Community Spouse Resource allowance and the Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance for Community Spouse's of nursing home residents will be reduced:;


-Prepaid burial plan allowance lowered from $10,000 all-inclusive to $5847.00 plus burial plot;


- "Homestead in revocable living trusts" will no longer be considered homesteads and will not be exempt;

-Elimination of spousal refusal rules;

-Maximum prescription coverage of 4 prescriptions;

-Discontinuation of bed hold charges in nursing homes;

-Elimination of coverage when on hospice;

-"Determination of Need" raised from a score of 29 to 37;

-Home Health Services will be limited to post-hospitalization;


-Transfers to a pooled trust for persons of 65 shall incur a penalty; 

In addition the Transitional Assistance and Assistance for Families with Children 
will be de-funded.  


Please contact your legislators and the Governor NOW.


Please tell them that these budget cuts are at the expense of older adults and people who have a disability who have limited financial resources.... 


This is a crisis situation!





Locate your STATE representative

Contact Governor Quinn's office,


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