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May 2009
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Take Charge of Your Transition"

Of course, the best time to begin planning for your next job transition is when you're still employed and receiving a paycheck! Our new product offerings, including our Transition Roadmap,  will help you whether you're preparing for your future or are already in transition to your next great position. 
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For "Those Who Remain" AFTER the Downsizing
Here is a familiar scenario facing all of us today - The company where you've worked for many years has finally succumbed to financial pressures and has started multiple rounds of layoffs. So far you've survived, but how can you increase your chances of remaining employed in this difficult market? 
Here are some valuable Tips!

1.  Understand the company's new and urgent objectives - and deliver!
Some people are so committed to accomplishing their daily projects and tasks, that they neglect to see the big picture. There are objectives which will be urgent and immediate. Some questions you might ask yourself are: How important is this project right now? Does it still fall within the company's strategic road to recovery? How can I align myself with the really important work being done? What work is my team doing that may now be unnecessary?  What can you do to help the company (or department) meet it's current objectives? Realize what those are and how they apply to your job. Make sure you're on the critical path to the company's success!
2 -  Position yourself to fill gaps that have been created by those who've left the company.
When good managers, leaders and other employees leave the company, there is typically a gap in the knowledge and skills of those who remain to run the operation. The company now has to function with fewer employees which means the remaining employees must fill the gap.  Since some of the jobs of those let go are related to the job you do it stands to reason that you would pick up the slack in that area.  Those who rise to fill those gaps are often perceived as "up-and-comers" and have the opportunity to be quickly recognized.  It's not only important to know what to do to help, but to actually do it!

3.  Promote the value and accomplishments of your teams and yourself
Here's a myth - If I do a good job, it will be recognized and I will get promoted. Remember, it's a myth!  Of course that does happen occasionally, but most times we need to talk about and promote our successes and those of our team. There's a great book entitled BRAG - The Art of Tooting Your Horn without Blowing IT! by Peggy Klaus. Peggy gives numerous ways (including weekly status reports) to talk about your accomplishments, without sounding obnoxious about it. Get over your shyness.  Be prepared for the transition and a lot more communication. Make sure that important people hear your good news, know how well you and your team are doing and understand how committed you are to the company's success!
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4.  Build  relationships with leaders and decision-makers in & outside of your company.
Downsizing is never easy on anyone!  Be thankful that you still have a job and be willing to work closely with everyone around you, so that the company can not only survive but thrive.  Remember  these  relationships can and will help you in the future.  In fact, we can do some of our best "networking and network building" while we're still active in the workforce!
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