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Across the Divide specialises in challenge events with a difference, that make a difference.


Be somewhere different tomorrow...

International Charity Challenges

Charity Challenges & Projects around the world

Have you ever wanted to trek the Great Wall of China, trek to Everest Base Camp, mush your own dogsled team in the Arctic or climb Kilimanjaro whilst raising money for a good cause or a charity of your own choice?


Well, by joining one of our charity expeditions, you can do just that.


Open Events - our unrivalled experience - your charity
For smaller charities who want to reap the rewards of a
charity adventure with Across the Divide, or individuals who want to link their own fundraising ambitions to our life-changing events.

Across the Divide's charity challenges and fundraising events are organised as mini-expeditions, with all the safety and personnel back-up that this entails.

"You'll be very glad you did it and your life will be richer for having done it. In one word - unforgettable!"Sorcha O'Horain, Sahara Desert Charity Trekker.

Adventure Racing - Across the Divide Extreme Series

Take your running abilities to another level and test your physical condition in some of the world's most awesome places, with our adventure races, marathons and ultra marathons.

The popularity of Adventure Racing is soaring, the thrill of competing in extreme conditions, on varied and spectacular terrain, the sense of achievement in just completing these events and the implicit teamwork and camaraderie for all disciplines, is proving irresistible to the adventurous and fit.

UK Charity Events:

Our vast experience of charity challenges in the UK , Ireland and overseas enables us to provide all aspects of running a great event on home ground. From the initial development through the important detailed planning to the final meticulous and safe management on the day.

Corporate & Social Responsibility Projects

Across the Divide is perfectly placed to enable corporations to deliver CSR Projects around the globe.

Corporations with an awareness of social issues and the need for transparency and accountability, are looking for ways to help and contribute to the wider community.

Visit our dedicated CSR Website, see our team development, social and environmental projects in action and hook up with us for your next event.

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Expedition Medicine -  Enews archive

Expedition Medicine is the leading provider of expedition and wilderness medicine courses, both here in the UK and also in a number of carefully selected overseas locations.
Expedition and Wilderness Medicine provides quality training for expedition, wilderness, high altitude, mountain, remote, polar, diving, jungle and desert medicine practitioners. Suitable for expedition doctors, wilderness EMT's, first responders, nurses and individuals providing medical cover in remote or inhospitable environments, far from help.

We have available a resource of expedition medics who are able to provide quality film or event medical backup.  From the fells of the Lake District to the Arctic, EML is able to call on a growing pool of extraordinary medics to provide medical cover whatever your event or location. Please contact us for more details.


Expedition Medicine for Medical Professionals is considered by many to be the gold standard for UK or European based courses aimed at potential and experienced expedition doctors and wilderness expedition medics.

POLAR MEDICINE COURSE, NORWAY As featured in the British Medical Journal
A Winter Extreme Climate Expedition Medicine Course in the North Cape- 5 days of Mountain and Polar Medicine.

As featured in the British Medical Journal and as the Editors Choice

Expedition Medicine have developed an exciting and comprehensive course for all those medical professionals responsible for clients, patients or team members in a tropical or jungle environment. The course aims to introduce participants to the skills required to be a valuable member of a jungle expeditionary team, and to care for and treat injuries and illnesses likely to occur in this exciting environment.

Developed for medical professionals or advanced medics working in hot or arid climates.  Namibia is one of the few places on earth where the natural environment rules supreme. It is a country where one is able to experience the sense of primeval freedom that is impossible elsewhere.

Expedition Medicine are very excited at being able to offer an inspirational course for all those medical professionals responsible for clients or expedition team members in a diving or marine environment.  The course aims to introduce participants to the skills required to manage the common medical problems, which may emerge in a diving or marine environment.

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