Spring 2009
Vol 1, Issue 2
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The International Student House Quarterly

A. Petersen
Happily, spring has arrived in Washington.  While residents head into the final weeks of the semester they can walk among the Japanese Cherry blossoms and azaleas that help make Washington such a beautiful city in April.

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Spotlight Interview: Adnan Kummer & Florence Maher, Davis Peace Project Recipients
In March 2009, Florence Maher and Adnan Kummer became the first International Student House residents to be awarded a grant for the Davis Projects for Peace. Adnan and Florence will receive a $10,000 award to implement their  project Computers for Orphans: Bringing Computers to the Heart of Jamaica . Florence and Adnan  will implement the project over this summer  and submit a report in September.

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Alumni Profile: Keith Oberg
Keith Oberg
Keith Oberg '76, Brings Help on Wheels

In Uganda, rural girls hoping to complete their high school education (thereby expanding their life options) might never achieve their goals because the school is just too far away.  In Honduras, a family's livelihood may depend on the parents' ability to get transportation to their workplace.  In some parts of the world, getting to school, or to work, or to a doctor or hospital means a long, long walk.  

That's where Keith Oberg, a resident of ISH in 1975-76, and his organization Bikes for the World come in. 

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The Foreign (Student) Perspective on America's Historic Day by David Moltz
January 21, 2009
WASHINGTON -- Charlotte Junius, a German student interning in Washington, saw something she did not quite expect Tuesday during the inauguration of President Obama. Near her vantage point, in the shadow of the Washington Monument, she was surrounded not only by hundreds of thousands of American citizens but also a healthy dose of foreign visitors, all packed onto the National Mall to witness history.  Read More
Alumni Interview with Esther Methe '87
Esther Methe, an ISH resident in 1987, holds the Margaret Wing Dodge Chair in Conservation at the Textile Museum in Washington, DC
What was home for you originally and what brought you to Washington-and ISH?

I grew up in Canada, in Quebec City, and came to ISH first in the summer of '87 when I spent two and a half months at the House. I had an internship in textile conservation at the Smithsonian.  Later I came back for short stays-a week or two at a time.

What was it like living at ISH in 1987?

Even though that first stay was relatively short, the experience was very deep.  There were always activities we could join-- going to movies, listening to concerts, going swimming. Longer-time residents would introduce newcomers to the wonderful range of affordable activities offered in the District. People had the opportunity to join in and experience events beyond their cultural horizons.  I remember that a small group of us went out for dinner with a resident, a woman from North Africa, to celebrate the end of Ramadan. We could also just stay at the House and have meaningful conversations.  I know now that Washington summers are by nature hot, but that seemed a particularly hot summer, and we spent many evenings in the garden talking late into the night. Read More
In Memoriam: Marion Child Sanger 1909 - 2009
Longterm ISH Board Member Marion Child Sanger died this month, just six months short of her 100th birhday.  Many of you  will especially remember Mrs. Sanger in her role as Santa Claus, distributing gifts and bringing some Christmas cheer to students remaining at the House over the holidays.

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Photo Album: Pan African Night
Pan African Night
Residents and Staff celebrated the sights, sounds and cultures of Africa with ISH's most recent "Nationality Night." To see photos from this event as well as others at the International Student House, click on the link below:

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SAVE THE DATE: ISH Alumni Garden Party, May 21, 2009
Pan African Night
ISH welcomes all Alumni & Donors to our next gathering!

Thursday, May 21, 2009
6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
International Student House Garden

1825 R Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009

Spend an evening with ISH alumni, current residents of the house, past and present donors and ISH board members.

Drinks and Hors Devours will be provided.

To RSVP, please contact Jonathan Park at jpark@ishdc.org or call 1-202-232-4007
We're updating our alumni database!!!

ISH has a more than 70+ year history with over 9,000 alumni from over 130 countries. Over the years we have lost contact with many of our alums as you've moved around the world for your careers or family. ISH is embarking on a major campaign to update our alumni database to better serve the alumni community. Our goals are two-fold:

1) to collect the most up to date information of our alumni in order to keep up with your lives and careers
2) to develop a resource for you to connect with other alumni through the International Student House

We need your help to succeed. Please reply back with your current contact information, including any new email address, as well as updates on you life, career, family, etc... In addition, please forward this newsletter to all of your ISH friends so we can connect to as many alumni as possible. We'd love to hear from them as well!

Thank you for all your support and have a great spring!
Jonathan Park
Director of Alumni Relations
International Student House
Washington, DC