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Coming soon: Beta Launch of Online Self-Study Version of Career Coaching Program
Law of Attraction: Five Basic Principles
Career Action Planning (CAP) Session
Upcoming Presentation: "Network Your Way into the Hidden Job Market"
Quote of the Month: On "Action"
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Greetings!                              Joellyn Headshot 2009 

Happy Second Day of Summer! We've been enjoying cooler-than-normal days here in Worcester until the temperature finally hit the 90's yesterday. Regardless of the weather, my days are always sunny when I can be with my children and grandchildren. Earlier this month, my husband and I met my son Aaron and daughter-in-law Lisa in White Plains, NY and spent time with our grandson Lucas who is already 7 months old!


Last month, I announced the upcoming Beta Launch of my latest offering: an online, self-study version of my signature, 8-module career coaching program. I'm creating this program to make the material accessible to more people, as an affordable alternative to coaching privately with me. Some people have already raised their hands and the spots are filling up! Please scroll down for details!


In this issue, I decided to exclude US labor market stats because job creation in May paled in comparison to 2012's first quarter.   I'd rather highlight something more positive: "The Law of Attraction"-- a Universal law dictating that we get can whatever we focus on, whether it's a situation we want or don't want. 


Surprisingly enough, we can actually contribute to improving the economy by turning off negative TV news segments and ignoring "doom and gloom" newspaper articles. The collective consciousness of peoples' thoughts and feelings around more positive things is what can potentially create this kind of power. 


With that said, my core article for this month is: "Law of Attraction: Five Basic Principles" which is designed to help you understand what Law of Attraction is and how to use it. I've been an avid Law of Attraction practitioner for many years. From my experiences and those of my clients, I know that applying these principles can help people make their career and life dreams come true.


Is your job search stuck and your career stalled? A Career Action Planning (CAP) Session will get to the root of your career problem and get you on the road to landing your dream job in record time!  Be sure to read the testimonial of one client who landed soon after his CAP Session.  

Enjoy this issue and I look forward to connecting soon! 


~ Joellyn

P.S.  If you live in Central or MetroWest Massachusetts, check out my upcoming presentation on July 6: "Network Your Way into the Hidden Job Market." 

BETABeta Launch of Online, Self-Study Career Coaching Program is Coming Soon! 


I'm excited to announce that I'm planning a beta launch of an online, self-study version of my 8-module career coaching program, entitled: "Wake Up to a Job You Love." This version will include core content from the materials I use with my private clients as well as monthly Q & A group calls and a forum for participants to post questions to me and have an opportunity interact with each other. 


This beta launch, which will happen in September or October 2012, is designed for only 10 participants. It will also be priced at a fraction of the cost to work with me privately, as well as deeply discounted from the fully-launched version.


I expect this program to fill up quickly and consideration will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, please send an email to:, with "Beta Launch" in the memo and I'll send you an application.

LOALaw of Attraction - ColorfulLaw of Attraction: Five Basic Principles


In 2007, the Law of Attraction received lots of media hype with the book and DVD, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Even before The Secret, other spiritual teachers wrote about the Law of Attraction, including Esther and Jerry Hicks, authors of Ask and it is Given, the late Lynn Grabhorn, author of Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, and Law of Attraction, by Michael Losier.


I've studied and practiced Law of Attraction since 2000 and I can say that it works! When you use Law of Attraction principles correctly and strategically, you'll get whatever your heart desires.


Here are five basic Law of Attraction principles that will help you understand what it is and how to use it, followed by one example of how I've made it work in my life.


Principle #1: Understand sympathetic vibrations - like attracts like. Did you know that if two "Middle C" tuning forks are laying side-by-side and you hit one of them, the other one will vibrate by itself? Like musical notes, everything in the Universe vibrates. When something is vibrating, it will attract whatever is on the same wavelength. As human beings, we vibrate our feelings, which are fueled by what we think about. When we think about something bad, we feel bad; when we think happy thoughts, we feel good! Those "feeling" vibrations attract "same wavelength" vibrations by deliberation or default.


Principle #2: Raise your vibrations - the importance of "feeling good." There are only two types of feelings - good and bad. Have you ever noticed that when you wake up in a bad mood, your day seems to spiral downward? You sleep through your alarm, stub your toe, tear a button on your shirt, arrive late to work and get yelled at by your boss. The Law of Attraction responds to your negative emotions (low vibrations) by bringing you more negative situations.  But when you awake feeling good, you'll find that more good things will happen, such as landing an account, receiving money in the mail or claiming a prime parking spot on a crowded street.


Principle #3: Change your mood - you have the power. If you find yourself in a "funk," you can simply switch your thoughts to something that makes you smile, like your pet, your children, your grandchildren or your favorite dessert (for me that's anything with chocolate in it). Just thinking about these things will raise your vibrations and help you feel better. Keep the feeling going for 16 seconds -- the Law of Attraction says this equals 10 hours of work!


Principle #4: Follow this four-step process toward "deliberate creation": 1) Identify what you don't want; 2) Get clear about what you do want; 3) Feel what it would be like to have those things; 4) Allow the Universe to bring those things to you.


Principle #5: Allow the Law of Attraction to work - the absence of doubt. Allow (without the slightest doubt) the Law of Attraction to bring you what you want. If you have any doubt that what you want will manifest, this will delay the Law of Attraction from bringing it to you.


Now, here's how the Law of Attraction worked for me. I decided I was going to get married again, before I turned 55. On 12-21-00, I wrote down 10 things that I wanted in my next relationship. (I already knew what I didn't want).


In July '02, I met Howard -- my "husband to be"-- and we got married in July '03. Thankfully, he has most of the qualities I asked for; he even tolerates cats, for my sake <lol>. I also beat my target goal by five years.  


There's a learning curve with implementing these simple, yet not always easy principles of the Law of Attraction. Remember that practice makes perfect! The more you practice, the more you will get what you want from life.


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2012 Joellyn Wittenstein Schwerdlin, The Career Success Coach. All Rights Reserved  

CAPCareer Action Planning (CAP) Session 
  • question mark jpegDo you work hard on your job search but seem to get nowhere fast?
  • Are you burned out with your job, but don't know what other work might satisfy you?  
  • Do you have trouble understanding how your transferrable skills can be used in other professions?
  • Do you apply for jobs online, only to get "thanks but no thanks" responses?
  • Does it seem like your network can't help you with your job search the way you'd like?
  • Do you get interviews--- but no offers?   

Is it time to take a risk -- a giant step forward -- to end the pain once and for all? You may surprised: the problem might not be what you think and simpler to overcome than you thought possible.


Regardless of the issues you face or what you may be frustrated or confused about, I can provide the clarity, creative thinking, objectivity, and perspective you need to get your career and job search moving in the right direction.  


Let's get started with a Career Action Planning (CAP) Session to help you figure out what's working, what needs attention, and what the next steps are to land the job of your dreams!  


LOUSkeptical? Here's what one client said about his experience. He got hired five months after his CAP Session!  


"I worked with Joellyn and went through her Career Action Planning session after months and months spinning my wheels trying to land a position. Her session and follow ups were a great jump start for me in redesigning my resume. She helped me focus on what my strengths were and was encouraging and genuine. She's extremely personable and is a great listener. I'd recommend her to anyone who is struggling finding their next steps in their career path."  -- Louis Miano, Sr. Software Developer 


 Go to my website for details and pricing:  

TALKUpcoming PresentationPublic Speaking

* Topic: "Network Your Way into the Hidden Job Market" 

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Quote of the Month: On "Action"


"Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid."

-- Dorothea Brande (Author of Wake Up and Live)

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