What does it mean to
A beaudiva is a gal who is in control of her hair loss by wearing beautiful scarves with confidence and style! Every month we highlight  one of our favorite beaudivas and ask them to share their stories of why they love wearing our scarves.  And yes, we send them another beaubeau!  Remember a girl can never have too many beaubeau's.  See previous beaudiva stories here.   

Dear Beaudiva's:


Thank you for participating in our 3rd annual beaubeau photo contest. It's such a special treat to see our customers proudly wearing thier beaubeau's.  Please enjoy the photos of our winners and their short stories of why they love their scarves.  


Warm Regards,


Meet Deanna Snow -1st Place winner!
 4Women is a company that definitely prides themselves on integrity. It has been a refreshing experience to deal with such wonderful people. I am an ovarian cancer patient going through chemo therapy. When they told me that I would lose my hair, I was devastated. I had beautiful long blonde hair that I know I loved far too much. Anyhow's as the treatments continued I started to lose more hair. My son finally convinced me that it was time to have our heads shaved. He was right by my side every step of the way. Now here I am bald, facing the world. I had picked up a couple of scarfs from the wig shop here in town. After a couple of weeks I was ready for some new ones. I went surfing the Internet and came across these beautiful beaubeau's on the 4Women.com website and ordered several in all different colors. I received many compliments about how pretty my scarfs where and people wanted to know where to get some. (Funny most had no idea I had cancer, they thought I was wearing them to be stylish:) All I can say that if anyone is looking for a great selection in quality scarfs go to 4Women.com and you will be happy you did. Excellent service!!

Thank you ladies for helping me get through this storm in my life. Your love and compassion shone through from the moment I placed my order and still continues. May GOD continue to bless you as you continue to be a blessing to others.


BIG love,




 Meet Patricia Irias - 2nd Place Winner
"I love my beaubeaus because they are lightweight and convenient. I can wear them for work or dress them up for a special occasion. 
Everyone compliments me on how nice they look. They have made my hair loss less of an issue and having a choice of colors gives me something to look forward to every morning!" 

 Patricia Irias 

Meet Heidi Quandt - 3rd Place Winner

Attached is a picture of me and my five year old daughter Elise in our "glitter glamor".  Elise is my mini-me and when she saw my collection of scarves, she begged me to buy the colorful, heart-filled one for her in her size. She was so proud of her beaubeau- she wore it for a week straight during summer camp.

I was beginning to think my collection of beaubeau's was becoming an addiction! I loved having matching scarves for my wardrobe and felt great when people would stop me on the street to ask me where I got my stylish scarf! I am thankful for the ray of sunshine they gave me on frequent gloomy days of treatment 

Our fingers were crossed that we would win so that we could donate the prize to a fellow fighter. Thank you for allowing us to share your beautiful scarves with someone battling cancer. 

Thanks again! 

Heidi and Elise Quandt


Meet Lena Gooden - 4th Place Winner

Lena is an energetic  6-year old with Alopecia and who loves her beaubeaus.  Lena enjoys reading, swimming, making crafts, and playing basketball and soccer. "It is hard some times not having hair, but God is working with me," said Lena.  


Remember - Just because you have lost your hair does not mean you have lost your sense of style!  Take some photos and be ready for next year's contest!
Susan Beausang