June 2007
Issue: 1
Dear Friends, 
This is Sarah Susanka, and I'd like to thank you for your interest in The Not So Big House.  I'm pleased to be sending you the website's first newsletter.
With a new book out, a public television special on the way, and another book in the works, it has been an exciting Spring.  Here are a few updates on the latest Not So Big happenings.
The Not So Big House: Home By Design 

A wonderful special on my Not So Big House series willThe Not So Big House public TV flyer be airing for summer and fall pledge drives during membership week on public television stations around the country.  Created by Cortina Productions, and with sponsorship from American Public Television, The American Institute of Architects, and Marvin Windows and Doors, The Not So Big House: Home By Design features new images and video footage of many of the houses from my books.  In the program I describe the key tenets of building and remodeling in a Not So Big way.  Click here for more information.


If you want to make sure the special airs in your region, the best way to do so is to e-mail your local public television station and tell them you are looking forward to seeing it.  Stations have a choice as to what they air during that period, so your e-mail will encourage them to lean in this direction.  As premiums, incidentally, stations will offer a DVD of the program and two of my books, The Not So Big House and The Not So Big Life.
The Not So Big Life: Making Room for What Really Matters 

As you may know, in May Random House published my new book, The Not So Big Life: Making Room for What Really Matters, which applies the notion of Not So Big to our lives rather than our houses.  In the same way that we attempt to find that elusive feeling of home by building bigger and bigger houses, we fill our lives with more and more activities and more and more purchases, all in the hope that somehow we'll feel better about ourselves in the process.

The Not So Big Life describes why these attempts at a more meaningful existence fail, and how to find what we are looking for within the fabric of the life we are living right now.  It explains how to remodel your life in much the same way that you would go about remodeling your house -- identifying what inspires you, removing the clutter, taking down some walls that are obscuring the view, and rethinking the floor plan.  You can read more about the new book by clicking here or visiting the Not So Big Life website.

We currently maintain separate email lists for the Not So Big House and the Not So Big Life websites, so if you would like to be kept apprised of events and news related to The Not So Big Life, please sign up for the email list when you visit the site.

Not So Big Remodeling 
In the Fall of 2008, another book in the Not So Big House series will be published -- a book that people have been asking for ever since The Not So Big House came out in 1998.  It will be about how to remodel an existing house and make it live larger by applying the principles of Not So Big House design.  We already have all the projects selected, and the writing process is underway.  As with Inside the Not So Big House, I will be co-authoring this book with Marc Vassallo.  The book promises to be a great resource for anyone who wants a better-fitting house but prefers to stay put rather than move or build new.  We are aiming to make it informative to all readers, whatever the budget.
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The Not So Big Life: Making Room for What Really Matters

The Not So Big Life

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