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April 2009
Dear friends,
Welcome to Second Summer Tours, and our first newsletter showcasing upcoming events and, hopefully, a few interesting cycling-related articles.   While most of our tours are designed for experienced cyclists looking to savor some epic riding in exotic locales, we do offer other trips (like our Maui Triple Challenge) that are a great option when you want to include non-riding spouses or friends on your cycling vacation.   I hope you can join us for a tour in 2009 or 2010.
Rob Templin
From Road Bike Rider / SCOTT'S SPIN: Maui Wowie
Years ago there was a TV commercial for shampoo. It featured a gorgeous model cooing, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."
In that spirit: Don't hate me because I spent last week cycling in Maui.
While my riding buddies back home were doing lactate-threshold intervals in meat-locker temperatures, I was pedaling past lush Hawaiian hillsides and sparkly waterfalls while wearing shorts and a short-sleeve jersey. Believe me, having to apply sun block day after day was no picnic. Except for the times when I did it at a roadside picnic.
I was in Maui on a trip organized by Second Summer Tours, a bike-touring company run by an old friend named Rob Templin. This was no "ride 30 miles, eat 8,000 calories" tour. You wouldn't expect that from a Race Across America veteran. 
Maui Wowie ...

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Leaving Vegas - Interbike 2008 
Every few years, the cycling industry heavy-hitters  debate moving  the annual Interbike show away from the Vegas strip.   The landmark Sands Convention Center  has hosted the two-wheel crowd for close to a decade but that hasn't stopped talk of moving the show back to its former address, the Anaheim Convention Center - with the 'Happiest Place on Earth' across the street being a big draw for some (aka, Disneyland for those of you without kids).     
When it comes to hype and marketing, both locations offer plenty of opportunities for those hawking the latest and greatest must-have products: showmanship is king in Vegas, and Anaheim/Disneyland has Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.   This year, showmanship won out with many of the Vegas Interbike vendors - as usual - doing their best to put a positive spin on their '09 offerings.  Leaving Vegas ...

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The Maui Triple Challenge includes some non-cycling fun!
California Dreaming Holiday Tour (December 26-31)
No better way to melt away the winter blues!