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Impact on Education


Impact Program Gets Girls Excited
About Science.

What do butterflies, bones, bats, Brontosaurus, botanicals and bug fossils have in common?

They are topics being explored by 4th and 5th grade girls in an innovative program designed to encourage interest in science. In partnership with the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History, Impact on Education allows girls from high-needs BVSD elementary schools to attend GAMES (Girls At the Museum Exploring Science), an after-school program held at the museum.  Program.  Read more...
Gotta Love Those Notes!

Whether scrawled in barely legible first-grade printing, expressed as a drawing or communicated in a classic well-organized thank-you note, sponsors of Classroom Mini-Grant projects frequently cite the pleasure they receive hearing from students and teachers they have helped.

Annual Education Matters Forum Sends a Strong Message.
"Once upon a time, America sheltered an Einstein, went to the moon, and gave the world the laser, the computer, nylon stockings, television and the cure for polio. Today, we are in the process, albeit unwillingly, of abandoning this leadership role", said - Leon Lederman, Nobel Prize Winner in Physics. 
BVSD Kids Get Creative With Technology.
"Beam me up, Scotty", takes on a whole new meaning in the context of animations that BVSD students are creating to imagine the future of education!  
Are We On the Right Path?
Nearly five years ago, Impact on Education set a new course for our organization.  Utilizing the feedback from over 250 community members who participated in focus groups, Impact on Education set a new direction: creating opportunities for at risk students, increasing student interest and achievement in science, technology and math and motivating and rewarding excellent teachers.  Based upon community input, we also began to focus on leveraging community resources more effectively through partnerships and advocacy/community outreach efforts and changed our name - formerly, the Foundation for Boulder Valley Schools - to reflect an increased commitment to outcomes.  To ensure  that we are focused on the community's highest priorities, we are planning to engage the community again next year.  Stay tuned!
News from the Annual Public Education Network Conference.
"Without data, you are just another person with an opinion", said Andreas Schleicher, head of Indicators and Analysis Division, Directorate for Education, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, as he discussed student performance on a global scale at the annual Public Education Network (PEN) conference in November and attended by executives from education support organizations worldwide. 

Corporations support our programs, sponsor events and provide in-kind contributions... Foundations and service organizations partner with us to fulfill their own mission... Individuals write checks and volunteer.  Each and every donor is precious- we are so thankful for your support! 
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Gotta Love Those Notes!
Annual Education Matters Forum Sends a Strong Message.
BVSD Kids Get Creative With Technology.
Are We On the Right Path?
News from the Annual Public Education Network Conference.
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Mission: Leverage community resources to create opportunities, impact student learning and build support for public education in Boulder Valley School District.
Impact on Education's three focus areas are: create opportunities for "at-risk" students, increase student interest and learning in science, technology and math, and motivate and reward teacher excellence.
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