KARIN FRANZEN Crane Tapestries
on exhibit, May 7- June 2
Franzen 3
Long-time Alaskan resident, Karin Franzen lives in Fairbanks. Days spent exploring the prairies and wetlands of South Dakota, where she was raised, initiated a love of the biological world that would eventually lead her to a degree in Biology with an Art minor. Franzen is now fulfilling the dream she had harbored since childhood-a life as a full-time studio artist. Franzen uses the skills honed over a lifetime-drawing, mathematics, structural design, sewing, and an understanding of biology-to create her work.

Leah Danberg, Kelp Sculptures
on exhibit May 7 - June 2

DanbergUsing Pacific kelp to create sculptural baskets in geometric flat-weave and round baskets with shawls of kelp bladders, Danberg has been a fiber artist and basket maker since 1984.  She studied with a number of renowned national teachers.  She constructs her vessels primarily from the abundant natural plant material she collects in Southern California, where she lives, using a variety of techniques. 

Serge Lecomte book release party & reading May 2, 5 pm
no admission, books $15
Letters of Misanthrope
Dogood Goodman

"Dogood Goodman was an egalitarian. He had no biases. He treated everyone and everything with equal disdain. But inside that sarcastic shell of a man, I sensed a deeper love for a higher humanity, a deeper morality. Dogood saw people stuck in their beliefs, stuck in their political views... he wanted to shake them and get their minds unstuck. He wanted to shatter their frail bodies and make their spirits aware of the world outside themselves...."
Jazzmom returns for Mother's Day concerts May 8 & 9
Jazzmom Voted best singer in 2005 and best solo act by readers of the Anchorage Press in 2009, Melissa Bledsoe Fisher returns with Pat Owens on horn and bassist Errol Bressler for two shows at Bunnell Street Arts Center. Melissa's trio positively wow-ed Homer with their jazzy Valentine's Day concert. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy terrific live jazz in the gallery and celebrate Mother's Day and Shorebird Weekend in style. An evening concert with a wine bar on May 8 at 8 PM ($20 tix) or Mother's Day Jazz at noon with a lovely catered brunch by Maura, May 9 ($40 tix). 
Evening with Lady Greensleeves, May 26, 7:30 PM
LindianneLindianne sings her ballads, romances, and adventures with a smoky voice that reminds listeners of Tom Waite, Bob Dylan, and Loreena McKennitt.  Through music, songs and readings, An Evening with Lady Greensleeves introduces Lady Greensleeves, an Irish troubadour who participated in the multi-generational Irish movement in the 1500's to save Ireland's culture from destruction by English invaders-a stirring chapter in the annals of freedom which Lindianne detailed in her book, Greensleeves, An Historical Novel of the First Irish Diaspora. Suggested admission:  $15; pay as you can. Books and CDs are available from the composer.

Object Runway Revisted, May 29 at Alices, 5 & 8 PM
Featuring over 50 designers, the International Gallery of Contemporary Art presented "Object Runway", a take-off on TV's "Project Runway" in Anchorage in February. Homer designer, Ann-Margret Wimmerstedt won first place in the juried show. Homer will enjoy a selection of artistic Alaskan designer fashions from those able to participate in Homer's show May 29 at Alice's. Coordinated by Kari Multz, the show will remind local audiences of shows by Homer's wearable artists, and include several local designers. Awards by People's choice voting, and featuring a showcase of local retail fashions to open the evening program. Photo by Clark James Mishler of a band-saw blade encircled ballgown by Sheila Wyne and Victoria Wendell.
60 Artists in The Plate Project on exhibit through May 31
Michelle's PlateThe 17th annual Plate Project, Bunnell's Annual membership drive, opened April 30. Plates are premiums for arts center membership and anyone can join.  Pick a plate when you give a $100 membership or more. Coordinated by artistic dynamo, Ahna Iredale since its inception, the Plate Project is outstanding this year. The show will travel to Anchorage for a special membership party at Gina Hollomon and Ward Hulbert's gallery in June. There are many fabulous plates to pick from and seventeen new artists participating! Plate shown painted by Michelle LaFriniere and created by Ahna Iredale.
Bunnell Street Arts Center is a non-profit organization supported in part by grants from the City of Homer Grants Program through the Homer Foundation, the Ramuson Foundation, the Alaska State Council on the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The arts center is open Monday through Friday 11 to 5 PM and Saturdays noon to 4 pm through the winter.
May Events
The Plate Project
on exhibit through May 31.

Serge LaComte
book release and reading, May 2.
Karen Franzin and Leah Danberg
Exhibiting Artists
opening May 7.

Jazzmom, Melissa Bledsoe Fischer,
Jazz Trio Returns
for Mother's Day concerts
May 8, 8 pm
May 9, noon brunch

Object Runway Revisited
International Gallery's spunky Alaskan fashion show at Alice's

May 29

An Evening With the Lady Greensleeves

with Lindianne Sarno, May 26

Looking Ahead...

Melissa Walker
A Place for Delta
book release party and reading, June  17, 5:30 PM

Hallie Hudson concert, July

and for Jazz lovers! Marshall Hawkins and Markus Berger return in August for concerts with Joe DeCino, Lucius Oliver, jazz clinics and  jam sessions with local talent July 31 - August 7.

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60 Plate Artists on Exhibit till May 31
Marie Alexson
Rene Alvarez
Deland Anderson
Hannah Andrews
Annette Bellamy
Donna Beran
Maura Brenin
Paula Dickey
Rachelle Dowdy
Paul Dungan
Rhonda Ecker
D.  Faulkner
Asia Freeman
Gregory Fries
Sandy Gillespie
Donna Goldsmith
KN Goodrich
Adele Groning
Ann Hackett
Ruby Haigh
Marie Herdegen
Marilyn Hueper
Briana Hume
Ahna Iredale
E. E. Irving
Krystal Jones
Margo Klass
Debbie Labounty
M.  LaFriniere
Shelly Laukitis
Leanne Lawson
Katherine Little
Donna Martin
Diane McBride
Lee McCartt
Elizabeth McKenney
Rika Mouw
Lynn Marie Naden
Cindy Nelson
Jennifer Norton
Brittany Osland
Anna Raupp
Dana Roberts
Marian Roberstson
Wes Schacht
Wanda Seamster
Turid Senungetuk
Angela Smith
Dylan Smith
Kathy Smith
Sam Smith
Connie Tarbox
Rebecca Thoning
Ja'hnie Triplett
A. Van Dinther
A. Wimmerstedt
Judy Winn
Gaye Wolfe
Lisa Wood
Jim Woodring
Kes Woodward

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