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Caressa in Concert Saturday, March 12, 7:30 pm at Bunnell
Caressa 2 
Singer/Songstress of Alternative Indie-folk, Caressa is getting attention around Alaska. Based in Homer, her original songs incorporate altered tunings, time signature changes and creative percussion. Her songs are "vast and varied as the journeys they reflect."  Caressa personalized guitar style and frank tell-it-like-it-is suggest folk music with colorful narratives, rich in poetry, harkening to the songwriting age of Dylan and Mitchell. Yet the presence of blues, roots, funk, punk, country and rock pervades through the course of an evening, and you may find yourself dancing in a delicious space where your mind fills in the space around guitar and vocal with your own experience.  
Tickets $5 to $20 pay as you can ($10 suggested) available at Bunnell.


Two Artists Teach Encaustic Painting Workshop Mar. 19 & 20
Sandy's Encaustic
Circulate 3 by Sandy Gillespie
Sandy Gillespie and Ann-Margret Wimmerstedt will instruct a 2-day workshop in Homer at Ann-Margret's home-studio.Encaustic is a paint medium composed of beeswax infused with damar resin and ground pigments. Layers are fused with heat and can range from transparent to opaque, wispy thin to thick and dimensional. Encaustic is luminous, forgiving and versatile. Currently there is a resurgence of interest in this  2000 year-old media. New encaustic paints, materials and tools, books and blogs, and dedicated researchers and instructors have generated a wealth of support and information. There is a growing community of artists that create intriguing works and share their knowledge.  This is is a mixed level two-day workshop with two accomplished artists which will focus on current methods and materials. Following demonstrations and discussion participants will experiment with materials, supports, heat sources, paints and mediums, mark making, transfers, collage and embedding. Fee: $165 for both days; $150 Bunnell members.


The Freedom Show,  Lindianne & Friends, March 20th, 3pm
Local Troubador Lindianne Sarno shares songs and tales of freedom with Marcia Lynn and friends in an intimate concert at 5pm on March 20th.  a revue of freedom songs, free speech, music and dance.  With the addition and subtraction of songs, the Freedom Show will become Act Two of my Northern Folk Opera, Lost Child and the Medicine People.  In Act Two, Lost Child and The Nomads arrive in the north and are welcomed by the Medicine People. This evening, The Freedom Show stands alone as a celebration of
stories that illustrate the spiritual nuts and bolts of freedom.
$5-$20 donation pay as you can ($10 suggested) 


Plate-Painting Workshop with Michele La Friniere March 26
square duck
painting by Michelle La Friniere, plate by Ahna Iredale

Bunnell's annual membership drive, The Plate Project, has commenced with dozens of bisqued plates awaiting painters at Bunnell Street Arts Center. The plates are generously  created by local potters.  Everyone interested in painting is encour- aged to stop by. Experienced painters may simply sign-out a plate.  New painters can learn how to effectively paint plates in a workshop with Michelle La Friniere on March 26 from 12-3. Bring your own brushes. For more information call 235-2662 or email


Nighttime Wardens & Vigilantes:  

Portraits by Brianna Allen, March 2011 

Brianna Allen show


Contemporary oil portraiture of nighttime eclectics

Nighttime Wardens and Vigilantes is, "a series of contemporary oil portraiture of nighttime eclectics," says painter, Brianna Allen. The artist moved to Homer full-time after working here two summers and completing a BFA in art from the University of Sounthern Maine.  "The stoic and lusty characters who pump the veins within a Homer night," are Allen's inspiration. This is her first solo exhibit in Alaska.  


Bunnell Street Arts Center's Exhibition Program is generously sponsored by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation.  

Brianna Allen hosts Summer Figure Study at Bunnell
join Brianna Allen and other local artists for a 5-week series for drawing, sculpture or paintings in the inspiring atmosphere of Bunnell Street Arts Center. No instruction is provided.  A single 15-hour pose is split between 5 weekly sessions from 6 to 9 pm, April 19 to May 17 at Bunnell. Cost $60 to $85. Sign up with Brianna 299-7403 by 4/19 to get the lower price.  Pose, lighting and set-up will be decided by the participants. More sessions to follow depending on interest.


Fireweed Youth Travel back through Time Immemorial

Jack Dalton and Allison Warden return for a second stint at Fireweed Academy March 22, 23 and 24 to wrap up a school-wide theater workshop started of Feb. 14-16 at Fireweed Academy as Artist in Schools in Homer. Students will be working on theater exercises and scenes from Jack and Allison's play, Time Immemorial, presented at Bunnell February 18 and 19.

Bunnell Street Art Center's Artist in Schools program is sponsored by Alaska State Council on the Arts with support from the Rasmuson Foundation a local grants from the Homer Foundation and AIS fundraisers like Jazzline and Maura's European Cheesetasting with Mel's wine selections from the Grog Shop at Bunnell, Feb 25 at 6, $10 donation.


Homer Foundation, ASCA, Rasmuson,, NEA, City of Homer


Bunnell Street Arts Center's Visual Arts Exhibition program is sponsored by

Paul G Allen Foundation Logo

The arts center is open Monday through Saturday 12 to 5pm.
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March 2011

Caressa in Concert

Saturday, March 12, 7:30pm 



ongoing through 4.8 


Freedom Show 

Lindianne & Friends in Concert

March 20



MAR. 23, 5:30  PM 





Brianna Allen's March exhibit:  

"Nighttime Wardens & Vigilantes"


Life Drawing   ongoing till April & open to everyone

every Tues. 6:30-9

for more info and/or if interested in modeling call 299-7403




EXHIBIT 4.1-23

TINA SHIH paintings


ceramic sculpture





Alaska Design Forum



Artist Presentation

April 14, 6 PM 


EXHIBIT 4.28-5.4

SECRETS UNDER THE SKIN multidisciplinary 

installation explores the migration of artistic practices from Ghana to Cuba, Calif. and Alaska, spearheaded by UAA's Dr. Jill Flanders Crosby

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