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The day was bright and sunny and the crowds showed up early! By noon there were excited customers knocking on the doors of Tashua Knolls Banquet Facility.
We said come on in! And they did!
We met so many wonderful people and were delighted to watch shoppers leave with their hugely discounted treasures and snacks from "A Taste of Tashua".
At the end of the day our donation total was $3,850.00!
But it's not over...there are a few items that did not sell and I'm hoping that one of you will appreciate what a find some of these items are ~ see photos below.
Give me a call, make an offer and write your check to the Susan G. Komen For The Cure!
Thank you to all the donors, to Tashua Knolls, to NBC CT 30 News, to Jozie, Megan, Larry, Jackie, Peter, Chris and James for working so very hard for this cause.
 In hope & health,

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Four French Country
Dining Chairs
french country chairs
List Price: $495 per
Make A Donation!
Hand Loomed 8'x6' WOOL Area Rug
wool area rug
List Price: $3,840
Make A Donation!
Hand Loomed 7'9"x5'2" LINEN Area Rug
linen area rug
List Price: $2,259
Make A Donation!