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Greetings!                              Joellyn Headshot 2009 

Happy Spring!  It's been lovely to have more sunny days and less of the dreary snow we had all winter.  Although I'm still recovering from losing a precious hour of sleep, from when we turned back the clocks on March 14. While I enjoy Spring, I look forward to the Fall, when I can recoup that one hour!   

CareerXRoads revealed in their Sources of Hire 2010 Study that "networking is the most effective strategy for landing employment" according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. This 27-page report summarizes that 51% percent of job openings in the US were filled by internal transfers and promotions in 2009. The study's second largest category, accounting for 26.7% of all external hires, was --- <drum roll please> --- referrals!  Scroll down for a link to download the entire report for fr*ee. 


While networking ranks #1 in landing employment, you still must be clear about the type of work you want to do and where you want to do it, before reaching out to your contacts.  Having this information figured out in advance will give you much keener insights about what you might need from your network and how they can help. My brand-new article: "A 10-Point Checklist to Define Your Ideal Career" will help you get started.   
If you still feel overwhelmed at the thought of making a job or career change, a
Career Action Planning (CAP) Session will help identify where you're getting stuck, stalled, or confused in the process, to help you move forward faster. Scroll down for details.  
In support of your career success,
;-) Joellyn 
P.S. A great big "Welcome" to my new subscribers!
XRoadsCareerXRoads Sources of Hire 2010 Study
CareerXRoads is a staffing-strategy consulting firm in Kendall Park, N.J. The data from their Sources of Hire Survey included respondents from 41 companies that employ a combined 1.8 million U.S. workers. Last year, these firms collectively filled 176,420 positions. Download the entire 27-page study for fr*ee from the CareerXRoads website.  
ChecklistA 10-Point Checklist to Define Your Ideal Career
Networking People 2


You're finally ready to make that long-awaited job or career change. When beginning your search, you might say to yourself: "I want to see what's out there;" or "I'm willing to look at anything which will pay a decent salary."


Leaving yourself "open" to many kinds of jobs might get you employed quickly. But in the wise words of baseball player Yogi Berra: "If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else." This might be a job you accept impulsively, only to find out it wasn't what you thought it would be, causing you to quit within a few weeks or get fired for poor performance.

If you want long-term career satisfaction-not just another job-you'll have to do some serious research and decision making. Don't rely on a potential employer or a recruiter to do this work for you; if you do, your career goals become theirs - NOT yours!


To help define what your ideal career might look like, use this 10-point checklist:


1.  Company size: Do you want to work in a large company with opportunities for growth up the corporate ladder? Or in a small company with consistent yet satisfying responsibilities? Or would you consider self-employment?  


2.   Deal-breakers: What tasks have you done in past jobs which you want to avoid? What type of company or workplace culture would you never work in again?


3.  Environment: What type of workplace culture is right for you? Do you prefer an environment that is controlled and predictable - or unstructured and variable? Do you prefer to work independently or under close supervision?


4.  Fulfillment: What work will call on your strongest, most enjoyable skill sets, so you're challenged and happy at work? In which industries can you do your best work?


5.   Location: What city or rural location do you prefer? What might be your commuting time or travel requirements? Would you work from home?


6.   Personality Type: How do you prefer to focus your attention (with people or by yourself), take in information (using hard facts or ideas), make decisions (based on logic or people and values) and orient your environment (organized and planned or spontaneous and open)?


7.   Salary: What are your 5-to-10-year income goals? What benefits package will satisfy you?


8.    Specialization: What areas of expertise can you master, so you'll always be in demand?


9.    Values: Which values -- emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, spiritual, work/lifestyle -- must be present for you to be your best in your work?


10.  Work Preferences: Are you more energized by working with information, people, or things? A combination of all three? In which order?  


According to Law of Attraction principles, you'll draw into your life whatever you give your attention, energy, and focus to. Once you get clear on all 10 areas above, you'll have a much better idea of how your networking contacts can help you in your search. Plus, you'll be pleasantly surprised when career opportunities which meet these criteria start showing up for you!


2010 Joellyn Wittenstein Schwerdlin.

The Career Success Coach.  All Rights Reserved.
CAPSessionOne-on-One Career Coaching with Joellyn: Change in Direction
Career Action Planning (CAP) Session 
 Are you ready to make a change in your employment situation -- but you don't know what that change looks like  -- or what your next steps should be?  A Career Action Planning  (CAP) Session will help identify where you're getting stuck, stalled, or confused in the process of making this job or career change, and provide you with a plan to help you move forward faster.     
During this two-hour assessment you and I will discuss your situation in detail. This will include a "guided tour" of your career, so I can see all the decisions which led up to today. 
I'll listen, ask important questions, and provide you with constructive feedback:
(1) What's working: Job search and career strategies which appear to be on course, as well as personal attributes which have served you well. You could already be doing many things right, even though results haven't happened yet.    

(2) What's needs attention: What can be changed or added to your campaign to achieve higher impact and potential.      
(3) Next steps to get your job search and career on track. 
Then, you can decide if you want to continue working with me or otherwise. Either way, you'll finish this session with greater clarity about your situation and the beginnings of an action plan to help you move forward.    
Investment:  $197.00.  This includes:
  • MP3 recording of the session, plus a written summary
  • The 12 Biggest Mistakes Job Hunters and Career Changers Make -- and How to Avoid Them 
  • Optional 45-minute follow-up meeting
 Still skeptical? Read what some clients have said: 
"Joellyn came recommended to me by a friend. I was a bit hesitant at first but with my results I am extremely satisfied!  We had discussed many aspects of my career and she was able to help identify very key skills I had overlooked. With the recommendations from Joellyn, I was able to recraft my resume and my outlook on interviews that has landed me the perfect career path that I am excited to move forward with. Thank you Joellyn!" --- Candy Scarale, Executive Administrative Assistant
"I want you to know that I play the CAP Session recording at least once a month to keep me on track."
---- John Koch, Accounting Professional
"Joellyn and I had a Career Action Planning (CAP) session and I appreciated her step-by-step approach and her ability as a professional consultant. I found the methodology so supportive and enlightening to my own personal and professional growth.  She is a rare coach and valuable colleague." --- Harry Reczek, Social Media Expert, LinkedIn Trainer, LinkedIn LION  
 Visit my website to learn more or contact me to schedule this single session. (Note: this session is conducted by telephone).
About The Career Success Coach 
Joellyn Wittenstein Schwerdlin is a Certified Career Management Coach, who works with executives, managers, and professionals who are ready to make a change in their employment situation -- but they don't know what that change looks like -- or what their next step should be. She helps clients establish a satisfying career path - not "just another job". Her proven, step-by-step career coaching program starts with a Career Action Planning (CAP) Session, to help clients determine exactly where they are getting stuck, stalled, or confused in the process of making their desired job and career transition. 
Following the CAP Sessionclients can opt to sign up for private coaching with Joellyn, using her 8-module Career Coaching Program. This program, combined with personal mentoring from Joellyn, has helped countless clients find their most ideal career path which offers them optimal levels of compensation, satisfaction and opportunities for advancement: whether this means a different position within their current employer, a new position inside another company -- or starting /revamping their own business or consulting practice.  
Joellyn will be happy to discuss your situation on a fr*ee call, prior to scheduling a CAP Session.  Contact her at 508-459-2854, or visit to learn more.
Quote of the Month: On "Happiness"
New Q

"Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you."

 -- Nathaniel Hawthorne

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