August 2007
Issue: 2
Dear Friends, 
I am Sarah Susanka's assistant, Marie.  Sarah is on vacation for the rest of this month, following the completion of her Not So Big Life book tour, so she has asked me to give you a quick update on her recently released public television special, The Not So Big House: Home By Design.
Public Television Special Airdates 

If you are new to this newsletter, you may not have heard that a wonderful special on Sarah's Not So Big House series is airing for summer and fall pledge drivesNot So Big House TV Special Flyer during membership week on public television stations across the country.  Produced for American Public Television by Cortina Productions, and with sponsorship from The American Institute of Architects and Marvin Windows and Doors, The Not So Big House: Home By Design brings the core design principles of The Not So Big House to life with gorgeous footage from exquisite "Not So Big" homes from around the country.  Check the listings for the airdate and time of the special in your area.

If you don't see your location listed, email your local public television station, and ask them if they have plans to air it in your city.  If they don't have it on their schedule yet, encourage them to carry it during their next pledge drive.  Every station has a number of program options to choose from for these pledge events, and if viewers request a program, it is more likely to be selected.


As premiums during their pledge drives, stations will offer a DVD of the program as well as a number of Sarah's books.
To watch a short introduction to the special, click here.
Order the DVD 
If you missed the program, or it is not playing in your area, you can order your own copy of the DVD by calling 1-800-230-4453.  Click here for more information about the DVD.
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Public Television Special Airdates
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Marie St.Hilaire