Joyful  Connections
  Volume I, Issue II                                                                                        Spring, 2008
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The Sound Of Love
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Magical Heart - Powerful Healing
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Workshops & Classes
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May 18 - 10 to 5
Prerequiste: Reiki I
First Degree - Reiki I
May 24 - 9 to 5
Second Degree - Reiki II
July 20 - 9 to 5
Lightarian Reiki
One-on-One as requested
Prerequisite: Reiki Master Certification
Animal Communication
Opening, Listening, 
& Understanding
May 3 - 10 to 4
Individual Flyers will be sent out for all workshops & classes. You can also get more info from the calendar page.
Detoxification Footbaths
April 13 - Vacaville
Information & Demo Booths
April 27 - Elk Grove
May 10 - Sacramento
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Welcome Friends!
We're back again with more news and exciting offerings from Dancing Spirit Healing Center.
There has been much ado in these past months with Reiki Classes in January, the Magical Heart, Powerful Healing Retreat in February, the Yuba City Walk in Harmony fair in March, and our regular Readings, Channeling, and Healing Sessions. Oh, and don't forget all the energetic shifting to move us all into higher dimensions of being. Wow! It has been quite a ride.
I hope you enjoy this issue of our Newsletter. Pick and choose what is of interest to you utilizing the "In This Issue" section or read the entire newsletter. 
Be sure to check out the "Workshops and Classes" and the "Events" sections because we have a variety of fun classes scheduled this Spring Season.
As always, consider what you would like to see in future issues. Is there a subject you would like discussed? Would you like to write an article? Do you have a general question about medical intuition, Reiki, Sound, energy, chakras, etc.? If so, I would love to hear from you.  
Feel free to forward this eNewsletter to your friends and colleagues!
The Sound of Love
Expanding into the Heart
There is so much I want to share with you about Sound and expanding into the Heart.  Each time I sit down to write something, I am flooded with information. 
To talk about Sound alone is overwhelming because Sound is such an intimate and integral part of us.  And then to add the profoundness of the Heart, well, fugeddabouddit!  I'm speechless.  And for those of you who know me, I'm rarely speechless.
Where to begin, where to begin...  Ah,
"In the beginning was the stillness of All That Is.
The stillness moved and there was Sound.
The Sound took form and became the word.
The word was God, Goddess, All That Is.
And then the word was made flesh.
And then we, the sparks of All That Is,
made Sound where once there was silence."
Author Unknown
A beginning at last.  I love this quote because it speaks to my Heart.  When the stillness moved and there was Sound, that Sound was Love.  Imagine!  Love was the first vibration/Sound that emerged from the stillness.  And, Love was/is All That Is.  
Love was made flesh.  We were made flesh.  I mean "we" being humans, plants, animals, insects, stones, minerals, the Earth, the elements, etc.  All of us are the physical expression of Love; of the All That Is.  We are Spirit in physical form.  We are Love in physical form.
And we, the sparks of All That Is, made Sound where once there was silence.  We made Sound.  Not with our voices, but with our being; with our Hearts.  Every one of us is a vibration; a Sound.  And while each Sound is unique, creating the differences in our physical bodies, still we are all Love.
The Heart is the door and Love is the key to all that we are; to All That Is.  When we stand in the presence of our own Sound, our own Hearts, we open to Love so profound and sacred that we cannot help but weep with pure joy. 
To be continued...
What's New
We're Expanding Our Services
Please join me in welcoming Caroline De Laurell to the Dancing Spirit Healing Center team of healing artists.
Caroline is
a Reiki Master with a gift for honing in on energetic imbalance in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Utilizing Reiki, she facilitates a release of this imbalance so you can heal on a deep level.
Caroline will begin offering services in May at the Sacramento office. To schedule an appointment, please call Caroline @ (916) 704-3304.
Magical Heart - Powerful Healing

'Magical Heart, Powerful Healing' was a collaborative event held by
Kim English and Anna Dorian. We spent a glorious day and a half
exploring Sound and the Magic of the Heart on February 16 & 17.
We opened on the 16th with prayers, the sacred flute, a fire, and our blankies under the canopy of Mother Willow. We were greeted with the gentle tinkling of the wind chimes, the gushing of water in the pond, and the amazing voices of the horses, dogs, birds, and cows.
We spent time in these fun, insightful, and powerful workshops: 
led by Kim English

We learned about and experienced Sacred Sound as a tool to heal physical and emotional pain and fear. We enjoyed playing with the Diva's Gift singing bowls, tuning forks, and chanting.
led by Kim English & Anna Dorian

We took a guided journey into fear. We felt it on every level and then created a Mandala to represent it. Once complete, we were guided into the wisdom of our Hearts where all things are possible through the healing power of Love. We received Reiki healing attunements to the sounds of the Singing Bowls and our fears were transmuted. We created beautiful Mandalas to represent the transformation.

led by Kim English

A Heavenly Body, channeled by Kim, taught us about accessing the magic of the Heart to be authentic in the world; to stand in our own power; to establish and maintain respectful boundaries; and to open ourselves to Divine Love for our own profound healing.  It was a very powerful message.
At noon on the 17th we closed our Circle with group Reiki and said our fond farewells.
To all of you in physical form and in Light who attended, participated, facilitated, taught, and learned with such authenticity and Love, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you all so very much! 

Kim, founder of Dancing Spirit, has a Masters in Intuitive Diagnostics and a PhD from the Ritberger Institute for Esoteric Studies. She is licensed through the Institute in personality psychology and typology. She holds a variety of certifications in vibrational and healing modalities including Sound, Reiki, Karuna ReikiŽ, and Reconnection.

Anna, founder of Vibrant Reiki, has received nine levels of Reiki training, which include Usui Reiki, Karuna ReikiŽ, and Lightarian ReikiŽ.
Her experience in more than 900 healing sessions has ranged from using Reiki with young women in recovery to helping horses. She is a member in good standing of the International Association of Reiki Professionals and currently teaches Reiki, offers private Reiki sessions, and holds regular community Reiki events in San Francisco.