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Thanks for attending a BVSD budget forum and for your interest in working with Impact on Education to help create a more reliable and sustainable way to fund public education in Colorado.

As you know, BVSD receives over 60% of its funding from the State AND Colorado has equity laws which prevent individual school districts from raising taxes more than 25% above the state threshold.  Colorado also has a number of constitutional amendments (TABOR, Gallagher, Amendment 23) that are the 'ties that bind us'. 

As Superintendent Chris King, principals, school communities and the School Board grapple with finding $10-20 million in budget cuts, they will consider many alternatives including a November mill levy override.  Because local education issues are our priority, Impact on Education will closely monitor District decisions and will keep you posted.

However, the negative impact of State laws is compelling and systemic change takes time and is challenging.  Therefore, WE MUST TRY TO MAKE CHANGES and we MUST START NOW!  

There are a number of state-wide efforts in the legislature and judiciary.  Impact on Education has joined Great Futures Colorado (GFC), a broad coalition focused on changing funding for public education and mobilizing local communities to help create state-wide solutions. As a first step, PLEASE CLICK ON THE GREAT FUTURES LINK AND SIGN THE PETITION.

We hope to get 2,000 signatures by THIS FRIDAY, March 19th so please sign it now and forward this to your friends and family to also sign.

Having signatures from thousands of citizens is an important first step. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE TAKE 3 MINUTES TO ADD YOUR NAME NOW!

Demonstrating support from thousands of citizens will be an important first step in gaining legislators attention. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE TAKE 3 MINUTES TO ADD YOUR NAME NOW!


Francie Anhut, CEO

PS  I will send you additional updates and "calls to action" every 2-4 weeks.  Please forward this to anyone you think would be interested in subscribing and helping to ensure that we don't let our economic crisis set kids back for years. Thanks again for caring!


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President John F. Kennedy liked to tell a story: "A man says to his gardener, 'Couldn't we plant a tree?' The gardener says, 'It's going to take 50 years before you see anything there.' The guy says, 'Fifty years? Really?!?   Then, there's no time to waste- plant it this morning.' ".

March 16, 2010
John Wyatt, Chair
Francie Anhut
Frank Bruno
Bob Drake
Clif Harald
David Kendall
David Manley
Blake Peterson 
Bob Drake, Chair
Lain Adams
Francie Anhut
Frank Bruno
Mike Devery
Becky Gamble
Ann Goldman
John Greff
Sol Halpern
Clif Harald
Dr. Holly Hultgren
David Kendall
Dr. Chris King
Sue Kunz
Paula J.K. Martin
Ester Q. Matheson
Mike Medina
Rick Nelson
Dave Rhinesmith
Amy Smith
Mindy Sooter
Melissa Tingley
Beth Waters
John Wyatt



Francie Anhut, CEO
Louise Garrels, Programs Mgr.
Becky Lewis, Admin. Assistant
Diana Lewis, Office Manager

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