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  Volume I, Issue III                                                                                      Summer, 2008
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NOTE:  Many of you have expressed interest in purchasing a foot detox machine, but have found them quite costly. I am selling mine for 1/2 of what I paid for it. If you are interested, send me email or give me a call.
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I am Universal Love in radiant expression, and I now Love as I have never Loved before in my life.

I silently, powerfully, and intensely radiate my love and I send it everywhere without exception.
Welcome Friends!
Happy Summer!
Life is good out here in the country.  Every day I am more and more grateful for this little slice of heaven we call home.  It is wonderful to have the peace that comes from being close to nature.
For those of you who have not been to my home, we live in a little town called Herald, which is centrally located between Stockton, Sacramento, and Jackson in California.  We are a rural, mostly equestrian community with lots of open space. 
It is quiet and nurturing here; a lovely respite from the frantic energy I feel whenever I travel into Sacramento or Stockton.  May I share a bit of our last few months with you?
Each spring, we have two sets of geese parents who nest in the field, which is full of water from the rains.  After their eggs hatch and their children are old enough to travel (on foot), they have an orderly walk through the field to the pond in our large, tree-covered yard.  
This year was no different.  Mom takes the lead, 6 goslings follow, and Dad takes the rear position keeping a vigilant watch for any danger.  They swim in the pond with the bull frogs, eating and resting until the goslings are old enough to fly.  Then one day toward the end of spring, I look out the window and they are gone.
DucksThis year after the geese had gone, we found that one of the migrating female ducks had stopped to nest.  For the first time in 8 years, we have 4 tiny ducklings swimming in the pond with their mother.  They hide in the lillies and eat baby fish and bugs.  The bull frogs serenade them and us with their songs. 
As I write this, I can hear the hawks calling in the distance and the sound of wind chimes being played by a gentle breeze.  All of the visible animals living on this property (wolf, dog, cats, chickens, cockatoo, fish, bull frogs, horses) are having their afternoon siesta. 
What a wonder life is.  The physical expression of Spirit is all around us.  Love is manifested in abundance; all we have to do is notice.  So as you move about your summer days, please take a moment to notice that Love is all around you.  Breathe it in.  Let it touch you.  Then offer Love back in gratitude.
Feel free to forward this eNewsletter to your friends and colleagues!
The Sound of Love
Expanding into the Heart
In the last installment, we talked about how Sound was the first vibration that emerged from the stillness and how that vibration is Love.  We talked about how we (all beings) are physical expressions of that Love.  We also talked about how the Heart is the door and Love is the key to all that we are. 
Barred NebulaAs discussed, we each have a spark of the Divine within us.  It lives in our heart space.  So how can we expand more fully into this space?  How do we find the key?  In other words, how do we find Love?
Close your eyes.  Take at least three deep breaths - breathing all the way into your belly (not your chest).  Relax and let go.
Imagine the spark of light bright and alive in your heart space, your fourth chakra.  See a beautiful stream of light coming out of your Heart-Light.  See it traveling through time and space, through the ethers, the stars, planets, and the Universe. 
Continue traveling with the stream of light until you reach the Source of All That Is, God, Goddess, Creator, Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka, or whatever your vision of this energy is.
Allow your stream of light to merge with this Source energy.  Take a deep breath and feel the Love that emanates from within and without.  On your next inhalation, allow the Love and Light from Source to travel down your stream of light and into your heart space.  See your Heart-Light begin to expand.
Continue breathing in Love and Light from Source until you feel pressure in your chest.  Then allow Love and Light to begin to flow into the rest of your body.  Feel Love and Light flow into your muscles and tissue, your blood and bones, and your cells.  As Love and Light fills you, imagine yourself being healed.  Let go and allow.
When your body feels full, allow Love and Light to flow into your Aura.  Continue breathing Love and Light from Source into your Heart-Light, into your body, into your Aura.
When your Aura feels full, touch your Heart-Light with your consciousness.  See how bright and full it is.  Feel the Love that resides there.  Let yourself be Loved.  Stay in this space for as long as you like.  When you are ready, gently bring yourself back.
You have just expanded into your Heart.  The more you do this, the more Love and Light you will bring into yourself and the more you will expand.  The more you expand, the more room you are creating for more Love inside.  The more Love you have inside, the more Love there will be outside. 
That is the key.  Love must come from Source within.
More next time...  Until then, Love to you All! 
Food for Thought
My Amazing Life
How many of us are looking and hoping to find Love and happiness; to find that one thing that will finally mean we've made it, we've arrived, we've got it?  How many of us look outside ourselves to people, animals, possessions, and experiences to "make" us feel loved, happy, successful, etc?
I attended a seminar recently and we were asked to close our eyes and vision our amazing lives beginning with waking in the morning.  I quieted myself and prepared to vision my amazing life.   
OK, I'm ready.  I'm in my amazing life and I'm waking up in the morning.  Then the most amazing thing happened in my amazing life.  I woke up in my own bed, in my own house, with my very own husband beside me.  I got up and made my way downstairs and aside from a few minor differences, everything was exactly as it is now.  I am living my amazing life and I had not even noticed!  Now that is amazing.    
A couple of weeks later, one of my friends sent me an email.  In her message she wrote: "I am cultivating my own happiness.  I know that a constant effort is needed.  Happiness rarely just plops into your lap while you wait patiently for its arrival...  I have found that you must work in your life to achieve it. .."   
But wait!  Perhaps happiness does just plop itself into our laps.  My amazing life has plopped itself into my lap while I was looking for it everywhere else and waiting for its arrival!  Isn't this the way for many of us?  We are so busy doing and striving and working and obtaining and, and, and - that we don't notice if happiness or Love or our amazing lives has arrived. 
We are so programmed to believe that we have to work hard for anything of value.  And that if we don't work hard then we won't value what we have.  I say poppycock!  I don't think we have to work at IT at all.  In fact, I think we work against IT.  IT tries to show up over and over, but we don't recognize IT because we are too busy looking and working for IT. 
We think that if we just do this one thing, get this one job, get a few more clients, fix up the house, or attract that perfect relationship we will finally have IT.  But at the end of the day, we find we are still wanting, still longing, still waiting.   
Maybe we need to stop for a moment and tune IN.  Maybe IT has already arrived and we need to acknowledge IT, thank IT, and ENJOY IT.  
Just a thought :)