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August, 2009
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Story Time
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The Four Questions
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The Distinguishing Traits of a Craftsman
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Paint Memorabilia Corner
Calcimine Brush
from the 1920's
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In every issue of The Craftsman Way, we would like to answer questions or address concerns you have about painting and decorating, questions you may have been, so far, afraid to ask previous painters. 

Please send me your question(s) via my e-mail at mario@paintpartner.com.

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The heat of Summer has finally arrived.  We hope you are staying cool nonetheless.

This month, meet "Buck" in our feature "Story Time".  Buck, a horse, played a central role in a large project we completed during the Winter months.  Read about Buck' story below.  He is "King of the Farm, Forever!"

In this issue, you can also read about four questions you need to consider before selecting paint colors for a room in your house. 

As you know, craftsmanship is a corner stone for the work we do at Painting in Partnership.  I thought you might be interested in reading an article that I wrote on "The Distinguishing Traits of a Craftsman".  As you can see in the article, the traits of a craftsman can apply to anyone committed to excelling at what they do.

In this issue, we are also launching a new column for our newsletter.  It is titled "The Paint Memorabilia Corner".  In every issue, we will feature a different item from our extensive collection.

As always, we want to thank your for your trust in us and your referrals.
Best regards,
Mario Guertin
STORY TIME - "Buck" ... King of the Farm, Forever!
Painting in Partnership
© 2009

Through the use of color and painted decoration, as painting contractors, we have the opportunity to significantly contribute to the quality of the environment and well being of our clients.  Capturing that opportunity and realizing it for a customer's benefit is an integral part of the service we offer our clients.  Sometimes, that opportunity arises in a most unexpected way, which leads me to share with you a project story where a horse named "Buck" played a central role.

Click here to read "Buck's" story.

The Four Questions of Painting
by Mario Guertin
This article appeared on p. 68 of the July/August issue of Quintessential Barrington Magazine and is reprinted with permission - Quintessential Barrington Magazine - Copyright © 2009

Mario GuertinThe colors we choose for our homes are often influenced by factors that have nothing to do with the people who live in them. For example, many people stick to beige colors because they heard it will increase resale value. Others are influenced by the opinion of neighbors, friends, or what their Aunt Betty says. Yet others are swayed by the latest color trends. To avoid selecting colors for the wrong reasons, ask yourself the following four questions before the next paint job to help create a décor that empowers you and your loved ones.

Click here to read the entire article.
The Distinguishing Traits of a Craftsman
by Mario Guertin
This article appeared on p. 40 of the May/June issue of DECO Magazine and is reprinted with permission - DECO Magazine - Copyright © 2009

Steve CroppedWe live in a world where craftsman-like attitudes about work are rare.  What are the traits that distinguish the true Craftsmen among us? We view craftsmanship as much as a "mindset" as it is about mastering the technical skills.
We have identified six distinct traits common to all true craftsmen, irrespective of the person's line of work. T
hese qualities and work habits enable someone to become a master, over time, at whatever he or she does?

      For the rest of the article, please click here.

Photo: Steve Scanlan, Decorative Finisher with Painting in Partnership, receives the 2009 PDCA Craftsman of the Year Award.
Calcimine Brush from the 1920's
(Painting in Partnership Copyright © 2009)

PIP has a collection of over 500 items of paint memorabilia.  In every issue of The Craftsman Way, we will introduce you to one of these items along with its story.
Calcimine BrushCalcimine was a precursor to latex paint and was only applied by brush.  It was also known as Kalsomine or distemper paint.  It was made out of dried calcium carbonate, water, glue and colorants.  Calcimine was used as a wash for walls and ceilings.  It was commonly used throughout the 19th century and the first third of the 20th century.  It was an inexpensive way of freshening up a room.
Our Calcimine brush on display is 17" long.  The handle alone is 9" and the bristles, a good 6".  It was a great workout tool to build up Popeye forearms!  
In 2000, I had the opportunity of representing the United States at an international painting contractor conference in Paris.  During that trip, I met the man who was the founder of the Painting Museum in Paris.  Knowing of my interest in old paint stuff, he gave me many pieces of French memorabilia.  Upon my return, as a thank you, I sent him one of my two Calcimine brushes to display at the museum in Paris.
In 2004, I visited the Paint Museum in Paris again.  Sure enough, my Calcimine brush was proudly displayed in the paint shop portion of the museum, forever preserved!  I do have a picture of the brush in the paint shop in Paris.  If you are interested, please e-mail me and I will send it to you.