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Spring, 2012
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The Client Testimonial of the Season 
"I hope our building will be an inspiration for others to make the extra effort to celebrate the unique architectural character and history of our community"

       - Jennifer Van Blargan  

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FREE Exterior House Inspection


ExteriorMaintenanceExterior Maintenance Painting Makes Sense and Saves Money!


Chicago weather conspires to undermine the paint finishes on your house. At Painting in Partnership, we believe that an ounce of prevention is worth many pounds of correction. In that spirit, we offer you a FREE INSPECTION of the caulking and coating film on your house, as well as an inspection of the wood surfaces, to detect if any failure or rotting is beginning to occur. After our inspection, we will email you our assessment, along with any corrective action we recommend, if any.


If you are interested in accepting our offer, simply send us an email using this link: mario@paintpartner.com.



The News


NationalAwardsTwo More National Awards


Painting in Partnership won two national painting awards for its craftsmanship on the fašade of an 1889 condominium building in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. For the second time in five years, our company has won the most coveted painting award, the Grand Prize of the Top Job Awards, sponsored by American Painting Contractor magazine. Additionally, PIP won the Commercial Exterior Restoration Award from the PDCA. For more details about the craftsmanship that makes a painting project like this one worthy of such a distinction, click here. 

The Coolest Projects


GuildedCeilingA Platinum Gilded Ceiling


In March, we were called on to apply platinum leaf to a curved ceiling of a very architectural powder room in Chicago. This process is known as gilding, which is one of our decorative specialties. For a picture of the finished work and for more details on what gilding entails, check out one of our blog posts on the following link. In all, we used over 600 platinum leaves to execute the project. In our trade, the particular form of platinum used for gilding is known as Palladium. It is a softer version of the elements in the platinum family.  

Your Questions Answered!


ChangeWoodworkCan I Change the Color of my Woodwork Without Stripping it?


The answer is Yes! The process is known as wood toning and consists of adding a layer of a darker color to already stained and varnished woodwork. Once, the toning is completed, we generally apply two coats of varnish to protect the new look. For pictures and more details on the toning process, please click here.


Please send me your question(s) via my e-mail at mario@paintpartner.com.    



  Dear Abby On Pet Safety 

DearAbbyTips to Keep your Pets Safe During Springtime


Dear Abby, my owner loves gardening. She has lots of flowers from Spring to Fall. Do you have any good tips to keep me safe in the yard and garden? Fido


Dear Fido, ASPCA has a wonderful video on common poisonous plants and bulbs. Click here to check out the video. Like chocolate, cocoa mulch contains theobomine and caffeine, which are toxic to pets. It is best to avoid cocoa much in a pet-friendly garden. Blood and bone meal fertilizers can be attractive to dogs and cause severe gastric distress. Fence off the area where these products are used. Happy Spring Fido! 

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