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Did You Know?
If America's buildings were their own country, they would be the 3rd largest energy
 consumer behind China and the U.S.

Message From the Deputy Executive Director of Environmental Programs


As the schools in the South Bay open their doors to welcome students once again, the promise of a new adventure begins.  How will this school year be any different for students, their families and teachers?  With the campaign to fight childhood obesity in full swing, the personal use of energy is a lesson in itself.  The message, "You are what you eat" crosses every age boundary and gets back to basics.  The intake of food as a source of energy is only ½ of the equation.  The other ½ is how it is expended, with resultant calories burned.  Using active transportation - walking, bicycling, scooting, skate boarding, running - are all ways to use personal energy to put new meaning (and a little fun!) into Back to School.  Energy is so simple and yet so complex.  It is fundamental to who we are and what we do.  The articles that follow challenge us to learn and to take responsibility for how we create and expend energy in ways that are healthy for ourselves and the planet earth.  Take the journey, set the example and "live the lesson".


Catherine Showalter


California Public Utilities Commission
CPUC Report Outlines Energy Efficiency Success; Consumers Help State Avoid Building New Power Plants and Improve Environment
The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) today said that the groundbreaking energy efficiency programs approved by the CPUC resulted in savings of 5,900 gigawatt-hours of electricity in 2010-2011 based on utility reported savings estimates, enough to power more than 600,000 households for a year and the equivalent of two major power plants. In addition, the estimated savings cut CO2 emissions by 3.8 million tons, the equivalent of removing more than 700,000 cars from California's roads.

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Energy Upgrade Logo
Energy Upgrade California
LA County Energy Upgrade Incentives to End Sept. 28
This summer is one for the record books! Along with the scorching temperatures here in Los Angeles, the number of Energy Upgrade California in LA County projects soared. Following the high number of LA County incentive applications received, the County anticipates reaching its upgrade goals ahead of schedule - a success we all played a part in! In light of this news, LA County wants all homeowners to get their LA County Incentive Applications in for Basic and Advanced Path projects no later than September 28, 2012 in order to reserve LA County matching incentives (up to $4,000) for their projects.


Southern California Gas CompanyThe Gas Company

Join SoCal Gas at the L.A. County Fair


Visit SoCal Gas for the 2012 L.A. County Fair in Pomona, Calif. from Aug. 31 through Sept. 30, 2012. Stop by SCG's booth inside Building 4 and learn about the programs offered, how to sign up for My Account, receive important safety information, and get a complimentary energy-efficiency starter kit.

The kit contains, three faucet aerators (one for kitchen and two for bathroom), a furnace whistle, temperature gauge, and a low-flow showerhead to help you save energy, water and money. If you have not received a kit in the last three years, bring a recent Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas®) bill to verify your eligibility as a customer and receive your kit.

Come on by and learn about energy-efficiency rebate programs, Energy Upgrade California™, natural gas vehicle program, customer assistance programs, solar water heating information, natural gas safety, and
My Account by visiting too.


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Southern California EdisonSCE  

It's That Time of Year Again, Back to School--Standards-Based Materials, Guides, & Tests!


Southern California Edison knows that teachers possess the power to enlighten students. We also know that any worthwhile effort requires commitment and resources. That's why SCE is glad to offer you FREE educational materials.


These materials teach students one of life's most important lessons: the safe and responsible use of energy. Students will enjoy learning through books that are full of fun and interesting activities, experiments, stories, and facts. Additionally, our books address state science and health content standards, and reinforce math and reading skills.



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L.A. Metro
Metro ExpressLanes are Coming!


Metro ExpressLanes is a one-year demonstration program funded primarily with $210 million congestion reduction demonstration grant from the US Department of Transportation. The program is overseen by Metro, Caltrans and several other mobility partners, and the goal is to develop multi-modal solutions to improve traffic flow and provide enhanced travel options on the I-110 and I-10 Freeways in Los Angeles County.


The program introduces congestion pricing by converting High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes to High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes; improving transit service and other alternatives to driving; updating transit facilities; and providing demand-based parking pricing in downtown Los Angeles.


Metro ExpressLanes is about improving mobility and offering a safe and reliable trip for users. Everyone benefits with reduced congestion and greenhouse gas emissions (see link below to the Green Fact Sheet), increased travel time savings, and better trip reliability. Tolling begins Fall 2012 on the I-110 and early 2013 on the I-10.


Bottom line: More choices for solo drivers. More rewards for carpoolers. More transit service.


For more information about signing up for Metro ExpressLanes, visit:


For more information about reduced congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, visit:


Another Frequently Asked Question About LA Metro's Vanpool Program:

What Are the Benefits of Driving the Van?


Since every vanpool sets its own rules, the benefits of driving will vary based on how you choose to organize your vanpool. In exchange for driving and handling maintenance, drivers often ride at a discount or for free, and have limited use of the van on evenings and weekends, while riders split expenses. Other vanpools split the driving duties between several people, giving each of them a discount. Or, your vanpool may prefer to run more like a "co-op" with everyone taking a turn at driving, collecting fares, handling maintenance responsibilities, etc.


If you are interested in learning more about Metro's Vanpool program and how to qualify for a $400 monthly subsidy, be sure to contact SBESC and ask for Grace. 


Get more information on their website:


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Sanitation Districts of LA County

Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County

Native American Heritage Workshop - Saturday, October 6 from 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at the Bixby Marshland in Carson


Learn about Native American life in this educational workshop, featuring a number of hands-on activities such as basket weaving and pottery making. Afterwards, enjoy a tour of the Bixby Marshland, a unique habitat located in an urban setting. Please see the following link for more information click here


Sewer Science Teacher Workshop


On Saturday, September 29, the Sanitation Districts are hosting a free teacher workshop for Sewer Science, a week-long, award-winning wastewater treatment laboratory for high school science students.  


In the Sewer Science program, students create simulated wastewater, clean it through a series of physical, chemical, and biological treatment processes, and test it for various water quality parameters. The program receives rave reviews from both students and teachers as it provides a hands-on application of science. It not only teaches how wastewater is treated, but also links science and technology to environmental impacts and issues. The Sanitation Districts bring the Sewer Science program to approximately 4,000 students in 25 schools each year. We provide all the materials for the program, including specially designed tanks, analytical equipment, workbooks for each student and even classroom facilitation.


Please see click here for more information about the workshop. 


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West Basin Municipal Water DWest Basinistrict 
Back to School - Ready for a Free Field Trip?
West Basin offers FREE field trips to schools in its service area. Ask your teacher to schedule a visit to the Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility on a Water Explorations field trip or a Splash Science on-campus field trip for your class. Field trips are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
Turf's Up
Turf's Up provides rebates for property owners who remove turf and replace it with water-efficient landscaping. Visit to find out the amount of the rebate your property could qualify for. This program is sponsored, in part, by the United States Bureau of Reclamation, California Department of Water Resources, and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. 


City of Torrance 
City of Torrance

Free Composting Workshop: Saturday, September 29, 2012, 9:30 AM - 11:00 PM at Colombia Park Home Garden Learning Center


Come and learn about ways to reduce and recycle your yard and kitchen waste by: Composting, Grasscycling, Worm Composting, and Water-wise Gardening.

Read More  


California Native Plant Society's South Coast Chapter is Holding Their Yearly Plant Sale Fundraiser 


Come to the Madrona Marsh Nature Center in Torrance on Saturday, Sept 29th from 9am to 4pm to check out some beautiful native plants.  A preview sale will be held Friday evening 5 to 7pm for members only (memberships can be purchased at the door). A list of plants that will be available on the California Native Plant Society website


Volunteer Spotlight 
Nirja Patwa 

Nirja Patwa has always been very keen on environmental issues, which drove her to pursue her interests in her chosen field of study: environmental engineering. She has a master's degree in environmental engineering from San Diego State University and has worked and volunteered at various agencies that focus on environmental issues in both her native India and the US. Specifically, she has worked as an environmental consultant to businesses to help them obtain state environmental clearance for new ventures while also interning as an environmental analyst.


Back in 2010, Nirja made her way to the South Bay where she now lives with her husband in the lovely community of El Segundo. She enjoys the beautiful Southern California weather and all the outdoor activities it affords her. An avid tennis fan, Nirja loves to play in her free time.


Nirja has been volunteering with SBESC since March and has contributed close to 230 hours. With her responsibilities here, she feels satisfied with her ability to make a positive impact in her community and the environment in general. 

Cities in the News 
El Segundo & Inglewood - Tree Removal for Space Shuttle Arrival Tempers Excitement

For some South L.A. residents, the excitement of Endeavour rumbling through their neighborhoods en route to the California Science Center faded when they learned that 400 trees had to be cut down.

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Green Business: Remedy Pharm

Opened in November 2007, the Remedy Pharm is the South Bay's First Integrative Pharmacy  


For the construction of their building, Remedy Pharm wanted to use as many eco-friendly building products as they could. They used natural sustainable, recycled and building products throughout their store such as:

  • Natural Quartzite stone flooring in the lobby
  • Natural maple wood cabinetry can be seen at all the cashier desks
  • The carpet tiles are manufactured by a factory that meets stringent Federal Clean Air Act Class1 standards and the carpet itself is completely recyclable
  • The hard surface floors in the back rooms are Linoleum, which is made from natural raw materials, linseed oil from the flax plant being the main ingredient
  • Cash counters are made from limestone, a product made from 75% recycled waste products
  • The core of the cabinets and fixtures is made from "Wheat Board", which is manufactured from post-harvest straw waste and bound with formaldehyde-free resin
  • Energy-saving fluorescent and low-voltage halogen lights light the store

Their elegant, eco-friendly Torrance location is ready to soothe your body, mind and spirit.


They are located at 23811 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance 90505

Hours : Monday -Friday 9:30am-6:00pm; Saturdays 10am-3:00pm

(310) 375-0655


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Drive The Future - An Electric Vehicle Demonstration Program
Help the South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG) promote and research electric cars by applying for a 
Interested in learning more about Electric Vehicles (EV)? How about driving them? The South Bay Cities Council of Governments is launching an Electric Vehicle research and demonstration program in 2013. Please fill out an application if you would like to participate in the program.  


Check back for updates to the program or follow our EV activities on Facebook at 

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Los Angeles Celebrates "National Plug In Day" with Free Ride-N-Drives of Unmatched Variety of Electric Cars 
More than 60 Cities from Spokane to Sarasota Will Stage Activities for Second Annual Celebration Hosted in El Segundo
Los Angeles will celebrate National Plug In Day by offering free ride-n-drives of an unmatched variety of plug-in cars and motorcycles. These advanced technology vehicles, many of which are emission and noise free, will be available to the public at the Automobile Driving Museum, where some of history's loudest gas-guzzling classic, antique and vintage models are housed for posterity. Thousands of people in some 60 cities coast-to-coast-more than double last year's count-will stage National Plug In Day events to highlight the fun, clean-air benefits, and cost-savings of electric cars with ride 'n drives, rallies, "tailpipe-free" tailgate parties, charging-infrastructure demos, EV-readiness awards, and more.


L.A. Electric Car Drivers Differ from Nation, Study Finds
An Analysis of Driving Data Finds that Los Angeles' Electric Vehicle Drivers Travel Farther and Charge More Often in Public and at Off-Peak Hours. 
The growing number of electric vehicle drivers in Los Angeles are behaving differently from the national norm. Not only are EV drivers in L.A. traveling farther than those in other cities, but they charge their vehicles more often at public locations and are more likely to charge at night to obtain less expensive electricity rates, according to Ecotality in San Francisco.

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