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Nancy Burnham and Sandy Gillespie Exhibit
May 4-30, Reception May 4th, 5-7pm, Artist's Talk 6 pm


Nancy Burnham works with wax and porcupine quills. "They represent the merging of beauty and pain. The dichotomy is intriguing. There is a conversation between the wax and the quills, not a dynamic of strife. They coexist; they compel and challenge one to draw some kind of connection. For this exhibition I extrapolate from the ideas of family, personal ideology, beauty and pain. I aim to achieve some cohesion among these ideas, engaging the viewer on a physical level." Burnham owns The Annex, a gallery and studio complex in Fairbanks. She received an MFA from Johnson State College in Vermont.

Sandy Gillespie writes of her own body of work, "This exhibition incorporates three series of work: the Sleepless Nights series of oil paintings; the ICON series of mixed media works in homage to women writers who have been significant to me; and the Quotation series of smaller works, representing my ongoing conversations with Kachemak Bay in Homer.  I've also included several journals that have been part of my process in creating work for this show."  

Bunnell Street Arts Center's Visual Art Exhibition program is sponsored by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
Plate 2012
Plate by Paul Dungan, painted by Natalia Taeschner

Plate Project Opens Saturday, May 5, 5 pm with dinner

Celebrate the far-reaching community support of this Arts Center over dinner with friends! About 100 plates generously created and painted with food-safe glazes by Alaskan artists are available as premiums for membership gifts of $100 and above. Pick a plate at 5 pm, after your membership is paid. Join us for a Cinco de Mayo-theme dinner (provided by Bunnell's board) at 6 and concert by acoustic folk stars Evan Phillips and Meg Mackey at 7:30. All are welcome!   
Meg Mackey & Evan Phillips cd release concert
May 5, 7:30 pm, following the Plate Project opening reception 


Whipsaws frontman Evan Phillips explores new territory on his latest album. Titled "Goodnight my Dearest Stranger" the album explores influences Phillips never touched on with the Whipsaws.
Read more here: Evan Phillips 

For her new album, Eat Your Heart Out, Meg Mackey drew much of her songwriting inspiration from her travels as a military kid and from her time spent in the Alaskan wilderness. Many of the songs on Eat Your Heart Out were written while working on the Juneau ice fields in Wrangell St. Elias. "The lyrics were written in places that overwhelmed past the point of speaking," says Mackey. ".. I think a lot of artists would empathize with that." read more:
 Meg Mackey


Artist in Schools Annual Meeting Monday, May 7, 5 pm
Artists, Teachers, Volunteers, Parents and Supporters welcome! 
Paul BAnks
Ruby Haigh led Paul Banks Elementary in a school-wide clay-tile portrait gallery featuring students, staff and faculty
Bunnell Street Arts Center will have its annual spring Artist in Schools meeting Monday, May 7, 5 pm. The Arts Center invites all prospective and participating artists, parent/volunteers, teachers and school representatives to attend. The meeting is strongly encouraged for all participating schools and open to all. The non-profit Arts Center has provided Artists in Schools since 2000. The program follows to Alaska State Council on the Arts' model. It is available to all lower KPBSD schools, from kindergarten through High School. The program is funded by Alaska State Council on the Arts with support from Rasmuson Foundation, Jazzline, private donations and school participation fees.

Raven's Radio June 1 & 2 at Pier One Theater     

Raven Radio logo  

Humor and Satire distinguish this 1940's reader's theater style radio show of 5 actors performing with co-authors Jack Dalton and Ed Borgeoise. A hilarious romp through Alaska's Native cultures, the play is based on legends, stories and present-day occurrences. Raven's Radio Hour is a two-hour show based on a 40s-style radio variety show, hosted by Raven, the quintessential creator/trickster of all Alaska's Native cultures, and some of the most talented, funny Alaska Native actors in the modern world.   The play honors parody, tradition and the origins of both. Feautres co-writesr, Jack Dalton and  Ed Bourgeios with Ethan Petticrew and Christina Gagnon.                       

showtimes: 7:30 PM; Admission $12 Tix at Pier One & Bunnell  

Raven's Radio Hour is supported in part Bunnell Street Ats Center  


with a Helen Walker Performing Arts Touring Grant from the Alaska Arts and Culture Foundation and a WESTAF TourWest grant and the National Endowment for the Arts.  

Alex Combs Award Announces grant of $1000 Homer potter, Ahna Iredale, received this grant to attend the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCEA) Annual Conference in April, 2012. Ahna also presented a show of Alaskan ceramic artists in association with NCECA. In order to honor a time-sensitive request of significant value, the committee agreed to fund this proposal. The Alex Combs Award is available to Alaskan potters, painters and sculptors who wish to further their exposure and education in workshops, conferences or symposia. Applications for the annual Alex Combs award of $1500 are due October 1. The Awards Committee may consider short notice opportunities on a case by case basis. For more information about the award and if you are interested in applying to it or serving on the panel, please reply to this email.
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Plate Project Opens May 5, 5 pm
Annual Meeting 6 pm

Concert 7:30 pm
Evan Phillips & Meg Mackey CD release

Artist in Schools
Annual Meeting
May 7, 5pm

Raven's Radio Hour
June 1 & 2
Pier One Theater
Native cultures-based on 1940's style radio variety show

Life Drawing
on haitus; if interested in resuming pls call

2012 Exhibitions
Nancy Burnham & Sandy Gillespie
Ann-Margret Wimmerstedt
Deb Schwartzkopf & Asia Freeman
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Kathy Smith
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 Gaye's plate

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