lip balm sandwich ;)
Limited-Time SAVINGS

We don't do sales very often, so don't miss your chance to stock up!  Our next big sale isn't until the end of the year!

Ends Monday April 16 at midnight MST


"Slather it On


Once, our fabulous label designer, Stevie "B" took a bath with a Peppermint Salt Scrub. As he began to "slather it on," he realized that our customers might not be as liberal in their application.  


He wanted everyone to have the chance to use the scrubs and other products without counting how much each handful cost! That's when he happily came up with the idea for the slather it on sale!




No coupon or promo code needed... Just shop now! Offer ends MONDAY April 16 at the stroke of midnight!   (It sounds so ominous!)  


 Only available online. Not valid with any other offers. Cannot be applied on previous purchases. Available until end of promotion or when supplies run out.
(Which ever occurs first.) 


Use products as directed.  Not intended for human consumption.