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290,000 Jobs Added in April 2010
10 Tips for Communicating Your Career Brand
One-on-One Coaching with Joellyn: Career Action Planning Session
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Quote of the Month: On "Obstacles"
Client Landings 
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 Congratulations to Janet Klinger who was hired as the Associate Managing Director at PrivateBank (Chicago, Illinois) in March 2010. 
Kudos to Beverly Good who relocated to the UK in February 2010 and landed a coveted consulting assignment in the nuclear energy field. 
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Greetings!                              Joellyn Headshot 2009 
I'm so happy Spring is finally in full-bloom with the cold, snowy days of Winter are behind us.  Despite some intermittent frost warnings in Central Massachusetts, our newly-planted vegetable garden was unharmed. We're really hoping for an abundant crop of peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini this year.  
Besides the nice weather, the U.S.
economy is finally on the upswing: 290,000 new jobs were added in April!  According to a May 8 article in the Associated Press: "Especially encouraging was that the job gains came largely from private employers, the backbone of the economy. They boosted payrolls by a surprisingly strong 231,000, the most since March 2006. "
Even though the job market is opening up, the competition is still fierce,  because of so many people resuming their search, after having taken a hiatus during the recession. So, how can you stand above the crowd and attract an employer who will pay you what you're worth? By knowing and exuding your "career brand" which is simply conveying your bottom-line value, strengths, and skills to potential employers in a clear, succinct manner. My new article: 10 Tips to Communicate Your Career Brand  will give you the blueprint you need to get started.     

Is your job search stuck and is your career stalled? Is it time to take a risk, a giant step, to move forward and end the pain once and for all? You may be surprised; the problem might not be what you think. If you are confused, stuck or stalled in your career, a  Career Action Planning (CAP) Session  gets to the root of any career or job search issue and gives a plan to solve it. Scroll down for more information.

In support of your career success,
;-) Joellyn 
P.S. A great big "Welcome" to my new subscribers!
AprilJobs2010290,000 Jobs added in April: Best Jump in 4 Years
Jobs April 2010  The economy got what it needed in April: A burst of hiring that added a net 290,000 jobs, the biggest monthly total in four years. It showed employers are gaining confidence as the recovery takes deeper root.  People who had given up on finding jobs are gaining confidence, too, and are now looking for work. Read more from the Associated Press / Worcester Telegram & Gazette:  
BrandCareer 10 Tips for Communicating Your Career Brand 
What talents and strengths do you want to be known for in your career? What kind of employer would you like to attract and connect with, who will pay you generously for what you have to offer?  
These two questions capture the essence of what career branding is all about: image and connection. Think of your brand as a uniquely individual image with a magnet attached to it. Many dynamics behind corporate branding, i.e., why a consumer chooses Crest over Colgate, also apply in hiring.
Follow these 10 tips as a guide to creating and communicating a brand that will help employers choose you!   
  1. Job search = marketing. You are the product and the employer is the consumer. A clear and compelling career brand helps employers perceive the benefits your offer, giving you an advantage in the job market.  
  2. Successful career brands combine three A's: Authentic Image, Advantages, and Awareness. Project an image of your authentic self, focus on the advantages you offer in getting the job done, and make employers aware of those advantages. 
  3. Branding is projected verbally and visually. Verbal branding includes your sound bites and success stories. Visual branding is accomplished through your actions, attitude, and attire.  
  4. Develop a 3-point marketing message which conveys your unique strengths. For example: "I excel at the 3 R's of sales: research, relationships, and revenue. I exhaustively research client needs, build relationships based on serving those needs, and have a track recording of driving record revenue as a result".  
  5. Create a benefit-driven target statement to keep you focused in your search, help your networking contacts know how to help you, and explain your value to interviewers. Align your statement with employer buying motivators, such as producing revenue, saving money, or solving a problem. 
  6. Mix-and-match your success stories and sound bites to create an easy-to-deliver yet compelling 2-minute introduction. Consider using a tagline that helps people remember you in a unique and favorable light. Perhaps you can call yourself "Mr. (or Ms.) FedEx" because you always deliver projects on time!  
  7. Practice, Practice, Practice! You must be able to deliver your verbal pitches naturally, without sounding as though you're reading a telemarketing script.  
  8. Look the part. Ask for wardrobe advice from someone who is successful and has a good sense of style. If you're uncertain about how to dress for a networking event or interview, err on the side of formality. 
  9. Act the part. Candidly evaluate your mindset, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. Are these consistent with others in your field who have attained notable success?
  10. Get support. Find people who will respectfully and selflessly support you in your commitment to shaping and enhancing your ideal image, which could include a career coach, job club/support group, or mastermind team.  
 Branding will either contribute to or take away from the chemistry you want to create with employers. Enjoy creating and communicating your brand!
2010 Joellyn Wittenstein Schwerdlin, The Career Success Coach.  All Rights Reserved. Adapted with permission from Career Coach Academy. 
CAPSessionOne-on-One Career Coaching with Joellyn: Change in Direction
Career Action Planning (CAP) Session 
 Is your job search stuck and is your career stalled? Is it time to take a risk -- a giant step -- to move forward and end the pain once and for all? You may be surprised; the problem might not be what you think. If you are confused, stuck, or stalled in your career, a Career Action Plan (CAP) Session  gets to the root of any career or job search issue and gives a plan to solve it. Visit my website to learn more.. 
About The Career Success Coach 
Joellyn Wittenstein Schwerdlin is a Certified Career Management Coach, who works with executives, managers, and professionals who are ready to make a change in their employment situation -- but they don't know what that change looks like -- or what their next step should be. She helps clients establish a satisfying career path - not "just another job". Her proven, step-by-step career coaching program starts with a Career Action Planning (CAP) Session, to help clients determine exactly where they are getting stuck, stalled, or confused in the process of making their desired job and career transition. 
Following the CAP Sessionclients can opt to sign up for private coaching with Joellyn, using her 8-module Career Coaching Program. This program, combined with personal mentoring from Joellyn, has helped countless clients find their most ideal career path which offers them optimal levels of compensation, satisfaction and opportunities for advancement: whether this means a different position within their current employer, a new position inside another company -- or starting /revamping their own business or consulting practice.  
Joellyn will be happy to discuss your situation on a fr*ee call, prior to scheduling a CAP Session.  Contact her at 508-459-2854, or visit to learn more.
Quote of the Month: On Obstacles
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"Obstacles can't stop you. Problems can't stop you. Most of all, other people can't stop you. Only  you can stop you."  -- Jeffrey Gitomer, Sales Guru Extraordinaire

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