March 30, 2012 


Dear Members,


Every once in a while, there comes an opportunity when you can make a real contribution to and a difference in your community.  MyBindi is working hard to bring about a new generation of South Asian radio programming and we need your help!

Imagine having an FM radio station in Toronto where you can listen to popular and relevant South Asian programming - from bollywood to talk shows to news discussions - in the English Language!  


Innovation is the key to FM88.1's strategy: the radio station will offer English and in-language programming aimed at showcasing the Culture, Arts and Music of the South Asian community.


We will offer the best in Bollywood, Bhangra, local indie artists and contemporary music from the subcontinent. The station will be the first of its kind by broadcasting the latest information relevant to second generation South Asian Canadians and will reflect their arts and culture.  


Our dynamic musical programming will appeal to the wider South Asian Canadian community and will have the power to connect people across cultures.  With your help, we can make FM88.1 the number one stop for the music YOU want to hear.


To make this happen, we ask you to please show your support by submitting this letter and pledging your support for Application No. 2011-1656-7 for a new radio station to serve Toronto.


FM88.1 is dedicated to supplying easily accessible South Asian programming to all Canadians.

Please tell your friends, tell your family, tell everyone!  We ask you to share this email and help bring FM88.1 to life! 


Pledge your support for Toronto FM 88.1  



Syerah Virani
Editor-in-Chief & CEO