May 16, 2012


Dear Members,   


We're always asking you for your opinions.  Mostly it's so that we can better serve you in terms of the content we offer you.   You've always been generous with your time and feedback.  We're very grateful to you for that as you've helped shape MyBindi. 


This time, I am asking you for your feedback on something different.  It's actually more than just feedback.  We're asking you to share your shopping habits with us.  You've all heard of focus groups where you sit around and share opinions.  Often there's also some payment incentive for participants.   We're working with Neilsen on a similar initiative except instead of sitting in a room full of strangers, you get to do what you always do.  Go shopping!    


Whether you purchase paneer or pancakes, atta or almonds, basmati or basil, every purchase you make represents the purchases of people just like you. Nielsen wants to know where your dollars are being spent and...they'll reward you for it!

They will provide you with an easy to use handheld scanner with which you can track your household's weekly shopping habits.   The more you scan, the more points you receive which can then be redeemed for name-brand merchandise from Nielsen's gift catalogue, including electronics equipment, jewellery, household items, toys, gift cards, and more! And the longer you stay on the panel, the more rewards you'll earn!  

The Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel focuses on measuring consumer attitudes and behaviours, so this is your opportunity to have your consumer voice heard and make a difference, while earning great rewards! Homescan® panelists have the power to influence product manufacturers and retailers, thereby shaping products available in the Canadian marketplace.

Just imagine. Wouldn't it be great if grocery stores offered the products you wanted most? What about more vegetarian selections? Would you love seeing your favourite desi brands in mainstream stores? Whatever your opinions, Nielsen wants to know!  


How it works:  


You will be provided with a hand-held scanner. After shopping, simply scan the barcode
on your purchases when you get home. Then, once a week, send in your purchase information
via the scanner. For each week that you participate, you'll earn gift points and entries into their
exciting sweepstakes - increasing your odds of winning! For instance, with the Grand Prize Super Scanner Sweepstakes you could win a $2,500 gift card! It's that easy.


 Have your say. Make an impact. Enjoy the rewards. 

Sign up HERE to join the Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel today!

Syerah Virani
Editor-in-Chief & CEO



Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel