Volume IV, Issue II                                                                                        September 2011
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Welcome Friends!
Hello again!  Wow Dancing Spirit eNews 2 months in a row! WooHoo!

I am sharing some insight with you in my article "Love and Perfection".  This is especially sent to those of you caring for sick and/or dying loved ones.  However, it applies to all aspects of our lives.  I hope it provides some comfort to you as it has for me.

A gentle reminder: I will be in Long Beach next week.  And, I've still got some openings.  Just give me a call or send email if you would like to book a session.   

Finally, the Autumnal Equinox is around the corner - September 23 @ 9:05 GMT to be exact.  This is the time of year (on a spiritual/soul level) to review what we have sewn during the year.  It is time to reflect and decide what we want to harvest from the fruits of our labor.  We can then take with us what has served our highest good and squirrel that away for the winter.  What is left over can be left on the ground to decompose and replenish the soil.  Nothing is wasted.  Everything is of value.

Wishing you an abundant harvest and an insightful time of reflection.



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Love and Perfection

These past 9 months have been a time of grieving the death of several of my animal friends, including my beloved wolf companion Navar.  The most recent was our hen, Nubina.  I found her in the bottom of the coop unable to walk.  In spite of my efforts to encourage her healing and several trips to the vet, Nubina did not recover and had to be euthanized.


Within minutes of Nubina's death and in spite of my grief, my mind began to analyze my care of her and find fault.  I began hearing all the "shouldas" and "if onlys".  Nothing less than perfection satisfies my mind sometimes.  The crazy part is, my mind's idea of perfection is unobtainable.  It does not recognize the pure intentions that come from my deep Love and respect for all life.  It refuses to see the possibility that the highest good and healing have been served through my actions, whether my animal friend stayed on the earth or left.  It just wants to find fault, and it does, even if it has to distort the truth.


This whole experience caused a stirring in me to seek answers from a Higher place.  And so, I turned to my Divine Heart for wisdom and clarity.  For all of you that are caring for sick or dying loved ones (including animals) or that have loved ones that have passed, this message is for you (this can also be applied to any situation, relationship, etc. as it is a universal Truth):


It is not about perfection in caring for the sick or the dying

It is about our Highest (Divine) Love for them

Doing the best we can from our Hearts IS perfection whether it is done "right" or not

It is our Love that is remembered

For in our Love there IS perfection

There is beauty and grace

There is forgiveness

Accepting and allowing this Truth ignites the power of compassion for ourselves

We are then able to view the Circle of Life through the wisdom of the Heart

And not the distortions of the mind

From the Heart, we can see that all experiences are perfect

They unfold as they are meant to - Inspired, Guided, and Supported by Love


May you find the courage to feel the Love and compassion for yourself that you so generously give to others.


2011, Kim English All rights reserved