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Bull-Bear_6933An Important Season for Me 
Written in 1995 and Still Valid)
This is a very important season for me.  On March 15, 1985, at the kitchen table, I signed the documents that created Resource Advisory Services. The business began operations on May 1 of that year.  Every year since, I remember those days, and that empty $100 a month office, with only a phone jack and number to mark my business.  I could not believe that I had actually tackled the startup.  Now, I walk through the office space, and cannot believe what has been created.  I stand in awe. 

There have been many people who have played incredibly important roles, and there have been experiences that are amazing.  Together, we have seen successes and stresses.  Close personal relationships have been formed.  Clients have had children and grandchildren.  Some have gotten married.  Some have handed over impressive wealth to children, charities, and others. 


And, a few clients have died.  I have worked with heirs, as they sorted through the business affairs of a deceased person they truly loved, trying to pull life back together for themselves, and sometimes their children.  Among my clients, I have shared celebrations of unexpected good fortune.  And, I have helped keep people on track as they built wealth slowly over the years.  We have worked through issues, when people's actions did not produce the results they desired. 


It has been "a trip" and I do not know how to show my gratitude in a more meaningful way than this note.  Now, I look to the future with much the same mixture of emotions that I had during the season when I started this enterprise.  Thank you, for your contribution to all this.  - David

Resource Advisory Services Mission Statement

Finanlly, in 1999, these words articulated the culture of the business from its beginning:


Developing relationships that help people build and enjoy wealth, through our commitment to excellence in comprehensive financial planning services, where we gladly accept fiduciary responsibilities for understanding and serving each client with an exceptionally high level of ethical integrity.

There is more to money than money.

Sometime in 2001, I used this expression in a staff meeting.  It felt good and took on a life of its own.  Soon it had a definition:


It is the root of evil and the sum of our blessings, all at the same time. It touches the things we can do and the things we cannot do, in many profound ways. Our attitudes about it are heavily influenced by the amount and source of money in our heritage, going back for several generations. We have a relationship with money that can be either healthy or unhealthy. There are many references to money in the Bible and the writings of other religions. Most forms of currency are inscribed with a reference to religion. Money and the way we view it are very important concepts. There is more to money than money.
The significance of our logo can be found with this link:
Letterhead/Graphics Introduction in December 2006
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J. David Lewis, MBA, President
NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor

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