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Who knew, back in the 70s infancy of eco-awareness, that a taciturn boy from Pennsylvania would become the leader in Baja eco-tourism?  When Tim Means came to Baja California in the 1970s, he was stunned by its wild beauty, sense of solitude, and exceptional biodiversity.  He knew that his nature-loving friends would be inspired by this untamed and remote terrain.  But there were a few obstacles to his vision...
Water, water everywhere, and not a drop...
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Cactus country by Willem Schalkwijk

Cactus country 

A geology student, Tim had taken groups rafting in the Grand Canyon, but didn't enjoy the crowds.  Awed by Baja's remote, untouched, and magical beauty, he set out to find ways to introduce his friends to this little-known sea of islands.  It wasn't all that easy in those days. There was no infrastructure to support tourism.  Fresh water and gasoline had to be schlepped in by pangas, fishermen's skiffs.

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A recipe for jellyfish sandwiches
Peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich by Eddie Lin

Jellyfish sandwich 

"I'm an eternal optimist," says Tim wryly, as he discusses with other conservationists the challenges and vigilance that lie ahead.  But on an off day, before he's had his coffee and chilaquiles, Tim wonders if someday we'll all be reduced to eating "jellyfish sandwiches" (=one genus that will be left after overfishing).  When asked "What's next for Baja Expeditions?"  Tim didn't hesitate.

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Wanted: "Wild friends of Baja"
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Gulping whale shark by Carlos Aguilera

Gulping whale shark 

That's the way Tim likes to flip the name "Friends of Wild Baja," the foundation he formed.  High on Tim's to-do list is to rally support for protecting the whale shark nursery by La Paz.  "Just ten minutes from La Paz you can find whale sharks in numbers like no other place" says Tim.  "You can get pictures of six to eight at a time."

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Pennsylvania Spanish sign language
Tim Means

Tim Means

So what is Tim's secret to longevity?  Running a 36-year-old business is no mean feat.  Tim holds his sanity intact by keeping his words to a minimum.  Baja Expeditions staff find this out on the job and have to learn how to say "Wup!" plus  three  other essential phrases to understand Tim.  When they can't locate him in the office, they know that he is out sailing on the Mechudo or working on  one of the numerous projects that he is involved in.

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A kayaker's serene view of a violent past
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Serene kayaker by Kerry Walker

Serene kayaker 

Gliding past Baja's vivid landforms in a kayak, you soak up solitude and silence.  For miles you'll hear only the slishing of your paddles echoing against stern and curious walls of rock.  But of course you won't actually be alone.  You'll be with a small band of kayakers.  And hovering in the background will be our unique, custom-built support vessel, the Pez Sapo, and crew.

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Photo credits 
Cactus country: Willem Schalkwijk
Jellyfish sandwich: Eddie Lin, author of "Extreme Cuisine"
Gulping whale shark: Carlos Aguilera

Serene kayaker: Jerry Walker
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